• Speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Al-Sabah at the opening of the second session of the Summit of the Arab Economic and Social Development in Sharm el-Sheikh Arab Republic of Egypt on Wednesday, 19 January 2011
Speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Al-Sabah
at the opening of the second session of the Summit of the Arab Economic
and Social Development in Sharm el-Sheikh Arab Republic of Egypt
on Wednesday, 19 January  2011



In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, and peace be upon Prophet Mohammed, the Most Honorable Messenger, His Family, all His Companions and Followers of His guidance till the day of judgment.

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses,

Leaders of the Arab Countries,
Your Excellency, President Mohamed Hosney Mobarak, Head of the second session of the Arab Economic, Developmental and Social Summit,
Your Excellency Amro Mosa, Secretary General of the Arab League,
Your Excellency the representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations,
Your Excellency the Commissioner of the African Union,
Your Excellency the Secretary General of the Islamic Conference Organization,
Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear Guests,

Asalamu Alikom Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakato,

I would like to heartedly greet you, and express my sincere thanks and appreciation to the Arab Republic of Egypt, its leadership and its people, for hosting our blessed summit in its second session. Also I would like to commend the outstanding efforts exerted by His Excellency President Mohamed Hosni Mobarak for providing all means of success for this summit and his participation with us in the idea of conducting it since its first session which was held in my country, Kuwait.

Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses,
Allow me to commence my speech with the condemnation of the criminal act executed by terrorists in which they assaulted one of the churches in Alexandria, leaving behind tens of killed and wounded innocent people. They aimed at breaking the social coherence of the Egyptian society, and spreading conflict among its individuals.

However, I am confident that the awareness and perception of the brothers in Egypt of such fact and of the incentives of such attempts shall leave no chance for those terrorists, and that Egypt shall always remain secure and safe, enjoying stability and prosperity.  In this regard, we reassure our participation with the international community in its continuous endeavors to fight terrorism in all its forms regardless of its sources.

The State of Kuwait has followed with great concern the recent situation in Tunisia. While respecting the choices of the Tunisian people, Kuwait reaffirms its distinguished relation with Tunisia, looking forward that the Tunisian people unite their efforts to pass this critical stage, achieve safety and security all over the country, and to reach a national compromise that maintains the interests of the country.  We pray to Allah Almighty to bestow His mercy on the martyrs and to grant injured his fast recovery.


Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses,

We meet today after two years of the first session of the Arab Economic Developmental and Social Summit held in your second country, the State of Kuwait, which set the first brick for an effective developmental economic cooperation with its serious decision that touched reality and paved the way for a better economic, developmental and social atmosphere.

During that summit, we launched our initiative that provides financial resources for financing and supporting the private sector projects, small and medium businesses in the Arab World via the fund established for this purpose with the capital of US$ 2 billion.

Your generous participations played a vital role in forming and launching this initiative, where the practical and procedural steps were taken to execute that ambitious Arab project through entrusting the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development to set the executive bylaw for launching the account of that initiative which was approved in the first meeting of the Ministers of Finance of Arab Countries participating therein during its session in the State of Kuwait.

The materialization of this fund, and the approval of its executive bylaw is a proof of our strong will to support the Arab mutual work, and reflects our keenness to enable the private sector, the small and medium businesses to perform the requested role in the matrix of developmental work all over our Arab World, in addition to participating in the creation of new job opportunities for the Arab youth entering labor market to help them achieve their legal anticipations and hopes for a decent life.


 Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses,

Our meeting today confirms our adherence to the philosophy that was commenced pursuant to our new visions toward our mutual Arab work, which is represented in avoiding points of political conflict, and concentrating upon economic opportunities, challenges, and changes in our Arab league to help achieve the objectives of our first economic summit, and establish a new methodology of Arab cooperation that seeks to develop the mechanism of our mutual development work for a positive return on the Arab peoples in the first instance, providing them with opportunities of productive work and decent life, and placing our Arab World in an advanced position worldwide.

We are invited to continue our efforts, and to work together upon correction of defects, and solving the economic problems suffered by our countries, in addition to concentrating in our future meetings upon the materialization of this vision, which is considered a successful treatment for a lot of problems and congestions suffered in our Arab World today.

 We should push forward our economic and social work in a manner that enables us to ideally handle basic problems of the Arab nation. 

Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses,

The international economy is recovering from an unprecedented crisis as of size and dominance.

This calls us to utilize such optimistic atmospheres to work together upon benefiting from such relative recovery in achieving the anticipated economic growth,  provide means of getting rid of the negative effects of that crisis, in addition to taking the necessary precautions to avoid any future disruptions, and participating in the international efforts toward the creation of an international effective economic system based on stable basis that guarantees success for the international community's endeavors to achieve requested growth rates worldwide.


 Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses,

This second summit is being held after two years of our first summit. During this period, the world witnessed critical climate changes that caused several floods, draught, earthquakes, and tornados, which lead to severe shortage of agricultural crops, a dramatic increase in their prices and further suffering of the low-income people. This represents an additional challenge that enhances our belief of the need to hold developmental, economic and social summits that can help promote the mechanisms of our work, and take the necessary decisions in the proper time to face such challenges and crisis.


Your Majesties, Excellencies, and Highnesses,

Today we have many decisions that were taken in our first summit in the State of Kuwait that resulted in several economic projects of objective developmental and social aspects, aiming at enhancing economic integration among our countries.

We are requested to perform a thorough and comprehensive revision of the performed projects to bless them, and identify the challenges and difficulties that faced other projects, in order to discuss the procedures necessary to confront such difficulties and put these projects into execution.


Your Majesties, Excellencies and Highnesses,

I reiterate my thanks to His Excellency President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak for providing all means to make our summit a success, assuring that the sponsorship of His Excellency to our session and our positive cooperation shall push our mutual work to wider horizons and more comprehensive fields that elevate it and achieve our hopes and anticipations.

In conclusion, we subjugate to Allah the Almighty to crown our work with success and blessing for the benefit and prosperity of our Arab Nation, and I invite my brother His Excellency President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt to preside the current session, assuring His Excellency our full cooperation and support during his presiding of our meetings.



Wa Assalamu Alaikom wa rahamat Allah wa Barakatuh



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