The Speech of H.H Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed AL-Jaber AL-Sabah At The Opening Of The Third Session of The Islamic Summit Conference
Istanbul, Thursday April 14, 2016


In The Name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate


Peace, mercy and blessings of ALLAH be upon you,

President Rajab Taib Erdogan the President of Turkish Republic,
Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses,
Your Excellency the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Dr. Iyad Amin Madani,
Your Excellencies,

AlSalamu Alaikom Wa Rahmatu ALLAH Wa Barakatu,

I am pleased to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to President Erdogan, and to the government and people of Turkey for the great hospitality, and well preparing for this important meeting since we arrived to the beautiful and ancient Istanbul, the city which combined noble history and the renewal spirit.

I would like also to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to H.E President Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi President of the Arab Republic of Egypt for his great efforts to success the work of our last session of the summit of the Organization of Islamic Conference in order to activate the reached decisions reinforced of our joint Islamic work.

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses,

The thirteen session of our Islamic Summit is being held in light of the continued accurate and serious political and security conditions, and in the light of the retreat in our situations at all levels which doubled the importance of this blessed meeting. It is an opportunity for consultation and discussion to meet those challenges, to reach a new shaped strategy that unites us, strengthens our structure, and barricades our countries from the consequences of these challenges.

Our people suffered and will suffer further drop because of worsening the obnoxious sectarian phenomenon that keeps shaking the unity of our people, and wasted our hopes in unity and coherence. It has been exploited by who seeks to weaken us, and for those who ignite the sedition among the people of one nation.

We therefore call from this rostrum to consecrate the belongings to homeland, to distance ourselves from any sectarian practices, and to devote the spirit of the coherent society that give space to all sects without distinction or exclusion.

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses,

Although our battle against terrorism is long but is solid, and our rejection to extremism and violence is conclusive and is a major priority.

We must defend our Islamic religion from the attacks and abuses faced by, terrorist acts being committed on the behalf of Islam and claimed to defend Islam, many actions destroyed the unity of our communities and killed our children, killed innocent people on earth under a false banner claims Islam.

By all of this, we must work together to correct many misconceptions, and to purify the impurities followed by the reputation of our tolerant religion. We have to show the whole world the bright side of this religion which based on tolerance, acceptance of others, and respect the human right to live in freedom and dignity.

Brothers, we therefore are responsible before Allah and before the history of doing these legitimate, humanitarian, and moral responsibilities which is a must in our religion, and imposed on us by our consciences and our belongings to the Tolerant Islamic Shari'a.

Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses,

We follow with great interest the developments in the region.

Over the situation in Iraq, Kuwait supports the stability and the security of our neighbor Iraq. Kuwait has the initiation to provide Iraq with humanitarian aid, the latest of which was two hundred million dollars for our brothers, and we also agreed to postpone the last settlement payment of compensations in recognition of the circumstances of them supporting the efforts in the fight against terrorism.

We are hopefully looking forward that our brothers will be able to achieve their hopes and aspirations through the reforms they intend to make and through the realization of national interest among the people of Iraq.

On the situation in Syria, we hope success to the political efforts being made to end this unprecedented human disaster in our time. In this regard, we call on the parties of the conflict not to miss this opportunity, putting the interest of their homeland and injecting the bloodshed of their own people.

Over the situation in Yemen, we hope that the cease-fire which began a few days ago would help in the creation of an atmosphere conductive to the success of the negotiations which will be hosted by my country Kuwait on April 18 2016, and to reach a peaceful solution to end this crisis, calling for the Yemeni parties to take advantage of this historic opportunity to put an end to the conflict which lasted for many years.

On the situation in Libya, we welcome the initiation of the National Reconciliation Government of its implementation of the agreement which was signed in Skhirat on December 2015, and we wish all the success for their tasks to restore security and stability throughout Libya.

As for the peace process in the Middle East, the Israeli obstinacy continues to impede all international efforts and undermine the chances of reaching a final solution.

We call from this rostrum, the UN Security Council to exercise its natural role in maintaining international peace and security to put pressure on Israel and force it to agree on peace according to the International Legitimacy and the Arab Peace initiative.

Unfortunately, we are witnessing a significant decline to the concerns of the International Community on peace process in the Middle East, which exacerbated the complication of the situation, and doubled the consequences that lead to the continuing threats to the security and stability of our region.

Over the relationship with Iran, We welcome every effort to spare the region from manifestations of instability, and perhaps, the welcoming agreement among the 1+5 group on one hand and Iran on the other hand, is the proof of this approach.

In this sense, we call upon our Muslim neighbor Iran to work with us to remove the tensions and establish normal relations based on international charters and laws, based on the principle of respect for states sovereignty and non-interference in internal affairs, so we all contribute in achieving security and stability desired by our people.

Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses,

In conclusion,,

I renew my gratitude to the friends in Turkey’s leadership, government and people and to His Excellency the Secretary General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference and his assistants on their valued efforts, wishing all the success for our meetings.

WaAlsalamAlaikomWarahmatu Allah Wabarakatu,


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