Speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah -Amir of the State of Kuwait During the Dinner Banquet held by His Excellency Abdullah Gul President of the Republic of Turkey In the Honor of His Highness In Ankara,
29 April 2013


His Excellency President Abdullah Gul,
President of the Republic of Turkey
Ladies and Gentlemen,,,

I am pleased to express my deep thanks and appreciation for the warm welcome and generous hospitality which I and the accompanying delegation were received with by Your Excellency, the Turkish Government and the Turkish people, since our arrival to your country, which is bound to the State of Kuwait with distinguished historical relations, intimate ties, and joint determination to develop them further.

I would like also to thank Your Excellency for this generous banquet dominated by atmospheres of mutual love and friendship, and for your expressive words assuring the deepness of the relations between our countries and people, which we equally share with you.

Mr. President,,,

Our visit to your country comes in support for the bonds of the existing relations between us, which were always characterized by understanding, consensus and joint action toward several regional and international issues, and reflects the common desire to develop bilateral cooperation in various fields, particularly trade, industry and investment.

It also comes in consolidation of shared convictions of our countries, concerning the importance of taking advantage of the expertise and capabilities available to be employed in the areas of development in both of them.

We are glad to see further progress in your country in the fields of technology, industry and economy. At the same time, Kuwait witnesses further openness and facilitation of administrative procedures in application of the adopted laws for enhancing the private sector and encouraging investment in the State of Kuwait; which is, no doubt, a motive for further cooperation between us.

We are also glad to see several Kuwaiti and Turkish commercial and investment companies and corporations operating in both countries, in participation toward the development of standing cooperation, and pushing it to wider horizons for the achievement of our mutual interests.

In this occasion, we invite public and private Turkish companies and enterprises to continue their participation and engagement in executing developmental projects included in the Development Plan of Kuwait.

We look forward to, and are always ready for, further joint action between our countries in regional and international organization, in materialization of the objectives they believe in, toward a world dominated by security, stability and prosperity.

We also express our appreciation of the Republic of Turkey for its positive participation in various regional and international issues.

We reiterate to Your Excellency, our deep thanks and gratitude for the warm welcome and hospitality we have enjoyed, and it pleases me very much to welcome Your Excellency in Kuwait as honored guest and dear friend.

Wasalamu Alikom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

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