• The Sublime Articulation of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah In the Inauguration of the Fourth Regular session of the Thirteenth Legislative Chapter of the National Assembly Tuesday 25th October 2011
The Sublime Articulation of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed
Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
 In the Inauguration of the Fourth Regular session of the
Thirteenth Legislative Chapter of the National Assembly
 Tuesday 25th October 2011


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

“ And  whoever  obeys Allah  and  the Messenger – those will be with the ones  whom Allah has bestowed  favor  of  the prophets , the steadfast  affirmers  of truth, the martyrs and the righteous , and excellent are those as companions “.

With  humbled  hearts filled  with  faith  in  Allah  and  his  acts , we  received   the  news  of  the death of  the  late brother  His  Royal  Highness  Prince  Sultan Bin  Abdul -Aziz  Al Saud , the crown Prince , Deputy Prime Minister , Minister of  Defense  and  Aviation and  inspector  General  in the  Kingdom of  Saudi Arabia .

Not  only  Saudi Arabia and the Gulf family , but also the Arab and the Islamic Nations  shall  miss him as a lofty  symbol  and  a prominent  leader  who devoted his life for serving  the  issues of his country , and his Arab and Islamic nation.

I, personally  and in the name of the Kuwaiti people , render sincere consolations to my brother  the Custodian of the Two  Holy  Mosques  King  Abdullah  Bin  Abdul-Aziz   Al Saud , the Royal Family and the Saudi  people , recalling  a  dear brother  and  a close friend , with  whom  I shared concerns , burdens and liabilities , in both the good and bad times . He was truly a sincere brother and  friend , a model of wisdom and sincerity and a leader of humanitarian and charitable work all around .

I reiterate  my thanks  and  appreciation  of  his  brotherly stands in supporting the Kuwaiti  right  , and  his insistence  that  Kuwait  restores  its  sovereignty . Such stands shall remain in the memories of the Kuwaiti People for several generations.

We pray to Allah Almighty to bestow his mercy upon the deceased, forgive him , and accept him in the heavens . Also, may Allah bless the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques with good health and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with security, dignity and prosperity under his wise leadership. O’Lord , grant us the best consequence , be pleased with us . Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to him we shall return .

In the Name of Allah , the Beneficent , the Merciful

“  O  you who have believed , fear Allah and speak words of appropriate justice . He will  [ then ] amend for you your deeds and forgive you your sins . And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger has certainly attained a great  attainment “

Praise and thanks be to Allah, and peace be upon his honorable prophet Mohamed, his family and his companions..

Dear Speaker,,,
Respectful Members of the Parliament,,,

With the bless , guidance and help of Allah the Almighty , we open the fourth regular  session of  the thirteenth  legislative  chapter of the  National  Assembly , praying  to Allah to guide us all to further work and achievement  for serving our dear country and its loyal people .

The odd practices manifested in our Kuwaiti Society recently exceeded all limits , and affected our national principles . Tribalism, sectarianism and factionalism feuds became the motive leading political trends, and the short-cut toward immediate minor gains, on the account of the country and its citizens.

Unfortunately, we even witnessed some people trying to feed such feuds  into the minds  of our youth in educational , social and sports organizations , targeting our cores of building Kuwait  the  present  and  the  future .

Dear Speaker ,,,
Respectful Members of the Parliament ,,,

I am deeply hurt with the atmosphere of political tension and continuous conflict between the National Assembly and the government , as if they were two rivals and not two arms in one body . I also regret the decline in the level of political  debate , slinging , and questioning without evidence  or  proof , and the  use of  expressions  like  bribe , corruption , treason and  employment , which were not  heard in  Kuwait  till recent  times .

We  followed  the practices  that  took  place  in this hall recently , including several unconstitutional  practices , debates , and expressions  that are prejudicial  to  the  status of  the  platform  and  its  national  elevated  goal .I wonder  how can  a believer  in the  constitution and  law  , who accordingly can present  any concern under  this dome with its well known guarantees  and constitutional  instruments  , exceeds  this organization  and  call  for  gatherings  in streets and yards . Such fabrication of antagonism is a loss for everyone. It is not acceptable that principles are confined to words while deeds are a representation of passions and interests.

The preoccupation of some people with destruction instead of   building, and personal  attack  rather  than  cooperation  for  the interest of  Kuwait , forgetting their  basic duties  , leads  me and you to wonder : where is the voice of  reason  and  wisdom ?  Is  this  the  path  to building , advancement  and development , or is it the path to demolition , destruction  and backwardness ?.

Dear Speaker ,,,
Respectful Members of the Parliament ,,,

We are in a dire need to put away our differences, to focus on the infrastructure projects and improvement of public services like health, education and housing.

We need to confront corruption wherever  it might exist , to set legislations  and  take  procedures  that encourage  investment  and  building projects  in Kuwait for upgrading citizen’s  standard of living , providing them with welfare , and mitigating  their burdens  . We need to provide work opportunities that enable our  youth  to  participate  in building  their  country  . Moreover, we are in need for tending toward objective control and  accounting , aiming  at  repairing  defect  and  deviation  and  not attacking individuals  in person .

We have to closely follow up the surrounding  serious events and disturbances , the severe bloody wars , the vast developments  and major global economic problems  which all  affect our national security and high interests , both in the present  and  the future . This not only requires but necessitates us to close ranks and mobilize efforts for following them up, and confronting their consequences and implications.

Are you aware of these dangers and challenges? and are you ready to devote  yourselves  for  confronting  them  and  protecting  our  people  and  our  country against them ?  I hope you are , and that you are up to the level of  being responsible  in  order  not  to embody  God’s words  “  you think they are together but their hearts are diverse “   God forbids .

We  say it loudly with faith and insistence : Yes  for responsible control , Yes for objective questioning , Yes for serious  accounting  subject  to  constitution  and law , as imposed  by  national  interest  and  away  from  personalized  pre-judgments  and  accusations . Our Holy Prophet says “ He is a great liar who reiterates all what he hears “ , and we shall not , under any circumstances , accept to  protect  those  who affect  the interest  of  Kuwait  or  accept any stubbornness or speculations  in this concern . The situation exceeded all  limits , and we have to overlook  the  luxury of  useless  arguments  and  focus on serious  work  for the  protection of   Kuwait’s  security , building it , restoring  its  rightful position , and achieving  the  ambitions  of  the  citizens .

Dear Speaker ,,,
Respectful Members of the Parliament ,,,

Media is a fundamental pillar of our democratic system. Our national press used to be an example on the Arab and regional level and keen on performing its sublime role. Today, many media resources is adding fuel to sedation fire to aggravate the situation which in turns it increases hatred. It is seeking excitement, provoking conflict and hostility with others, striving to increase its proliferation at any price. Regrettably, it is driven by partisan and personal not the national and the people’s interests, which requires us all to pause to address and correct these imbalances so that our media institutions practice its aspirated positive role in maintaining security and pushing the construction and development process forward.

Dear Speaker and Respectful Members of the Parliament ,,,

Something is haunting my  mind that I would  like to draw  your  attention to and urge you  to  take  it seriously  ; our sons . Everyone  knows  that the  volume  and  the speed  of  the  changes  in our  society  and  the  world  are  much bigger than  our  ability  to absorb  it and  deal  with its impacts . Youth are faster affected by these changes. They are an effective energy that should not be left to bad directions. This  requires  us  to  have a realistic view towards  them , better  understanding  and  communication  with them , acknowledging  their needs  , securing all  tools  and  means  to  protect  them  from the destructive dangers  of  this  age , and  promote  their  positive  interaction  with  their community  which in turns  help them to face their  responsibilities  in  building their homeland.

My beloved brothers, sons the people of Kuwait

Your  national  duty  in exercising  your electoral  right  does not  end when your vote in the ballot box to elect your representatives  for  the  National  Assembly ; rather , it begins . Your national  duty  requires  you  to  follow  up  your  MP’s performance  , hold  them  accountable  for  their  mistakes , and  applaud  them  for  good  deeds  according  to the  national  interest  criteria  and away  from tribalism  , sectarianism ,  factionalism ,  and  regionalism . Kuwait interest should be above all. 

As I am close  to you and keen to listen to your  worries and concerns , I should reveal  to you how painful it is when  I see your kind faces  reflecting your concerns  against  the  situations   in the country  despite  the blessings  bestowed  upon it  by  the  grace  of  Allah  of  deep-rooted  values , harmony  ,  unprecedented  financial  abundance  and  the  availability  of  all  elements  of stability , success  and  decent  life .

Your concerns tire me and hurt me.

How would I relax if you are not , and how would  I  have  a  peaceful  mind  if  you  are  worried .

Rest  assure  that we will not allow  anything  harms our  beloved  Kuwait  and tomorrow  will  be  better  if  God’s  will . Kuwait is  blessed  and  will  continue to be  safe and  secured  guarded  by  Allah  , it’s sons hands , its  peoples  unity ,supported   by  good  , right  and  justice  powers  and  its  blessings  which  benefit  people  around  the  world .

“ So do not  weaken  and do not greave  , and  you  will  be  superior  if  you are  ( true ) believers “  .

Dear Speaker and Respectful Members of the Parliament ,,,

My speech is not restricted  to  the  legislative and  the  executive  authorities  , rather I  am addressing  all  from  this  podium  , institutions  and  individuals .
Consider  what  is  going  on  around  you , examine  wisely  the  experiences  of  others , be  loyal  to Kuwait  as you will not  find  a  substitute  , preserve  it and  it  will  preserve  you .

In this  regard  , I recall  a  saying  by  our  late  Amir  Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah ,  advising  the  representatives  of  the  people  in  the  onset of our  parliamentary   experience  after  issuing  the  constitution :

“  Problems  are solved  by  wise  people , if  not , it  will  be lead by evil “ .

A wise saying  from  a wise  man that  we  should  consider  its deep  meanings and  should  be  live  in our  conscious  in  order  to  improve  the  performance of   responsibilities  that  we bear ;  the  responsibility  of  the  homeland  and  people  to lead  our  country  to safety .
Proceed with God’s blessing, one heart, one hand supporting each others, gathered  by one homeland , one target  and destiny  , full  of  great  love to  this country  to  prove  to all that  the  people  of  Kuwait  are  loyal  as always  to our beloved   Kuwait .


Wa alsalam alaikom wa rahmat allah wa barakatuh ,,,  


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