Speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah the Amir of the State of Kuwait in the Opening Ceremonies of the Twenty Fifth Session of the Arab League Council - Kuwait 25 March 2014


In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful


Praise be to Allah, and peace be upon our Prophet Mohamed and his family and companion.
Your Excellencies and Highnesses,
Excellency the representative of the UN Secretary General,
Excellency the representative of the General Secretary of the GCC of the Gulf Countries,
Excellency the Secretary General of the Islamic Cooperation Organization,
Dear Guests,
Al-Salamu Alikom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatoh,

I would like to great you and welcome you as dear brothers and guests in your second country; the State of Kuwait, and to thank you for answering our invitation to attend the twenty fifth session of the Arab Summit, which reflects your keenness to communication and to work within the frame of our Arab society. It also embodies your convection in the importance of supporting and enhancing our joint Arab action. I would not miss here to commend the efforts of the State of Qatar under the leadership of my brother His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani, and his appreciated efforts and intensive follow up of the works of the previous session of our summit, and the resultant decision thereof, which participated in the enhancement of our joint Arab action.

Our summit is being held under very critical and difficult circumstances that affect the world and our region, and an increase in challenges and risks we confront. This imposes heavy responsibilities on us, to exert more efforts and intensify our consultations for reviewing and evaluating the procedures taken, and anticipate the horizons of the future, in order to determine paths that ensure the advancement of our joint Arab action, and elevate it to the level of ambition, for the fulfillment of the hopes and anticipations of our peoples in security, prosperity and well being.

Today, we are called upon to study the basis of our joint Arab action, and find means of its enhancement, consolidate its foundations by distancing it from the atmospheres of divergence, and concentrate on the factors of unity in this work.

The success of similar summits clearly assures the soundness of this approach. The great success of the Arab Economic Summits, and their results that addressed the needs of our nation and worked for their realization, assures the soundness of our approach, the accuracy of our vision and the righteousness of our thinking, which makes us look for new collective horizons that enhance our unity and bringing our peoples together.

Let me talk to you frankly about a sad issue, which needs our sincere stance and effort to end it up; it is the increasing disagreements that widened in our Arab nation, and which is undermining our existence, our value, our hopes, and our anticipations, on the account of our consolidation, and our ability to confront challenges.

We are required to renounce differences, and seriously work for unity and unification, and to work together within the frame of what gathers us and exceeds diverge among us as the surrounding dangers are huge, and we shall not be able to set our joint Arab action to the anticipated level without unity and rejection of differences.

The area of agreement among us is larger than that of disagreement, and we have to invest this area of agreement and work within its wider frame to draw an Arab space brim with hope and achievement for the materialization of the anticipated set out, and to be able to advance our joint Arab action. Rotation in the tight horizon of differences shall only tire us, waste our time, and delay us from catching up with our hopes.

Excellences and Highnesses,

We realize that our joint Arab action shall not go well without achieving the rates of sustainable development we anticipate for our peoples. These are faced with several challenges, on the top of which is the worldwide lack of water resources. We are thus required to perform researches of the sources of providing this vital element, and to enhance them for a guaranteed flow, and to put away the specter of conflict and tension, which is, unfortunately, suggested by many indicators.

Excellencies and Highnesses,

We all suffer from the phenomenon of terrorism which recently escalated under different religious and ideological pretexts and slogans, aiming at claiming innocent lives, terrorizing innocent people, and disrupt development. The target is the security and stability of the whole world, and the achievements and gains of humanity.

Monotheistic religions renounced this phenomena and it was criminalized by laws, to place the heavy responsibility of countering it on our shoulders.

We are required to double our efforts, and to join international efforts aiming at eradication this dangerous phenomenon, regardless of its manifestations, target, or source, and to free humanity of its evils, to enjoy security and stability.

The crises in Syria enters its fourth year, claiming tens of thousands of innocent victims, destroying all forms of life, and dislocating almost half of the Syrian population in a very difficult circumstances in the largest crisis in our modern history. Let me here refer, with pain and agony, to the last report released by the UNICEF, which assured that the crisis in Syria led to the loss of a whole generation. Five million and five hundred thousand children are homeless, three millions neglected their schools, and the rate of victims among children is the highest compared to any dispute in the modern history.

We are confronted with a painful reality, and an ethical, legal, and humanitarian crisis that can not be treated with expressions of condemnation, and will not be ended with paid and sorrow. The danger is surrounding, and the losses are very heavy. He is wrong who believes that he is away from its destructive consequences. Time has proved that the danger of this destructive dispute has exceeded the Syrian and regional boundaries to threaten international security and stability.

Confronted with this painful reality, we reiterate our call to the Security Council to restore its international credibility, being the entity concerned with maintaining international safety and security, and that its members put aside their differences to be able to reach a solution for putting an end for this crisis.

We feel the catastrophe of our brothers, and work effortlessly for its alleviation. My country Kuwait has responded for the second time to the call of the UN Secretary General and hosted the second humanitarian conference for supporting the Syrian people. We managed, thanks to Allah, and to your participation, as well as the participation of other active friendly countries, and usual generosity, to achieve the objective for which the conference was held, and to participate in the alleviation of the suffering of our brothers, and assure them that we are standing beside them. All our financial commitments were transferred to international organizations of the UN to commence their utilization in answering the needs of the Syrian people.

Excellencies and Highnesses,

The Israeli mentality refusing peace and destroying all efforts exerted to achieve it is still hindering the achievement of this course we anticipate, by insisting on building settlements and extreme violations aiming at controlling Al-Aqsa Mosque and deforming its features.

We shall not enjoy stability and peace till Israel abandons its aggressive drive, and tend to peace.

The just and comprehensive peace we all seek shall not be achieve but through the establishment of the independent Palestinian State, with Jerusalem as its capital, pursuant to the principles and decrees of international legitimacy, and the principle of land for peace, and the Arab peace initiative.

From this rostrum, I renew the call to the international parties concerned with the peace process to shoulder their liabilities, and to press Israel to comply with all resolutions of international legitimacy and to stop building settlements. In this concern, we commend the efforts of the United States of America, and its role in resume negotiations of the peace process in the Middle East.

Excellencies and Highnesses,

We renew our call to our friends in Iran to continue executing the commitments stated in the signed initial agreement, which included the plan for joint action signed by the 5+1 group and Iran in the 24th of November 2013, under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency, to dispel anxiety of the states in the region concerning its nuclear program, enhance the trust of the international community, and put away all tensions, in order for us to enjoy stability, and to concentrate our efforts upon the achievement of the anticipations of our peoples.

We congratulate our brothers in Yemen for the national agreement achieved by the National Dialogue Conference, which is considered as an important step in this critical phase toward achievement of security, stability and prosperity, which comes in conformity with the objectives of the Gulf Initiation reflecting keenness to the unity of Yemen Republic, and respecting the choices of its people.

Excellencies and Highnesses,

We congratulate our brothers in the Arab Republic of Egypt for the important steps achieved toward the execution of the road map, toward the achievement of security and stability within this close country to re-practice its leading role toward the issues of our Arab nation. We wish them all the best in achieving the anticipations of their people in stability and welfare.

We congratulate our brothers in Lebanon for the formation of the new Lebanese government, which forms and important maturity in the light of such critical circumstances, to enable it practice its mission for the stability of Lebanon, and achievement of the anticipations of the Lebanese people.

We also congratulate our brothers in Tunisia for adopting the new constitution to draw the lines of a new phase that materializes the keenness of Tunisian people for achieving stability, adhering to democracy, and working for the prosperity and development of their country.

Welcome again, and I wish you a good stay, and our summit all success.

Wa Al-Salam Alaikom wa Rahmatullah wa Barakato ,,,


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