Speech of His Highness the Amir of the State of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad
Al-Jaber Al Sabah in the Forty-Second Session of the Ministerial Meeting for the countries of the Islamic Cooperation Organization, Kuwait 27-28 May 2015


In the Name of Allah, The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate


"Our Lord, grant us from Yourself mercy
and prepare for us from our affair right guidance."

God Hath Revealed the Truth


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the universes, and peace and glory upon the most honorable Prophet and Messenger Mohamed, and all his Family and Companions.

Excellencies the foreign ministers of OIC countries,
His Excellency the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Dr. Iyad bin Amin Madani,,,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh,

In the beginning, I would like to welcome you in the opening ceremonies of the forty-second session of the OIC ministerial council as dear guests of the State of Kuwait, and to wish you a pleasant stay, and your meeting all success.

I would also like here to renew the State of Kuwait’s severe condemn and denounce of the terrorist bombing, which occurred in one of the mosques of Qatif in Saudi Arabia, and the resulting fall of dozens of victims and injured, praying to the Lord Almighty to bestow his mercy upon the victims and rest their souls in peace, and wishing the injured quick healing and wellness. We stress the State of Kuwait’s support to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all actions it might take to confront these terrorist crimes and maintain its security.

I would also like to express our deep thanks to our brothers in Saudi Arabia on their appreciated efforts during their presidency of the previous session, which contributed to enhancing our Islamic work, implementing the decisions we have reached, and emphasizing their leading role in service of our common action within the framework of our profound organization.

Excellencies ,,,

Your meeting is held today in light of the continued critical political and security challenges worldwide and in our Islamic world in particular. We should work together to address such challenges. The Islamic world faces attempts of some terrorist organizations to draw a picture that does not reflect the truth of Islam, where they adopt Islam as a name, murder and destruction as means, terrorism as approach and terrorizing innocent people as a mechanism.
As a result, the image of the Islamic community and the individual Muslims became associated with that despicable criminal act.

We, as Islamic States shoulder great responsibility to correct this distorted image, and to enlighten the world of the fact of our Islamic religion, and its supreme humanitarian values.
We are also required to intensify our international efforts to address the phenomenon of terrorism practiced by those terrorist organizations, which threatened the security and stability of our countries, in order to achieve the desired aspirations of our peoples.


As you meet under the OIC umbrella there must be a serious stand to consider the sectarian tension which is threatens the entity and unity of our nation.
Such sectarianism is the most dangerous threat to the existence of our nation. We all gather under the flag of monotheism, and the provisions of one holy book of God Almighty, and follow the guidance of our Holy Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. We must set out from these facts and ally to confront the daunting challenges faced by the Muslim world. We are all losers in this confrontation, but the winner is who wants to inflame this devastating struggle serving his own objectives and who plans to discredit and weaken Islam.


We are required to double our efforts for putting an end to the conflicts suffered in some Arab and Muslim countries. On the situation in Iraq, we are following with great concern the unfortunate security developments and attempts of the terrorist organization called ISIS to undermine its security and stability. We assure our support of the brothers in Iraq in maintaining their security, stability, sovereignty and unity of their land, and our sustenance for the international coalition in the face of terrorist attacks against Iraq. We also reaffirm our support for the Iraqi government, headed by Dr. Haider Abadi, in their quest to complete the program of national reconciliation in order to achieve the domestic front stiffness and strengthen national unity for the Iraqi people.

In the Palestinian issue, efforts are still faltering, the Israeli violations of Al-Aqsa Mosque are frequent, settlements’ building continues, and the suffering of our brothers is growing. Hence, we renew our call upon the international community, particularly the Security Council to compel Israel to accept peace and the establishment of a Palestinian state in accordance with international legitimacy and the Arab peace initiative.

The humanitarian disaster in Syria did not end, despite of efforts exerted at all levels along five years, which witnessed increased numbers of dead, wounded and refugees. Kuwait has hosted three international donor conferences to help bridge the humanitarian needs of the Syrians as a contribution to alleviate their pain. We here stress again that the solution to this issue would be only through peaceful means, away from the military machine.

In the Yemeni issue, the coalition military operations against Houthi militias started after they threatened our security and stability, seized power by military force, and broke their commitments under the Gulf initiative and its executive mechanisms. Thus, it become necessary to take action in maintenance of the security of our countries and the stability of our region, out of our commitment to our obligations and agreements and in response to the request of His Excellency the legitimate president Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

Concerning the Iranian nuclear program: We welcomed the framework agreement, which has been concluded among the 5 +1 Group on the one hand, and Iran on the other hand; we hope that procedures are completed toward its final signature at the end of next June. We renew our call for the neighboring Iran to cooperate with the international community and to respond to the efforts of countries in the region for building good-neighborly relations, non-interference in internal affairs and cooperation for maintaining the security and stability in the region.

In conclusion,

I reiterate welcoming you to the State of Kuwait, appreciating the efforts of His Excellency the Secretary General of the Organization and all employees in the Secretariat for the good preparation of this meeting, praying to Almighty that your meeting achieves its objectives, and Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Universes.

Assalamu Alikom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatoh.


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