Speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
in the Twenty Fourth Arab Summit – State of Qatar
on Tuesday 26 March 2013


Praise be to Allah, Lord of All Universes, and peace be upon His Messenger Mohamed,
and His Family and Companions,

His Excellency Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifah Al-Thani, Amir of the State of Qatar, Head of the 24th Arab Summit,

Majesties, Highnesses, Excellencies,
Leaders of the Arab Countries,

His Excellency the Secretary General of the Arab League,

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Assalamu Alaikom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barabkatuh

I would like to thank His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, and the government and people of the State of Qatar for their generosity and for their outstanding preparation of this meeting.

I would like also to thank His Excellency President Jalal Talbani for the distinguished role he played during his presidency of the previous cession, and to wish His Excellency fast recovery and return. I also thank the government and people of Iraq for their through follow up of executing the decisions made during the previous cession, which represent an important addition to our joint Arab action.

Majesties, Highnesses and Excellencies,

Our meeting is held today in view of changes and developments that ravaged our joint Arab action priorities, and crippled our ability to materialize tangible achievements within its frame, in a time when we are in a desperate need to push it forward for achieving the hopes and anticipations of the peoples of our Arab nation. Fortunately, our course of work along the few past years, embodied in holding quality summits like the Economic and Developmental Summit for three cessions lead to vital additions and important leaps to our joint Arab work. This encourages us to continue this course, and to seriously consider holding other quality summits in the several fields of our joint action. I am sure that the presidency of the State of Qatar, under the leadership of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Amir of the State of Kuwait Sheik Hamad Bin Khalif Al-Thani, given his knowledge and keenness to foster our joint Arab work, shall push it to wider horizons up to the level we all wish.

Majesties, Highnesses and Excellencies,

After two years of continuous killing and destruction in Syria, and the increase of the number of refugees in the neighboring countries, the situation is still complicated, and chances for putting an end to blood shedding are still out of reach. Therefore, we all call upon the international community to shoulder its responsibilities of supporting the Syrian people and ending its crises. It is not reasonable or acceptable that we, and the international community, remain silent toward the daily witnessed massacres and destruction of all aspects of life, or to suffice with statements of condemnation and denunciation, which will never, regardless of how strong they are, be enough for stopping killing and bloodshed.

We assure that the Syrian people has the right to achieve its legitimate anticipations of freedom, dignity and democracy, and that its legitimate struggle we all support shall continue with our political and material support, and meeting the urgent needs of the Syrian people to help it materialize its anticipations.

In this concern, the State of Kuwait responded to the call of the UN Secretary General to host an international conference for providing humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people. The response of brothers and friends and their participation in that meeting was highly appreciated, where we achieved higher figures than anticipated. From this place, I renew the call to brothers and friends to hasten the payments of their shares, in order to be able to instantly answer the humanitarian urgent needs of the Syrian people.

Majesties, Highnesses and Excellencies,

After our successful efforts resulting in Palestine obtainment of the position of an observer state in the United Nations, it is necessary for us all to double our efforts for collective action to urge the international community, the UN Security Council, and the Quartet to shoulder their responsibilities of moving forward the peace process in the middle east and to press Israel to comply with the resolutions of international legitimacy, stop settlement, and the establishment of the Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital pursuant to the principle of land for peace, and the Arab Peach Initiative. In this concern, I would like to reassure the importance that the Palestinians unify and set aside their disagreements for facing the requirements of the upcoming phase of building the Palestinian state.

Majesties, Highnesses and Excellencies,

We closely follow the situation in Yemen, and the phases of executing the Gulf Initiative aiming at achieving stability in this country. We express our comfort for the efforts exerted in this regard, and our anticipation for the success of the comprehensive national dialogue which started a few days ago between different Yemeni groups, in achieving its objectives and restoring stability to all parts of Yemen to enable the authorities devote for facing the requirements of the next phase and materializing the anticipations of the Yemeni people.

Majesties, Highnesses and Excellencies,

The good initiative of the Kingdom of Bahrain under the leadership of King Hamad Bin Essa Al-Khalifa of establishing the Arab Court for Human Rights as a legal mechanism supporting the matrix of human rights in the Arab countries, and an important addition to our joint Arab work, highlighting the importance we all assign to the importance of abiding by human rights, and setting this issue as a priority among our concerns.

Majesties, Highnesses and Excellencies,

The developments and changes witnessed worldwide require us to promptly work upon setting the matrix of our joint Arab action as a priority by providing means of development and reform for the Arab league, the house that combines us all, to enable it match the challenges and perform its role perfectly.

This shall not be realized but through a comprehensive study that sets priorities and objectives, evaluate the organizations of the Arab league. We welcome the steps taken by the Secretary General of the Arab League for activating its role and rationalizing its actions and policies.

In conclusion,

I can not but reiterate my thanks and appreciation to my H.H sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, and the government and people of Qatar. I also thank H.E. the Secretary General of the Arab League Dr. Nabeel Al-Arabi and his assistants for their outstanding efforts that facilitated our work during this meeting and participated to the success of this summit.

Praying to Allah Almighty to guide us to the sublimity of our nations and achieving the anticipations of our peoples.

Wasalamu Alikom wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh,,

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