The Sublime Articulation of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al- Ahmad Al-Jabir al Sabah in the Opening of the 4th ordinary Session of the 14th Legislative Chapter of the National Assembly, Tuesday 27th October 2015


In The Name Of God the Merciful the Companionate


"What You from Grace Is God"
Great Truth of God


Praise is to Allah and Prayers and Peace be upon our faithful Prophet Mohammed, his Family, and Companions.

My Brothers, My Sons, Chairman and Members of National Assembly,,,

Peace And Blessings of Allah be upon you,,,

I am pleased that we meet today for the opening of the fourth ordinary fourteenth chapter of the legislative session, calling on God to inspire us guidance, and guide us to the right, and help us to fulfill our duty for the good of the nation and citizens.

I used to talk to you, brothers and sons, in the previous occasions on various issues and topics of interest to the country and its citizens, and I will limit my speech on our biggest internal concerns, challenges and dangers that threaten our progress and the future of our country.

Brothers, Chairman and members of the National Assembly,,,

With the grace of God, Kuwait has remained a secure and stable country, its people enjoys freedom and compassion, while surrounded by civil wars, sectarian and ethnic conflicts, which is waged by armed groups and organizations that spread chaos, terror and destruction and claimed thousands of dead and injured people and the displacement of thousands of them from their homes.

It is so dangerous that terrorism finds its way to us, where it committed its heinous crime in bombing Imam Sadiq Mosque in the holy month of fasting. It did not take into consideration the sanctity of Houses of God and left dozens of dead and injured. But the cohesion of our people was able to overcome it showed the finest images of national unity.

This heinous crime; which was revealed by the security authorities recently and to whom we give our sincere thanks and appreciation; with all its terrorist cells, stores of weapons and equipment sounds the alarm of danger, and we have to put further alertness and attention to make our prior concern the security of our homeland and the safety of our citizens.

Security, Stability, the rule of Law, and the Principles founded by the Constitution, are the rules on which we depend for maintaining public life and continuing all services and facilities in all aspects of life. It is logic that we should protect our National Unity; we will not allow provoking discord and hatred or provoking sectarianism or exploitation of tribalism, ethnicity and class.

We must not generalize to someone’s sect or tribe without evidence or proof if he is found guilty in regard to his country or community, or found traitor and has no national loyalty.

As I am the father of all, I ask you and the rest of my brothers, sons, and citizens to always beware of the dimensions of dangers that threaten our security, and the need to ensure that our national unity and the participation in turn to protect homeland security because this protection is the safety for them, their families, and their moneys.

We will spare no effort in protecting our national security and the promotion of security services and increase its capacity and efficiency.

My brothers and sons,,,

Kuwait security is an integral part of the security system of the Gulf Cooperation Council for the Arab States, and any threat targeting the security of one of the GCC countries will be a threat to the security of Kuwait and other GCC countries, and we reject it and cooperate to defeat it; this has been reflected in practice when Kuwait suffered brutal aggression and occupation in 1990, and this was clearly emphasized recently in the appearance of danger and threats to the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is the security for us all. As all GCC countries rushed with active participation to the support of “Decisive Storm” which was launched and led with courage by our brother the Custodian of the Tow Holy Mosques King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to protect the security of the kingdom and in defense of legitimacy in Yemen, which has been expanded into an alliance in support of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The course of the Gulf Cooperation Council and what its countries achieved of remarkable achievements on both regional and international levels on the basis of common goal and destiny, and ties of kinship and brotherhood among them, we must adhere to it and to work to strengthen and push this blessed process hoping it to be accessible towards Arab consensus which saves the nation from its stumble and regains its dignity and pride.

Brothers; Chairman and Members of National Assembly,,,

You may recall what I have already warned of the consumption pattern in our society and the increasing government consumption spending which is pointless with no revenues and at the expense of development and investment the Kuwaiti citizen which is a real value of country and a main pillar of stability, progress and development. The drop of oil prices globally has led to the decline of state revenues by almost 60 percent, while public spending continued the same without any reduction that is commensurate with the decline in the price of oil which created a deficit in the state budget which is a heavy burden and limits the development of our ambitions. Therefore it is necessary to carry out serious urgent procedures in the completing of economic reform and achieving its objectives aimed at rationalizing and reducing Public expenditure and truly faces the forms of corruption and its causes, and to deal with the imbalances of our national economy as the delay increases the accumulation the deficit, which requires great efforts and higher cost in the future.

And as I put before you the facts and the dimensions of the crisis and ask the Council and the government urgently to take immediate reforming measures and actions, I assure that both the Council and the government will set a good example in the embodiment of discipline and commitment to these reforms and programs taking advantage of this opportunity to correct our economic course seeking other sources of income to reinforce our capabilities and potentials.

I also call on every citizen to realize the importance of those reforms and to understand its actions and its consequences, and the responsible management with the requirements and elements of its success, emphasizing our constant desire not to affect the reasons of decent living for citizens and the income of needy groups and the future generation fund.

I am confident of your good response and your willingness to participate in dealing with these issues, and this is the fulfillment to your country that you care to keep it decent and cherished, and with God’s help we will get through this crisis, and we are better off and more powerful.

My brothers, sons, Chairman and members of National Assembly,,,

In always remind you in my previous speeches on the importance of working on embodying cooperation between the Council and the government in order to increase achievements and solving problems of citizens and addressing their issues and facilitate their own interests, especially as the size of challenges we face and the dangers that surround us make cooperation a necessity, a duty and a national entitlement.
The confidence of Kuwait’s people and I is great in you, that you are no doubt eager to meet and overcome those challenges with God willing, and to build the present and future of Kuwait and to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of its loyal people.

The loyalty, the interest and the affiliation of our homeland is above all. So make sure to protect our homeland security and maintain our national unity, and open the doors of future with the hard sincere work and launch the process of construction, development and progress until we reach our bright future, and with Gods willing Kuwait will always remain a free country with full sovereignty, secure, safe, and prosperous.


"My Lord, make this city a place of security and provide its people with fruits,"
God has revealed the truth


Wasalamo Aliakmon Warahmato Allah wabarakatu.

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