Speech of His Highness Amir of the State of Kuwait
Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al- Jaber Al-Sabah
in the Arab Summit In its Regular 23rd Session
in Baghdad on 29th March 2012


In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent the Most Merciful


His Excellency President Jalal Talibani ,,,
Excellencies and Highnesses,,,
H.E. the Secretary General of the United Nations,,,
H.E. the Secretary General of the Arab League,,,
H.E. the Secretary General of the GCC countries ,,,
Ladies and Gentlemen,,,

Assalamu Alikom wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatoh,

I would like to sincerely greet you, and I am pleased, personally and on behalf of the State of Kuwait, to express our deep gratitude to the Republic of Iraq, its leadership and its people, for hosting this blessed summit, and for the generosity and hospitality we received. I also wish to commend the prompt sincere efforts exerted by H.E. president Jalal Talebani and the Iraqi government under the leadership of H.E. Nori Al-Malki for the superior organization and preparation for the success of this summit, and their keenness for the support of Arab common work. I also highly appreciate the efforts of the Iraqi army, the ministry of interior and all security systems for their devotion in providing secure atmosphere necessary for the success of this summit.

I would also like to express my great happiness, since I started my visit to Iraqi to attend this summit, with Iraq regain of its freedom, dignity and democracy after a dark and difficult era, and its restart of practicing its known role in the common Arab work.

This summit represents a milestone in the history of our common Arab work, being held today in a dear part of our Arab nations after the absence of its actual participation in such activities for long years, during which we shared it its suffering. Now, we are working together with the Iraqi people to overcome such wounds, to be able, though their persistence and our support to holding this summit in Baghdad, to add value to our common Arab work, based on the distinguished and effective Iraqi role, via its momentousness and effect on the course of this work.

Excellencies and Highnesses,

Our summit is held along with the continuity of the very critical circumstances taking place in our Arab world, and the challenges and responsibilities imposed upon us all by such circumstances. Henceforth, we are all required now, among other issues, to review and evaluate the procedures taken for lifting our common Arab work toward materializing the anticipations of our peoples toward security, welfare, advancement and prosperity.

Excellencies and Highnesses,

Along the past months, the Syrian crisis was the core of interest and efforts lead by the Arab League, which resulted in a work plan issued by the Ministerial Council of the Arab League as part of its resolution No. 7444, as adopted by the UN General Assembly. We believe that this plan, in case of its application, shall form a way out of this crisis, a stop of the blood shed of our brothers in Syria, and shall keep Syria from falling into the furnace of a civil war, price or which shall be innocent souls and development gains of our Syrian brothers.

Extending the term of the crisis increases only its complexity, and doubles human and material losses, wherein the Syrian brothers are the first loser.

In view of this, we call upon all the permanent members of the UN Security Council to shoulder their responsibilities and unify their stances for positive participation toward solving this crisis.

The Syrian government is call for listening to voice of reason, and to stop all types of violence against its unarmed people. Positive response to the efforts of the joint envoy of the United Nations and Arab League Mr. Kofi Annan, for whose efforts we wish all success, shall participate in expediting the solution of this crisis and avoiding further consequences.

Excellencies and Highnesses,

The Israeli mentality and military machine continue killing the Palestinians, and violating the most basic human rights norms, while the world continues to stand idle toward such crimes and violations. We call upon the international parties concerned with the Middle East peace process, particularly Quartet to assume their responsibilities toward these crimes, to press Israel to get it to obey all resolutions of international legitimacy, and to stop the settlement activities that destroy the peace process, in addition to the removal of the apartheid wall and not to allow Israel to affect the status of Jerusalem.

Just and comprehensive peace in the area shall not be achieved but through the establishment of the independent Palestinian state pursuant to the principles and resolutions of international legitimacy, the principle of land for peace, and the Arab peace initiative.

I am pleased to commend the great efforts exerted by H.H. Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Amir of Qatar in order to achieve reconciliation among the Palestinian parties, which was signed in Doha recently.

Excellencies and Highnesses,

We renew the call for the Islamic Republic of Iran to respond to international efforts to reach a political settlement of its nuclear program that achieves security and stability, and to respond to the requirements of the International Energy Agency (IAEA), confirming the right of Iran, and all other countries, to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes pursuant to IAEA standards. We reiterate in this regard our call to make the Middle East a zone that is free of the weapons of mass destruction, and the application of those standards to all countries of the region, including Israel.

Excellencies and Highnesses,

I can only reiterate my gratitude to H.E. President Jalal Talebani, and to the government and people of Iraq for their good care and reception, wishing them all the progress and prosperity. I would like also to thank H.E. the Secretary General Dr. Nabeel Al-Arabi, the Asst. Secretaries-General and the General Secretariat for their appreciated efforts for the success of this summit. In this regard, we express our welcome of the steps taken by the Secretary General of the Arab League in order to activate its role in shouldering its responsibilities, the rationalization of its work and polices, and its response to changes in the region.

In conclusion, I turn to the Almighty to assist us and guide our steps all toward the good and sublimity of our Arab nation.

Wa Alsalamu Alaikom wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatuh,,,

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