Speech of H.H. the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
to his brothers and sons the citizens - 19th October 2012


In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most Beneficent

"Our Lord, decide between us and our people in truth, and
You are the best of those who give decision."

In the name of Allah, I seek His assistance and rely upon Him, and Peace be upon his Prophet, His family and His companions.

Dear brothers and sons,
Dear Beloved Sons and Daughters,

I followed, as you did, the incidents that took place in our beloved country recently, which are a source of deep grief and pain to me and to you all.. I feel grief for seeing the signs of reckless sedition about to plague our country, destroy our unity, deform our entity, and distort our society, turning us into scattered classes, rival parties, conflicting sects, and inconsistent groups, each of which laying in for the other with evil, enmity and hatred. Seeing all this, I wonder..Is this Kuwait?, which was an example of cohesion, compassion and solidarity, whose citizens used to hurry for helping anyone in need with their effort and money till he overcomes his difficulty..?

And I feel pain for what I see of distasteful degradation in the rhetoric language, shameful decline in ethics of dealing and public work, and vulgar strike out of the inherited values and usual rules of politeness, immorality in litigation, rejection of the right of difference, lack of respect of different opinion, spasm in attitudes, exaggeration in extremity, persistence of the approach of chaos and riot, exceeding all familiar limits, persistence in insulting, and being far from the words of God “And do not forget graciousness amongst you” and the call of our Prophet (Peace be upon Him) when he said: “Kindness adorns everything it is in", particularly when it comes from people who are supposed to set a good example of the others.

I see all this, and wonder; Are these the people of Kuwait who are known of their pure hand and tongue, inherited loyalty to their country, sticking to national constants, and their well known tolerance, sophistication, moderation, and keenness to the values of respect and consideration of feelings of others?

My worries are concerning the destiny of our country and the future of our grandsons if we remain to act the same way, and if our violence remains amongst us… Kuwait lived for hundreds of years as an oasis of security, safety and stability; “a good land (have you) and a forgiving lord”, and its citizens lived in freedom, cooperation, and compassion, despite hardships and cruelty of nature. Now after Allah blessed us with a flood of blessings, and lavished on us his bounty, shall we leave the next generations a safe, stable and prosperous country that lives in security and prosperity, or shall we leave them a torn fighting society deprived of safety, security and prosperity. Shall we hand over the flag to those who come after us flying high, or as torn and flimsy?

This is our situation today, a crisis followed by another. We come out of a problem to enter a more complicated one. People move forward and advance while we are stand still, if not going backward. Yes there are shortcomings, and failures in the performance shadowing governmental sectors as it is the case in other countries. But how can we work on reform if such artificial problems and fabricated crisis leave no effort or time for officials to confront the external dangers surrounding us, or handle the mistakes that obstacle our advancement to cope international civilized societies, achieve comprehensive development and complete reform, eradicating corruption and its reasons and upgrading the level of public services like health, education, electricity, water, housing and roads to the level that befits our people and out country, and provide thousands of work opportunities to our youth entering labor market every year.

Brothers and sons,,,

It is regretful that such crisis paralyzing our country, threatening our security and interrupt businesses is fabricated by a number of our sons that you trusted and hoped to participate in the liability of our national course by cooperating with the government towards a better future for our country and our society. However, there are people who deliberately put the stick in the wheel, and obstruct the march. They insist to impose their opinion upon everyone else, by rooting concepts that are unfamiliar in our society and going far in extremism and recklessness, rejecting debate, cancelling others, distributing instruments of patriotism, and pretend absolute guardianship of the constitution in violation of all rooted national constants and customs, refusing to enter into understandings with others and rejecting compromise, using streets and yards as platforms for agitation and incitement, and trying to push young people toward slides of loss and misguidance, without caring for the security of the country and the safety of its people.

Let everyone know that Kuwait is a state of law and institutions with a democratic ruling system dominated by law, with an independent judiciary system, governed by the constitution that provides for “the separation of powers along with their cooperation”. Pursuant to the constitution the Amir and the National Assembly hold the legislative power, while the Amir, the Council of Ministers and the Ministers hold the executive power as explained in the constitution and the Judiciary power is held by the courts in the name of the Amir and within the limitations of the constitution. It is well proven that our judiciary system is known for its independence and integrity.

We should not be afraid of the blessing of difference in views regarding any national issue. However, for difference to be healthy, it should rely upon positive dialogue, commitment to its ethics, elevating its methods, and the sincere desire to reach the best solutions away from the atmospheres of agitation, excitement, manifestations of exclusion and mistrust, along with keenness to immunize our constants, and keeping them from falling in the slides of political debates and their consequences.

This is the sophisticated civilized way of dealing, and these are the values and inheritance of the Kuwaiti society that guarantee reaching agreement that keeps the security of the country, materialize its interest, and protect its constants.

Brothers, Sisters and Sons,

There is no need to reassure that our abidance with democratic course is firm and inalienable, and that our commitment with the constitution is rooted, and that aware live societies benefit from their mistakes, correct their course, exceed their pitfalls, benefit from others’ experiences, and select from them what matches their circumstances, capabilities and anticipations.

The law No. 42 for 2006 of re-defining the constituents aimed dealing with the negatives that marred the previous electoral system by minimizing the number of electoral constituents and increasing the number of voters in each constituent. This system had some positive sides that can not be ignored. However, followers of the results and consequences of practical application of this system along three parliamentary councils shall notice a group of disorders and defects that which marred all these councils, and became a serious threat to our national unity, threatening our national security and violating our constants and values, leading to rampant partisanship, tribal and sectarian alignment at the expense of loyalty to the homeland. It also lead to the immergence of interest alliances that are far from those of the country, in addition of permanent exclusion of many social strata from parliamentary representation.

In view of my responsibility to handle any threats of the country’s interest in the present and the future, I always had a sincere and serious desire to achieve the anticipated reform of our electoral system and correct the defects that marred parliamentary practices. My convictions were confirmed via what I felt through my several meetings with vast sectors of citizens who criticized the electoral system, and particularly the issues related to mechanisms of voting, which resulted in defying justice and correct representation of the Kuwaiti society in the parliament, and unaccepted prejudice of our national unity which adversely reflected upon the performance of the national assembly and its deviation from performing its missions and shouldering its liabilities.

Reforming this situation became an imperative national entitlement that needs to be faced and treated promptly. However, the recently issues raised by constitutional experts and specialists of unconstitutionality of current electoral system and relevant suspicions stopped me from performing the necessary amendment to avoid consequent legal chaos and political fatigue if the constitutional court ruled the law as unconstitutional.

Today, after the constitutional court issued its decisive verdict, which allowed for performing the necessary and needed amendment of the electoral system, I sought the assistance of Allah in shouldering my responsibility before Allah and toward the people of Kuwait.

In response to the dare need that necessitated resorting to this decision without any delay or postpone, and in activation of my constitutional authorities, I directed the government toward the inevitability of the issuance of a decree bylaw for a partial amendment in the current electoral system aiming at treating the mechanism of voting to protect the national unity, enhance democratic practice, achieve equality of opportunities and proper representation of the society sectors. I assured my trust in the next national assembly for performing a through review of this law as needed for treating other negative aspects that might affect it, to achieve anticipated national objectives. History will not excuse us for any inaction or tolerated in confronting the risks and dangers threatening our country.

In this context, and out of keenness to advancing reform, I also directed the government to prepare a decree bylaw of establishing the National Electoral Committee and organizing election campaigns to ensure the integrity of elections, and a decree bylaw for the rejection of hatred and protection of national unity, in addition to a decree bylaw for fighting corruption, which will be promptly issued.

Brothers, Sisters and Sons,

The great liability, and honored trust of the Kuwaiti people requires us a lot of effort, patience and wisdom. I am quiet sure that you surely know that what controls our work, visions conscientiousness is, firstly and lastly, the interest of Kuwait and its people. Therefore, I speak to you from the position of being in charge, as a father responsible for his family and his children. All the Kuwaitis are my children, and every Kuwaiti forms an important brick in building our national coherent edifice. I will not accept any harm or hurt to any of them, and in priority of this, I will not accept any evil to affect our dear Kuwait, its national security and stability or the safety and security of its loyal citizens.

My first priority is to maintain the security and stability of our country, and to enhance our national unity. It is my liability before Allah, and toward the loyal citizens of Kuwait, in appreciation of their trust, to maintain Kuwait as the fortified fort and immune resort, and to sacrifice life for protecting it, and sacrifice everything precious for its safety, unity and elevation.

Everyone should understand the dimensions and limits of the separating line between good and evil, freedom and chaos, sincere advice and obscenity & defamation, the domination of law and jungle law, positive and constructive mobility and docile behind shovels of demolition and sabotage. It is the line that separates also between tolerance, forbearance and wisdom in one hand, and negligence, weakness and idleness on the other hand.

Tolerance with destructive deviations under any justification is considered as a breach of responsibility, and inattentiveness to trust that can not be accepted or allowed to continue. The voice of law shall be high and decisive in confronting any illegal practices that affect the security of the country, the citizens, and national constants. Nobody is above the law, and everyone is responsible for adopting reason and wisdom, and prioritizing national interest to other interests, in order to take our country to safety. I covenant you that our dear Kuwait shall remain the oasis of safety and security, the state of law and constitution that is committed to its national constants and civilized values, able to confront current liabilities and future challenges through the efforts of its loyal citizens who work coherently and cooperatively for the ultimate goal of Kuwait interest.

I sincerely and wholeheartedly call upon you to fear Allah in all issues relating to Kuwait; your mother and your homeland, fear Allah in dealing with the citizens of Kuwait; your sons and your brothers, fear Allah in handling issues of next generations; your sons and your grandsons, and fear Allah in treating yourselves and do not be taken hold of by the bride of the sin. Look forward to the future, and always put Kuwait's interest above any other consideration. Kuwait deserves every effort and sacrifice, but we shall never accept threatening its security, terrorizing its people, or disrupting its march.

  • We shall not accept chaos in the street and the mob riot to paralyze life and work stream in the country.
  • We shall not allow the seeds of discord to grow in our good land.
  • We shall not accept the culture of violence and chaos to spread among our peaceful people.
  • We shall not accept misleading loyal youth with illusions and falsehoods.
  • We shall not accept the abduction of the will of the nation through hollow voices and heroism.

I pray to Allah almighty to guide us all to the right course, support us with His grace, protect our hearts from passions and to save our country from any evil.

"Our Lord, upon You we have relied, and to You we have returned,
and to You is the destination".

Wasalamu Alikom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

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