• The Sublime Articulations of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah In the Inauguration of the First Regular Session of the Fourteenth Legislative Chapter of the National Assembly Wednesday 15th February 2012
The Sublime Articulations of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait
Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah In the Inauguration
of the First Regular Session of the Fourteenth Legislative
Chapter of the National Assembly Wednesday
15th February 2012



In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

"And fear a trial which will not strike those who have wronged among you exclusively, and know that Allah is severe in penalty".

In the name of Allah and with his help and guidance, we open the first regular session of the fourteenth legislative chapter of the National Assembly, praying to Allah the Almighty to help and guide us all to the right way, for “ He is the Hearing and Responsive ”.

Dear brothers, members of the National Assembly,

Assalamu Alikom wa Rahmatullah wa Barakato, I would like to great and congratulate you for your winning the public National Assembly elections, wishing you all the best for the interest of the country and its citizens, and fulfilling the immense responsibility entrusted to you by the people. I would like to also congratulate everyone for performing the elections in a free, democratic and transparent environment, which was praised by our people, as well as the Arab and foreign monitoring bodies. This is a source of pride for all the Kuwaitis.

Today we are about to commence a new decisive journey in practicing parliamentarian democracy. It is not reasonable or acceptable that while we are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of our constitution that we continue to talk about parliamentarian “experiment”. We should talk about a notable cultural achievement, and a stable course characterized by deeply founded basis and integrated components; an irreversible course that passed the phase of experimentation, and stood bold in confrontation with temporary storms and adversity. Our duty today is to work on its maturation and rationality, cooperate for its enhancement and for the activation of its performance, benefit of the lessons of the past, for upgrading it toward the anticipated perfection, and the achievement of its noble objectives.

Dear members,

Our country and our security recently experienced unprecedented actions which are irrelative to freedom or democracy but form a flagrant violation of the law, and which contradict with the Kuwaiti values and habits of its people. Such incidents portend a great evil, and threat with burning our community.

We decisively reject harming the dignity of others, or insulting or abusing them. This is not a reflection of freedom or boldness. We also decisively reject any violation of the law, or the attempt of any person to take his rights with his own hands, or to individually apply the law, whatever he thinks he is right, or that his case is just. Kuwait is, and shall remain a country of law and constitutions, with a judicial system known for its integrity and just, being the fist and last resort of every person claiming his rights.

I have instructed the government to implement all necessary preparations and procedures necessary for keep the security of the country, maintain its constant values, and its stability.

Dear members,

Our beloved country is faced nowadays with a group of internal challenges and external dangers, which hinder its course of building and advancement, and its efforts toward development in the present, and threat its future generations if we do not wisely tackle and actively stand together in a cooperative effort to eliminate their evils and consequences.

Confrontation of such challenges should be on the top priority of your agenda, and obtain your full interest. You should always be focus on fostering elements of national unity, fighting trial and separation, instructing media for performing its mission without deviation, exaggeration or affecting public freedoms, in addition to assuring the inviolability of public monies, the principles of integrity, honesty, transparency and anticorruption.

You should also take into your account repairing the defects in the structure of national economy via the diversification of income resources, and the creation of productive work opportunities for our youth.

Your interests should further include updating the curricula and methodology of education to cope with the latest in advanced countries.

Dear members,

I call upon you to concentrate upon youth care, providing work opportunities and good life for them, activating their positive participation and constructive role in building and developing the society as they are the hope of our future. I have instructed "Al Diwan Al Amiri" to hold a national conference for youth in response to their endeavors. They are now preparing a national document to enable them harness their creative energies for serving their country.

Dear members,

These are some features of our vision of the next phase. I call upon you to play a positive and effective role for setting appropriate legislations thereto, and to seriously monitor the application of such legislations in cooperation with your brothers in the executive authority. Be sincere in your thought and action for the interest of Kuwait, respect the constitution and the law, maintain public monies, accept differences, and prefer the power of argument to the altitude of voice. Be away from exaggeration, tense and personalization, and always consider the words of our Almighty Allah “and argue with them in a way that is best”. Abide by mediation and objectivity, chastity of hand and tongue. Never forget that you represent Kuwait as a whole, and that this Assembly is a national assembly for the whole nation and not for a certain sect, group or tribe. Your guide should always be the interest of Kuwait and the welfare of its people.

Now that the people elected you as its representatives for the membership of the National Assembly, and participants in the leadership of this phase of our democratic course, Kuwait expects you to be up to the responsibility and the challenges of internal reform, achievement of integrated development, confronting new and dangerous changes on the international arena and the bloody events and conflicts that swept the region, and to be aware of their size, effect and consequences on our country.

Be informed that the Kuwaiti people who brought you to position is monitoring and accounting your actions as do your consciousness, and that history shall judge whether or not you have been up to the responsibility and trustworthy, and I hope your are.

I pray to Allah to guide us to the right way, and assist our efforts to maintain the security of our beloved country, work for its sublimity and for the welfare of our loyal people, and to mercy our martyrs and place them in his heavens.

“Our Lord, upon You we have relied, and to You we have returned, and to You is the destination".

Wa alsalam alaikom wa rahmat allah wa barakatuh ,,,  

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