The speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah at the Opening of the First Ordinary Session of the Legislative Term of the Fifteenth Chapter of the National Assembly – Sunday December 11th- 2016.


In the name of Allah

“And say, "Do [as you will], for Allah will see your deeds,
and [so, will] His Messenger and the believers..”

Praise to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our prophet Mohammed, his Family, and his Companions,
My respected brothers, sons, the Chairman and members of the National Assembly,

Al salamu Alaikom Warahmato Allah wa barakatu,

I extend my best regards to all of you and I am pleased to meet with you today for the opening of the first ordinary session of the fifteenth legislative chapter, and in the name of Allah and His blessing we open the work for this chapter and ask God to guide us for the welfare of our homeland, our people and our nation.

In light of this legislative chapter, I congratulate you for the people's trust, expressing my deep satisfaction and pleasure of what was produced by the results of ambitious young people who raise the feelings of hope, optimism and renewable energy in building of our dear country.

I would also in this regard to acknowledge the constructive role played by the public and private media in the embodiment of democratic practice and encourage citizens to perform their national duty and to promote a positive approach to our core issues, and in the course of a new phase of national action I have to remind you of this, being a father of all, and the head of the three authorities.

Kuwait and its people granted you its confidence and trust So make sure to fulfill it and to live up to the level of confidence and to guard on the interest of Kuwait and make it the first standard of your words and actions in public affairs and in isolation from any other considerations of personal, family or sectarian or tribal or sectarian or class or regionalism.

Respected fellow members,

I have repeatedly explained from this forum about the dangers surrounding us from all sides, also I have warned you of the magnitude of the challenges that hinder our progress and hinder our permanent pursuit in protecting our national security, stability and making the citizens happy, preservation of their dignity and ensuring a decent future for them and their generations to come.

It is a matter of serious concern that these dangers and challenges have escalated and increased, when terrorism has reached to our peaceful and safe country targeting to ignite the fire of strife and violating our national unity.

Praise and thanks to Allah, with the care of whom, and with the alert and efforts of the national guards, we managed to prevent the occurrence of more terrorist crimes; however caution and vigilance remains a public national duty.

I call on my fellow citizens to carry on their national responsibilities in rejecting calls for sedition and discrimination and to fully cooperate with the concerned authorities to save the homeland's security and stability. The national unity is the most important blessing of Allah to this good country and its people, it is the fortified wall that protects our society, and we all work to hold, support, and maintain its unity.

Brothers, if it is our destiny to bear our national responsibility in these difficult conditions in the region, we are on our established constants in dealing with our surroundings and with the world in its Arabic and Islamic dimensions and its regional and international framework committed to our usual moderate approach as a peace and love bridge for the good of humanity and human progress. It is the time to move to a new phase of cooperation between the GCC countries that rises the challenges at various levels and embody the unity of goals and fate among brothers and to strengthen their cohesions to achieve comprehensive development to the peoples of these countries, and to preserve their sovereignty, security and stability.
In this regard, I would like to express my great pleasure to the visit of my brother, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz AL Saud and the accompanying delegation to his country Kuwait, which reflects the depth of the brotherhood and friendship ties between the two countries’ leadership and people, throughout history and their closed solidarity in facing various difficulties and tribulations.

I recall with appreciation and gratitude the historical role played by the Kingdom in supporting Kuwaiti right, and emphasizing their acclaimed role led by King Salman in promoting the march of the GCC countries for the security, peace and prosperity in the region.

Respected Fellow Members & Chairman,

There is no doubt that sustainable development is our first and supreme goal in the present and the future. It is the permanent challenge that decides the fate of our country and society.

The priority of security issues, economic and financial reforms and confronting the scourge of corruption does not mean forgetting other ills that our nation suffers, and chronic diseases that impair our society. This calls for establishing studied programs and long-term scientific plans to treat and eliminate them, and to save our homeland and our society from their evils. On the top of that comes the need to develop and increase the interest in youth, to listen to them, to share with them, to teach them about moderation, to immunize them against extremism and deviant thoughts, to educate them to accept the differences and other opinions, and to promote the spirit of cooperation and teamwork. We must open the future doors for young people and to find true jobs for ten thousands of them who enter the labor market every year.

Also there is the development and improvement of public services such as health, housing and the infrastructure, and above all, the need to review the curriculums and teaching methods and modernize them to keep pace with the developments taking place in the world.

My brother & sons,

We strongly believe that Kuwait who overcame all tribulations over time is able with ALLAH's help and with its loyal people to face all the challenges and risks.

Move with Allah's blessings cooperating and supporting each other in serving your country, we ask Him success to preserve our country, to perpetuate the blessing of security and to prevent us from the sedition and division evils to keep our precious Kuwait always safe and prosper.

Wa AlSalam Alaikom Wa Rahmatu ALLAH Wa Barakatu,


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