• Speech of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah On the Occasion of The Last Ten Days of the Holy Month of Ramadan
1432 A.H.
Speech of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed
Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
On the Occasion of The Last Ten Days of the
Holy Month of Ramadan
1432 A.H.
22 August 2011



In the Name of Allah, The Merciful, the Compassionate

" Allah is full of bounty to the people, but most of the people do not show gratitude"

Thanks to Allah the Almighty Who blessed us with living up to the Holy Month of fasting and night prayer, and peace be upon Prophet Mohamed, his worshipper and messenger, the best among all humans, and upon his family and companions. We entreat to Allah Almighty to accept our fasting and our night prayer, and to maintain our country Kuwait secure and safe forever.

Brothers, Sons and Daughters,

I congratulate you with the remaining days of the Holy Month of Ramadan, and with the last ten days thereof. May Allah return it many times, with our dear country enjoying glory and bride, and our Arab and Islamic nation enjoying prosperity and welfare.

Allah Almighty has characterized the Holy Month of Ramadan with honor, wherein he descended the Holy Quran to guide all people. Allah imposed on us the fasting of its days, and urged us to take the opportunity of benefiting from its nights as it is the month of reading and understanding Quran. It is the month wherein believers obtain guidance, and approach the right path. It is the month of hard work, patience and condolence, where relatives visit each other, relations become further tightened, and believers repent to Allah embodying the glorious meanings of this Holy Month.

Let us always remember the great blessings and bounteousness of Allah on us. He blessed us with believing, our country with prosperity, and granted us brotherhood and goodwill within the frame of our national unity which is the core of our existence. These blessings entail thanks and praise, as well as maintenance by continuity of thanks to Allah and further giving in serving our dear country with further devotedness, not to mention keeping its safety, stability, advancement and prosperity.

The teachings of our true religion and its supreme values urge us to embody the virtue of honesty, to maintain the values of our religion, and not to let or overlook the rights of our country, in addition to avoiding improvidence.

One of the most important embodiments of honesty is for the person to be keen to fully perform his duties at work, and to care for the rights of the people entrusted to him.

Being wise requires us to monitor and comprehend the changes and developments taking place around us. We have to sense the dangers of the international economic crisis, its reflections and its negative effects upon our national economy. We have to work together as one hand for rectifying our economic position. Few days ago, I entrusted a group of specialized national experts, under the presidency of His Excellency Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, the Prime Minister, to work on the best practical solutions for addressing our economic situation, enhancing our national economy and for the materialization of comprehensive development that fulfill the ambitions of our citizens toward a secure present, and prosperous future for their incoming generations.

There is no doubt that this national trend is the responsibility of everyone, for you are all patrons and each is liable toward his independents. This requires understanding, positive cooperation, and serious work by us all to achieve the anticipated goal.

In this course, I called upon the government to hasten the accomplishment of the proposed law concerned with the establishment of the national authority for anti-corruption, and to refer it to the National Assembly, as well as securing all requirements for the success of this authority in performing its duties to control all the governmental activities pursuant to the criteria of disinterest, transparency, and equal opportunities. This is meant to materialize justice and push the course of national work in the right direction, as corruption is the undermining disease of reform and development.

Brothers, Sons and Daughters,

I have reiterated in several occasions that the true wealth of our country lies in its youth, who are its core and tools in building its present and future.

Henceforth, we have to invest in human and innovative promising powers of our youth, enhance their gifts and urge them for giving and participation in building the country.

This shall not be realized but through the assessment and development of our educational entities and their curricula, and updating our educational system to be up to the contemporary requirements.

Building the future of our country should be accompanied by the process of building and qualifying the Kuwaiti national. Our students should utilize their gifts and devote their powers and times for academic achievement, studying contemporary sciences, and not to give attention to any calls that might keep them from their academic achievement.

The world of today is brimful of different views and trends, particularly in view of the opened and developed media, which requires advising our sons to go through the path that keeps their ties with their country and their doctrine, as Kuwait today is in need of its sons and daughters as never before. May Allah bless them and their knowledge for the benefit of their country.

Brothers, Sons and Daughters,

Cooperation among different authorities in the country is the base of any successful national work, and the ideal academic method for accomplishment of all important issues for the country and its citizens. Anticipated cooperation among such authorities depends basically upon dialogue, exchange of views and democratic consultancy, away from insulting and altercation, in order to reach the right opinion and the best interest of the country in the present and in the future.

I am quite sure that you, my fellow nationals, will be the best support for confronting all the hindrances of anticipated development of our country, and that you will work for the best of its interest, maintaining its wealth and gains for the achievement of prosperity for the present and future generations.

Brothers, Sons and Daughters,

If the freedom of expression is guaranteed for everyone, this does not mean to misuse it in offending our national unity, and the deeply rooted values of our ancestors.

I call upon those in charge of all the read, visual and audio media to fear Allah and to practice their informational rule in a responsible manner without delusion, exaggeration or offense to the country.  

Brothers, Sons and Daughters,

We were deeply hurt with the news of the famine witnessed by the African Horn countries, particularly Somalia, due to server draught, which led to the displacement of thousands of children, women and men, and even the death of many of them.

As usual, Kuwait reacted to this humanitarian crisis, and was among the first countries to send aid to such people in need, in cooperation with regional and international organizations, in an attempt to put an end to this humanitarian crisis and to ease its effects.  

I greet all those who shared in the campaign we called for to help the famine victims in Somalia, and pray to Allah Almighty to generously reward their efforts in this Holy Month.

Brothers, Sons and Daughters,

We are passing a phase that is full of fast rhythm and deeply affecting events and changes, in an area that transformed into an arena for conflicts of agnation, interests and trends. I believe we are not isolated from the consequences of such conflicts as we all follow up the fluctuating situations in the neighboring countries. We feel deeply sorry for the consequent destruction and losses in people and property as well as the waste of powers and capabilities. We pray to Allah Almighty that these brotherly countries restore their tranquility, stability and security, and that their peoples achieve their hopes and anticipations.

While I strongly believe that freedom of expression is a principle that we are keen to maintain and defend as a distinguishing characteristic we feel proud about in our Kuwaiti society, I call upon my brothers and my sons; the Kuwaiti citizens as well as different media means to leave the issue of relations with other countries for the concerned authorities to handle though diplomatic channels on case by case basis pursuant to the nature of the relation and mutual interests, for better maintenance of national interest we are all keen for.

We pray to Allah Almighty in these blessed days, including the Night of Decree, to unify our hearts and our goals, and to increase our love and benevolence to remain soldierly united and loving brothers in good and bad circumstances. Let our objective be love of Kuwait, devotedly working for serving it, sacrificing for it, and maintaining its safety and security as did our late fathers and ancestors.

In these blessed nights we remember our late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, and our Father Amir Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, may Allah rest their souls in peace, praying to Allah to forgive them and rest them in heaven along with our martyrs in the gardens of perpetual residence.

“ Our Lord, give us in this world (that which is) good, and in the Hereafter (that which is) good, and protect us from the punishment of the fire”.

Wassalamu Alikom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh...


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