Speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah
Amir of The State of Kuwait, at the conclusion of
The First Asian Cooperation Dialogue Summit,
Kuwait - 17 October 2012


Your Majesties, Highnesses & Excellencies,
By the grace of God Almighty, we conclude today the works of the First Summit of the Asia Cooperation Dialogue.

We are very pleased with your presence amongst us, as brothers and dear friends on a gracious occasion, that allowed us to discuss our Asian affairs, in delicate circumstances, that require consultation, in order to confront them, and promote our continent to meet our aspirations.

The understanding that was achieved in this Summit, concerning our joint causes, will undoubtedly contribute to the upgrading of the level of coordination and cooperation between us in the upcoming phases of our work.

Your Majesties, Highnesses & Excellencies,
Our meetings over the past two days have reflected the magnitude of the enormous responsibilities we bear, as well as an accurate diagnosis of the problems that stand in the way of the progress of our countries and our continent. Also, reflected was the sincere willingness to promote our continent to meet our aspirations for the good of our countries and in the interest of our peoples.

Developing our mechanism of joint work, has become an urgent need, in order for it to keep pace with our expectations, as well as to reflect our determination to activate our will, so that our relations can reach to a higher levels, and our cooperation leads to our integration.

Today, we have a historic opportunity to accomplish this progress, as well as to embody this opportunity, through what our experts will envisage, and their visions of this expected mechanism.

We are determined, with God’s help, to continue and follow-up on the ideas and recommendations of our meeting, and work together to implement them on the ground.

In conclusion, I cannot but reiterate to Your Majesties, Highnesses & Excellencies our many thanks for accepting our invitation to attend this Summit, as well as, for your constructive personal contributions, that affected the deliberations of our gracious meeting, and led to the formulation of our rightly guided recommendations and ideas to upgrade our joint work.

I also would like to thank the Kingdom of Thailand, for the invitation extended to convene the coming Summit in Bangkok, as well as for its active contribution for the preparation of this meeting, in addition to its constructive efforts over the past ten years in cultivating this dialogue.

I thank all those who participated in preparing for this Summit and its success. I ask the Almighty God to help us accomplish what is good for our countries, for the welfare of our peoples, and the leadership of our continent.

Wishing you all a safe trip,,,


Wassalm Alaikum Warahantu Allahi Wabarakatu ,,,


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