The Sublime Articulation of His Highness The Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah in the Opening of the Second Regular Session Of The 14h Legislative Chapter of The National Assembly - 29th October 2013


In The Name Of Allah the Merciful the Companionate


(And fulfill (every) covenant. Verily! The covenant will be questioned about.)

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and Prayers and Peace be upon our faithful prophet Mohammed, his family and companions.

Chairman, members of the National Assembly,,,

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you,

I greet you all, and I am glad to meet with you today to open the second regular session of the 14th legislative chapter, asking Almighty Allah to inspire us all to guidance and conciliation.

I was glad, and so was all the Kuwaitis with what we have observed recently of good indications and positive attitudes from your esteemed council that touched the concerns of the citizens and inquires into their interests and needs, as well as what has emerged from the signs of common adherence of consultation and cooperation between the council and the government for the benefit of the country and citizens. We bless these initiatives and trends and we believe it is the cause of optimism for a promising phase of hard and effective exercise of your role in monitoring and legislate, and it is a good and a practical embodiment of constructive cooperation in accordance with the constitution, article 50.

The constitution is your reference. It is the Charter which governs and enlightens your path. And we have a good haven in our fair judiciary which is known for its integrity and neutrality to solve any disagreements arises among us.

Chairman, members of the National Assembly,,,

There is no doubt that the imbalances that hinder the march of the National action is the result of mistakes and negative practices accumulated over time, and was intensified with a lot of harmful misconceptions. It has become necessary to correct these concepts and bring things into its proper perspective, especially after decades of the institutions existence.

The time has come to launch a new decisive phase of a major shift, which aims to a comprehensive reform, and completion of construction, progress, and development in all aspects of life. This requires reconsideration of legislation, policies, concepts, and practices which was overcome by time and circumstances, it is no longer valid for our present and future. Time has come for the adoption of a new methodology of work that aims to revive and activate the values, principals and basic concepts for our new national march; where it integrates the roles and unites all efforts,, and embodies the spirit of responsibilities, seriousness, discipline, accountability, and objectivity. Within a comprehensive national framework ensures the achievements of national goals and rise up our homeland to the status it deserve. The following are the main axes:

  • Our top priority is the security of Kuwait internally and externally, securing stability and the rule of law with no leniency or tolerance in it. Working hard to please all Kuwaitis and provide means for the welfare and decent life for them.
  • The most important grace of Allah on this land is the united hearts among its people, with the diversity of their races and origins.
  • Today, we say, the diversity and plurality are the source of power and richness to the society and the country, and whoever tries to spread aversion, hostility and disorder among the community and the citizens does not want the good for this country, instead, he works for the demolition of the National Unity and seeks to tear the society and drag the country into the pit of ruins and destruction. We have good examples of these actions in countries around us. The rational is who learns the lesson.
  • The first approach to National work today should be about reforming and construction, and to make up for what we missed during the years of tension, congestion, and the loss of opportunities. It should focus now on the present, prepare for the future it should not dwell in the maze of controversy aseptic or to dig up events from the past, not to be worry about the missteps of the past and not to worry about the merits of your present and future.
  • True citizenship is a great and precious responsibility. Rights need duties, taking proceeded by giving, and advantages offset by obligations. The sincerity of the national belongings is a fateful link in weal and woe that every citizen is a partner of the society.
  • We should know that rationalizing political action and practicing democracy, consolidating the culture of dialogue and tolerance with refusing the exclusion and respecting the difference and other's opinions cannot be achieved easily, but through a series of practices and experiences that requires honest and sincere efforts which may take years and generations. Everyone knows that modern states took centuries to reach its goals.
  • There is no doubt that signs of consultation and cooperation between the National Assembly and the Government form a valid environment for hard work to start the process of reforming, construction and comprehensive development which expands for the participation of all citizens with their efforts, hard working, advice, and their funds. We do not dispense any e small or large effort because it is the process for everyone's benefit in everyone's homeland.
  • True national development is not high buildings despite its beauty, not just luxury markets despite its benefits, not just roads, airports and facilities despite its necessity, we should know that the most important and highest value is developing a good a positive citizen. Youth welfare forms a key focus of the National Program of Action which requires communication support with young people and listens to their views and concerns, increase their role and their participation in managing the country's affairs by training, qualifying and enhancing their ability in production, innovation and create more job opportunities, and motivate them by supporting their small projects.
  • We must respect and protect the public funds. It is immunity. The public funds are for all the citizens. Playing or stealing it is like stealing from your neighbors. We must take all the actions in protecting and preserving it.

We will face lots of challenges and obstacles in our journey. We should not stop, back down or give up because that is life and all of the successful journeys through centuries faced a lot of challenges and obstacles, but with God's help and grace our determination and possibilities are what qualifies us in accomplishing more and overcoming these challenges.

Chairman, members of the National Assembly,,,

Kuwait remains as always honest in its positions, faithful to its principles, and a vital member in the Arab World from Gulf to Atlantic. Not to hesitate to lend a hand of help to those in pain without interfering in its internal affairs, in solidarity destiny in the Gulf and close cooperation with other countries.
In this regard, Kuwait will host the Arab Summit soon, African, and Gulf Summit. As well as the Second Donor Conference in supporting the humanitarian situation in Syria, we ask God success and reach our high objectives.

These are the main highlights of our vision for the present and the near future. If the challenges are great the confidence of the people of Kuwait is greater and more powerful. I sincerely hope that the National Assembly and Government are keen on sincere cooperation for the Kuwait's benefit and welfare, for its people peace and progress by willing of God, Praying Almighty God to bestow success and guide you to the right path.

Wa Al-Salamu Alaikom Wa Rahmatu Allah Wa Brakatoh,,,

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