• The Speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Amir of the State of Kuwait  In the 50th Anniversary of Independence, The Twentieth Anniversary of Liberation And the Fifth Anniversary of His Highness Ascendance to the Leadership of the State of Kuwait 24 February 2011
The Speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
Amir of the State of Kuwait In the 50th Anniversary of Independence,
The Twentieth Anniversary of Liberation And the Fifth Anniversary
of His Highness Ascendance to the
Leadership of the State of Kuwait
24 February 2011



In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful,

"My Lord, Make this a secure country and provide its people with fruits"

Thanks to Allah who blessed us with numerous blessings and granted us a secure and stable country, in addition to showering us with prosperity and peace be upon his prophet Mohammed Bin Abdullah, his family and all his companions.

Dear brothers and sisters, fellow citizens

Assalamu Alikom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh…

I would like to congratulate you in the fiftieth anniversary of independence, and the twentieth anniversary of liberation which was achieved via the honorable stance of the citizens of this good homeland, their resistance, courage and sacrifice in confronting the traitorous occupation, their support of their legal leadership for liberation of our country and their sacrifice for maintaining its dignity.

In these two historical occasions, I am quite confident that you share with me the feelings of loyalty and love for our two late great characters His Highness the Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and His Highness the Amir and the father Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, may Allah bless their souls.

Their heroic role shall remain an example in confrontation of the malicious invasion, and their efforts and achievements in serving our beloved Kuwait shall remain glowing memories in the mind of all Kuwaitis.

They worked hard with the sincere citizens of this good country day and night for restoring right, freedom and dignity, and saved no effort in the reconstruction of the country after the destructive barbarian invasion during a relatively short period that deserved the appreciation of the whole world.

It is a solemn feeling of pride to remember with all appreciation hundreds of martyrs, prisoners of war and lost citizens, who sacrificed their bloods and souls for defending the territories of their homeland.

Martyrdom is generously rewarded by Allah, and we pray that Allah blesses them with his mercy and hosts them in his heavens with the martyrs and the believers, for he is the Listener and the Answerer.

It is a must in this occasion that we remember with appreciation the stances of the GCC countries, Arab countries and others whose leaders supported Kuwait during the hard time of the occupation, and greatly assisted us in achieving the victory, in a battle where precious blood mixed in the battlefield in defending the principles of right, freedom and justice.

I am glad in this occasion, in the name of all the Kuwaiti people to thank and welcome the symbols of great principle and stance as dear guests of Kuwait in this lofty occasion, assuring that our loyal people shall never forget such honorable and courageous stances.

Also I would like to register our gratitude for the outstanding role of the United Nations Organization, and the authorization granted by the Security Council to the countries that allied with Kuwait for using all possible means to liberate it, restore its legitimacy, secure its borders, and achieve security and stability in the region, which is considered one of the most precious achievements of the United Nations.

Dear brother and sisters,

The State of Kuwait, in which we enjoy security and safety is not born today, and its constants and covenants are not new.

They were never arbitrary or enforced, but are always the result of agreement and harmony between its people and its leaders.

Kuwait as a homeland was never for a special group and not the other, and was never characterized with tribalism, sectarianism or denominationalism.

The achievements materialized are but the result of harmony and unity of all the people of Kuwait, continuing the same course of their fathers and grandfathers who fought hard life circumstances in its desert and oceans. Democracy in Kuwait is the sound of their consciousness in obedience of the order of Allah "and consults them in the matter".

The unity of the Kuwaiti people is their main aid for confronting challenges, and our resort along our life till doomsday.

While I reassure today that our obligation of democracy and responsible freedom is stable, and deep rooted as our irrevocable choice, I also assure that the constitution represents the contract that we agreed upon for organizing the relation, for everyone to work under its umbrella, as a civilizational achievement we are all proud of, and I will always personally work for its preservation and protection.

There is no doubt that democracy means the language of constitution and law, the responsible freedom governed by specific law frameworks, achieving the higher interest of the country, and allowing for monitoring, questioning, and objective criticism of any default or shortage.

 It has never been a tool for anarchy, disorder, skepticism and arousing.

May Allah bless all those citizens who lived on this soil, watching Allah in their dealings with their country, and bless all the governments and the legislative councils as well as every sincere person who had the honor of participating in the establishment of the contemporary government of law and institutions.

This bright history was not achieved through dreams, or speeches or wishes, but it is the fruits of serious continuous efforts, a free creative will, serious abidance with the liability to work and achieve, and continuity of loyalty and giving, generation after generation.

We remember with thanks and gratitude the deeds of the early Kuwaiti men and women, who drew with their works and memorable achievements shining examples of giving and loyalty to the homeland, each in his location and pursuant to his capabilities.

 They carried to the next generation the trust of the word, sincerity in work and ethics.

This course was not void of hindrances, which Kuwaitis passed with their unity, their spirit of responsibility, their democratic debate and wide vision, armed with knowledge and information and cooperating for the higher interest of Kuwait.

One of the bright pages in our national course is the blessed step of deepening the people's democratic participation via the entrance of women to the parliament to practice their political and historical right of election and nomination.

It is a step that was taken pursuant to the mere Kuwaiti will and with a democratic awareness that gained the admiration and respect of the whole world.

Other bright pages include the initiatives Kuwait uniquely took, and through which it obtained the outstanding position it deserves among both regionally and worldwide.

 Ahead of all these is emphasizing the importance of fighting poverty, hauger and disease.

Along with its independence, Kuwait established the oldest financing foundation in the Arab world and the Middle East, which is the Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economical Development, to provide aid to the needy countries, coverage of which reached the farthest locations on earth.

In its foreign policy, Kuwait always adopted balanced positive openness, along with total abidance of its national principles, and respect of international legitimacy toward the establishment of regional and international relations based on positive cooperation within a frame of mutual interests and respect.

Kuwait embarked on the path of goodness in supporting just issues by cooperating with the Arab, Islamic and other countries worldwide, particularly the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, by assisting international organizations and supporting their role in maintaining international peace and security.

Dear brothers and sisters,

In Kuwait, we always call for comprehensive planning as a scientific and practical way for the achievement of sustainable development, and the success of its anticipated projects.

 I assure that our main concern in development is the human element being the main factor in facing its issues.

 I would like here to commend the role of our promising youth in shaping the features of the hoped future.

Youth is the cornerstone in any building or achievement, and I strongly believe in the ability of our Kuwaiti youth to find their right way, and their keenness to overcome the challenges of the future in order to keep the Kuwaiti generations strong and protected from shocks, partners in responsibility, lovers of their homeland, and connected with their history and heritage.

Dear brothers and sisters,

After half a century of independence, and two decades of liberation, I find myself honored with shouldering the trust of ruling for five years.

 I adhere to my promise to talk to you always with an open heart. In the mid of happiness and joy we live nowadays in this glorious national occasions, with all the meanings of honor and pride it embodies and all the obligations it involves, we should not forget that we are confronted with huge challenges that no alert and sincere person can ignore.

Our fate is that our good country is located on the top of the Gulf, in the middle of an area that is brim of accelerated events, developments and changes.

 This requires us to be cautious and alert, to arrange our priorities pursuant to an insightful reading and attentive follow up of its security, political, economic and social consequences, and to prepare ourselves to fending off the dangers and challenges they bring to our local community before it is too late.

We are passing a phase that is full of files and obligations. Henceforth, we, each in his position, have to dash to good planning, investing time and capabilities, and devotion in work and performing our obligations in order to avoid leniency, relaxation, disorder and desecration of prohibited issues with their unaffordable results.

 Let us be aware that we shall never be able to confront such challenges but through our unity and solidarity.

Past experiences undoubtedly proved that we need to comprehend lessons and benefit from them by disregarding and dispersion, elevating ourselves over banding and fanaticism, adopting rationalism and wisdom, and being up to the national liability by prioritizing national interest over anything else, in obedience of Allah orders in treating our home land "and do not dispute and [thus] lose courage and [then] your strength would depart".

I revert back to reminding of the blessings of our God.

 It is our responsibility to preserve the wealth God entrusted to us. He blessed us with a secure country that gives us the feeling of tranquility and protects our prosperity and options of dignified life.

Among Allah's blessings to us is that he made us one unified family, and a coherent fabric where we all feel cordiality, cohesion, and group force in one national crucible.

Another blessing of Allah is the special unique Kuwaiti characteristic of the relation between the ruler and the people, governed with the ties of brotherhood, cohesion and integration, which played the major role, after the will of Allah, in the liberation of the State of Kuwait through its materialization in the people's conference that was held in Jeddah, during the period of the tyrant occupation.

Allah's blessings to us further include our enjoyment of rarely matched atmospheres of freedom, reflecting intellectual and civilized characteristics of expressing opinions, expression and openness to ourselves and to the others.

We are also blessed with being in the edifice of democracy protected with the Kuwaiti will of expressing human dignity and rights to which our society was keen since its inception.

I would like, in this occasion, to call upon you all to preserve the blessings of Allah, which lasts only for those who thank, as Allah stated in the Holy Quran "If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]". Also, I reiterate my call to everyone to be obedient to law and warn them of the consequences of seeking strength in other sources.

 At the same time I call for submitting to our just and independent jurisdiction, and abiding by the matrix of the state of law and organizations.

My dear citizens, we own all the capabilities of setting out, advancement and prosperity. With you and through you I look forward to a future that is more prosperous than the present, where hopes renew, and optimism increases " That is because Allah would not change a favor which He had bestowed upon a people until they change what is within themselves. And indeed, Allah is Hearing and Knowing"

We believe in Allah Almighty, and abide by the teachings of our true religion, as well as the inherited good values as principles that guide us in our words and deeds for the completion of the contemporary state we look forward to.

We pray to Allah Almighty to help us be up to the trust, and to guide us for the right decisions, unify our vision for the right and bless our steps for the goodness of our beloved Kuwait and its loyal people for further dignity, and prosperity.

Wassalamu Alikom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh...



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