The speech of H.H Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah on the occasion of the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan – Thursday 9 July, 2015.


In the name of Allah the Merciful the companionate


“We shall test you with something of fear and hunger, and decrease of goods,
life and fruits. Give glad tidings to the patient, who, in adversity say:
We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.
On those will be prayers and mercy from their Lord, those are guided”.


Praise be to Allah and prayer and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, his family and his companions.

Brothers & sons,

I speak to you as a father and a brother in this renewed meeting which is full of love and good as a usual habit in the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan. Congratulations and blessings for you all on the entering of the last ten days of Ramadan, giving thanks to Allah that we reached this holy month and helped us to fast and pray it, praying to Allah to return it with blessings to us and the Muslims nation with goodness and pride.

Brothers & sons,

God has bestow us with many countless blessings and wealth as Allah said in his holy Quran “If you count the favors of Allah, you could not number them. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and the Most Merciful”. God has blessed us with the greatest blessings of Islam and Faith, and he also honored us with grace, good deeds, a secure homeland, and surrounded us with feelings of brotherhood and friendship under the national unity we share which represents the essence of our existence. That grace indeed deserves our permanent thanks and praise and requires us always to keep in mind.

Brothers & sons,

You have shown the most beautiful images of loyalty to your country with what you have distinguished with high national spirit and the keenness to strengthen the sense of national unity, and what you have demonstrated a manifestation of empathy and compassion about the sinful terrorist bombing incident on the Imam Sadiq mosque, this attack caused killing of dozens and wounding hundreds of innocent people. You have clearly proved the rigidity of the Kuwaiti community and its unity in the face of violence and extreme takfiri ideology and its unifying for better or worse. You have foiled through these national positions the aim of the executers and the planners of this heinous crime on their desperate attempts and demonic disgraceful behavior to stir sedition and split the unity of Kuwait’s society, but they were retreated and Kuwait wins by the unity and the cohesion of its people which is so strong to violate. We pray to Allah to grant his mercy to the martyrs and the quick recovery of the wounded of this agonizing accident.

We are now in front of a great loss; we cannot but reiterate our thanks and appreciation to our brothers and friends Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses the leaders and prime ministers of Arab and other countries. We also thank the heads of organizations as well as regional and international offices; we also thank those who expressed their sincere condolences and strong condemnation of this cowardly act of terrorism and showed sympathy, solidarity and standing by Kuwait.

Brothers & sons,

Tribute of praise and appreciation for the security men at the Interior Ministry for their hard work and sincere efforts been marked by courage, efficiency, dedication, and has contributed to the quick access to the criminals to maintain the country’s security and stability. We also highly appreciate the work of officials in the Ministry of Health and its medical nursing staff for their great effort and medical services to treat the injured and wounded men. We also value all the efforts of the Kuwait’s Fire Service Directorate, the Armed Forces, and other government authorities after this painful incident.

We are following and observing the growing phenomenon of terrorism with its expansion in various forms and aspects in the last years. By the intense ferocity of this phenomenon, it has become threat to the countries security and stability, which makes it imperative for the whole international community to devote all its energies to deal with it, eliminate it, and drain its resources to help countries and people enjoy security and peace. As it’s very important to strengthen its efforts to limit the spread of this phenomenon of hateful sectarian tension and prevent its expansion because of the threat it forms on nation’s entity.

Brothers & sons,

No doubt you understand the circumstances and the critical situations being experienced by the region and pursuing its risks and events which requires to take precautions, to derive lessons in order to avoid its risks and its consequences of which we are not immune of it, in order to protect our country and to preserve its security and stability. That will only be by strengthening our internal front, unite and cohesion, and stays against anyone who stands to harm our national unity which is the fence protector after Almighty God for our country. We must strengthen the coherence among all members of the society, to preserve the Kuwaiti usual spirit. With God willing, Kuwait has been and will remain an example of solidarity and tolerance inherited by our fathers despite what they passed through, difficulties of life and cruelty of nature.

We believe that Kuwait is for all, not for one category without the other; everyone lives on its land and belongs to its identity.

We have to remember what our beloved country enjoys from rooted and constant democratic approach inherited by the people of Kuwait in which everyone has the freedom of speech, and proud of our Constitution, which we accepted and our place of pride.

The real citizenship measured by what we offered to our homeland from loyalty, devotion, sacrifice and redemption. Belonging to a homeland is not a slogan sings its praises, but it is a work and dedication to maintain its security and stability to raise its status.

Brothers & sons,

Almighty God blessed the Islamic nation among the other nations with Ramadan the Holy month. It is the month of bounties and worships, doubled the good deeds, honored with Quran revealed as guidance for people, clear proof for the guidance and Criterion, and make it an opportunity to renew repentance and turn back to God. It is a month of a serious work of good deeds, generosity, compassion and sympathy where souls transcend with purity and serenity. Believers races to seize Ramadan's days and nights to increase good works and focus on the Holy Quran reading and understanding. Blessings for those who fast and their sins being forgiven.

Brothers & sons,

For many years Ramadan passes while our Muslim world faces difficult circumstances and serious political challenges blended with sedition and tribulations where false advocators and takfiris increased in a way puzzled the mind. We can only supplicate and pray to God to unite Muslims, their ranks and their intentions to ward off these risks and face these challenges and calamities.

As we in this holy month we must remember some of the Arab countries who suffer from conflicts, wars, and loss of security and safety. What results a heart breaking humanitarian tragedies led to a starvation for their people, displacing their citizens inside and outside their home countries. We knew you people of Kuwait who loves charity work since old timings and proactive in extending helping hand that plays a major role in this field.

Brothers & sons,

Our young people are the real wealth to our dear country. They always deserve a special care and attention because they are the base, hope and future of this country. We have to immunize them from the stray thoughts and the deviant behavior and work on their adherence to our religion. Islam calls for moderations and promotes to the values of belonging to their homelands as we must invest their energies and refine their talents in granting and tender.

We are glad for the achievements of the National Project for Youth "Kuwait Hears" Campaign and their success in adopting ideas and constructive proposals that aims to exploits creativity and innovations, to motivate them to engage in self employment professionals which leads to wellness and benefit for them and for their country.

Brothers & sons,

We are living in these holy ten nights in which Almighty God glorifies it with AlQadr night that is better than thousand months. We pray to Almighty to forgive us, have mercy on us, to accept our good deeds, to protect our beloved country Kuwait from all evil, to perpetuate security, peace and prosperity, and to unite the Arab and the Islamic nations under one word to achieve victory.

Recalling in these Holy nights our late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and the late Amir father Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah may God have wide mercy and forgiveness on their souls, to have mercy on the martyrs and rest in heaven, may God forgive all the dead Muslims.

Wa Al-Salam Alaikom wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatoh,,,


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