Speech by HH Amir of the state of Kuwait
Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah at a state Banquet given by
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Tuesday 27 November 2012


Your Majesty; Your royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh;
Your Highnesses, Excellencies,,,
Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen,,,

At the outset, may I express my profound thanks to your Majesty for your generous invitation to me to pay this visit to the United Kingdom. As you know, I have close links with the UK and have been a frequent visitor in the past. But it is a rare privilege, and a particular honor, to be making a State visit this week ; and to be welcomed into your home, the historic and beautiful castle of Windsor.

Today's visit is a fitting symbol of the growing bonds of friendship, shared interest and mutual understanding between our two peoples. It is also a clear manifestation of our determination to deepen those ties and explore new avenues of cooperation and partnership.

I also feel particularly honored to be sharing in your Diamond Jubilee year, commemorating the 60 years of your majesty's reign. Yours is a record of leadership and service which is without parallel. Across the world, you are held in huge admiration and respect.

Your Diamond Jubilee has been marked by a multitude of events; and by a great many tributes.

It was with great admiration that I have watched the London Games – the 30th Olympics and Paralympics Games 2012.

I would like to seize this opportunity, to congratulate Your Majesty and the British People for great success of the Games. We witnessed many outstanding sporting achievements – not least, by team GB with its spectacular haul of medals, a record unmatched by Britain in modern times. As a global sporting spectacle, drawing the best from around the world, the Games were in the highest traditions of the Olympic movement.

But above all, the London Games were an expression of what the United Kingdom had now become : confident, creative, multi-racial, tolerant and welcoming to the world. We saw that in the faces of the thousands of volunteers; in the magic of the opening and closing ceremonies; in the skill and determination of British sportsmen and women ; in an Olympic Park, and a city, wich was the best that the UK could provide; and in a British people, supporting the games with pride and enthusiasm. This is the United Kingdom that you have helped nurture.

Your Majesty,,,

Some days ago, Your Majesty, you remembered all those in the UK, and the Commonwealth, who had paid the ultimate sacrifice in the cause of freedom. In Kuwait, we can never forget the way your country responded – alongside others – after the brutal Iraqi occupation of my country in 1990. The sacrifice the British people made in securing the liberation of Kuwait is embedded in the hearts, and in the memories, of the Kuwaiti people.

Today, there are new opportunities to raise the levels of bilateral cooperation between our two countries in all fields. We have witnessed many remarkable developments, in a range of areas, most notably in terms of commerce and investment. We look forward to what more we can do in a practical way in securing progress and prosperity for both our countries and peoples.

Your Majesty, may I once again thank you for your kind invitation;

I reiterate to Your Majesty and to His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh my wishes for your continued health; and, for the United Kingdom and its people, enduring peace, prosperity and progress.

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