The Sublime Articulations of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait,
Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah in the Inauguration
of the Third Regular Session of the Fourteenth Legislative Chapter
of the National Assembly, Tuesday 28th October 2014.


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.


"He gives wisdom to whom He wills, and
whoever has been given wisdom has certainly been given much good."

God Has Revealed the Truth.


Dear brothers, members of the National Assembly,
Assalamu Alikom Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

I would like to greet you and I am pleased to meet with you today in the opening of the third regular session of the fourteenth legislative chapter, praying to Allah the Almighty to help and guide us all to the right way, and bless our continuous efforts to serve our country and our people.

I would like in the very beginning to express my thanks and appreciation for all the citizens of Kuwait, whose wisdom, vision and loyalty to their country was reflected –God Welling- in the stability, security and safety witnessed in the country. This prevailed an atmosphere of relief, trust and tranquility, and created a positive environment that enable both the National Assembly and the Government to focus on serious work and achievement of objective goals.

I also commend the constructive cooperation, and the spirit of national liability you were keen to materialize in your practice of your national liabilities and work duties during the past session – by both the National Assembly and the Government – and our hopes to achieve more in the days to come as fulfilment of the citizens’ anticipations.

I would like to refer to the notable honoring of Kuwait as a center for humanitarian work by the United Nations, the most supreme international organization, due to the great support it offered and the main effective role it played in hosting, organizing and leading humanitarian work. I assure that such honoring for Kuwait and its people is a well-deserved one for the long course that continued for over fifty years, like a good tree, whose root is firmly fixed and whose branches are high in the sky, supporting development projects in developing countries, and relieving needy people in crisis all over the globe, and to alleviate the suffering of refugees and displaced persons.

Dear brothers and sons, members of the National Assembly,

Many Arab countries are now are swept by the strong wind and destructive earthquakes of Civil wars and acts of terrorism and lawlessness and suffering from the scourge of terrorism and the loss of security and displacement, starvation, chaos and destruction and bloodshed, which are practiced by extremist organizations and armed militias and militant groups who spread chaos and cause destruction.

In this tragic scene we see states disintegrate, governments crumble, institutions eradicate, and total chaos where the law is missed and where order, security and safety are lacking. The fate of people became in the hands of unknown gunmen, who forced people to be displaced inside and outside of their home countries. While our hearts are wrenched with pain, we, in this safe country, thank God for the bless of safety, security, peace and stability. We ought to preserve and maintain such blessings, and to derive lessons from what is going on around us, as the wise is the one who learns from others.

We have to work hard to fortify our nation against the epidemic of cross-border terrorism, and to protect our society from the causes of strife and conflicts through the consolidation and national unity and to strengthen our internal front across solidarity and standing shoulder to shoulder in collaboration, with our motto being always: Kuwait's interest above any other interest.

If serving the nation is our goal, and the interest of Kuwait is our objective, then conscious and rational dialogue, consultation, consensus and tolerance should be our course.

We, in the state of law, institutions and freedom should accommodate for every constructive opinion or positive criticism that aims for public interest.

On the regional level, we are quite confident that our performance in the Cooperative Council of the GCC countries is up to the level of the dangers that threaten our countries, and the challenges facing our people, and that such performance enhances our collective capabilities.

It has become a must to double our effort for expanding the range of cooperation and communication to include peoples, institutions and civil bodies in addition to official governmental ones.

Brothers and Sons, Head and Members of the National Assembly,

Human development is the base, tool and objective of comprehensive development. States and communities advance via the development of its peoples.

Building the Kuwaiti citizen is in the forefront of our priorities, to be academically and practically qualified, owning ability and experience required by labor market. We work to build a citizen who believes in his religion and his country, holding tight to his values, principles, and heritage, and doing his duties prior to claiming his rights. This is what we want for our dear sons, the Kuwaiti youth, who have all our support, encouragement and care. We are open to debate with them, hear from them, engage them, and guide them, train them, and qualify them for shouldering the responsibilities of future Kuwait, to take their leading positions in response to Kuwait interests.

Brothers and Sons, Head and Members of the National Assembly,

I have appealed many times, from this podium, for focusing upon economic development, and working for building productive economic activities that provide job opportunities for youth, and diversify the country’s sources of income, to minimize the dependence of our national economy upon oil.

We are witnessing another cycle of decreasing oil prices due to economic and political factors that rocking the global economy. This negatively reflects upon our national economy. I call upon you both, the government and the assembly, to shoulder your national liabilities of issuing legislations and taking necessary decisions for protecting our oil and financial wealth, which is not owned by us alone but is a right for the coming generations. We have to utilize them ideally to guarantee the continuity of building Kuwaiti citizen and the growth of our national economy.

You shoulder the responsibility of preventing the waste of resources, rationalizing expenditure, and directing support to those who deserve it without compromising the basic needs of the citizen or impacting their standard of living.

Brothers and Sons, Head and Members of the National Assembly,

We feel sorry for the witnessed increase of passive behaviors which are odd to our society and which are incompatible with the authentic values of Kuwaiti people, which are particularly spreading among youth. You, both the national assembly and the government, ought to cooperate to confront, prevent and limit the spread of such manifestations via setting the necessary legislations, and strictly applying the law against all violators, in addition to activating the role of the school, the mosque, and the family as well as the deployment of social awareness to reduce these negative phenomena and prevent their spread in the community.

Brothers and Sons, Head and Members of the National Assembly,

While calling upon you to cooperate with the government, I, at the same time, call upon you to activate your monitoring of the performance of governmental agencies, to be more objective, and set out of public interest, away from personalization, for achievement of anticipated reform.

Beware to be affected by the consequences of the past, or make them distract your attention from your liabilities and consume your time; rather focus on the present and plan for the future.

I am quite assured that you are keen to and capable of shouldering the trust and hopes of Kuwait and its people, who deserve our best efforts and sacrifice to keep its safety, stability, advancement and prosperity.

May God bless your work and your cooperation for the good and interest of your country, its pride and prosperity.

We pray to Allah Almighty for guidance and success, “Excellent is the Protector and Excellent is the Helper”.

Wasalamu Alaikom Warahmatullahi, Wabarakatu.


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