• Speech of 
His Highness Sheikh Sabah  Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Amir of the State of Kuwait The opening of the Eighth Future Forum State of Kuwait   November. 21  22,  2011
Speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah  Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
Amir of the State of Kuwait The opening of the
Eighth Future Forum
State of Kuwait .
21 – 22, November 2011



In the Name of Allah,
The Merciful, the Compassionate

Highnesses & Excellencies,
Honourable Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Peace and blessings be upon you.
 It is a pleasure to welcome you to the State of Kuwait on the occasion of the opening of the Eighth Future Forum, wishing you a pleasant stay, all the success for your meeting, and your cooperation to materialize the anticipated progress and welfare of our societies. I am also delighted that the State of Kuwait and the Republic of France jointly Chair this important forum at the same time as the State of Kuwait celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of its constitution. Our constitution was set out of the strong belief in democracy, freedom, and true participation in the decision making process, which aims at further prosperity and progress, and foster the pillar of security and stability in the country.

 Honourable Guests,
This forum opens this year at a time where the world is witnessing political, economical, and social circumstances, both regionally and internationally. However, we are quite sure that our countries are able to overcome them through innovation and creativity in handling our problems, taking into consideration the legal anticipations of our peoples, focusing on economic development, materializing economic security and social welfare. This requires collaboration of efforts, positive cooperation and coordination amongst us to achieve security and stability.
 We carry the responsibility and hard task for our country in order to face challenges,  with a unanimous will, a clear vision of our objectives, to create cooperation mechanisms and dialogue channels for joint work that opens further horizons of communication amongst our countries. This forum is probably a materialization of one of the manifestations of such communication and of our openness to our experiences.

Honourable Guests,
There is no doubt that our youth, both young men and women are the basic core for the present and the future. It is our responsibility to prepare them to actively participate in building and serving their countries in order to achieve development and prosperity.
The ideal and smart investment in all fields is to educate, train, and qualify the youth while creating new jobs that meet their ambitions.

Honourable Guests,
We believe that together both the combination of our efforts and our positive cooperation shall lead to success in confronting challenges, assisted by our firm will and our strong persistence. As countries, we should unite our efforts for the development of our societies via supporting continuous communication and dialogue between different components of civil society, business sector, and governmental organizations, to reach the anticipated level of cooperation for prosperity and welfare.
I take this opportunity to thank all the civil society organizations and business sectors that participated in the preparatory activities of this forum, which reflected their keenness to the development and prosperity of our societies.
In closing, I welcome you once more, wishing this forum all the success and the achievement of your anticipated goals.

Peace and blessings be upon you.


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