• Speech of His highness Sheikh Sabah al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah The Amir of Kuwait Addressed to the Citizens June 15, 2011
Speech of His highness Sheikh Sabah al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah
The Amir of Kuwait Addressed to the Citizens
15 June 2011



In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious Most Merciful,

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the universe and peace and prayers be upon His messenger, his family and companions.

Initially, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the citizens, men & women, young and old, and to residents on the land of Kuwait for their kind sentiments, honest prayers and continues inquiry about my health and for their felicitation and warm feelings on the success of our medical check up.

I appreciate and value their outstanding happiness and joy expressed in the wonderful and affectionate reception during my return to the beloved homeland, which reflected the spirit of the united and lovable Kuwaiti family, highlighting its synergy through thick and thin.

We subjugate to Allah Almighty for help, deriving from our Holy book, adhering to the guidance of our great religion, believing that our beloved Kuwait is the haven and the everlasting homeland.  We shall always pledge to protect and preserve its integrity and unity, work on its sublimity in words and deeds as we shall have no existence nor dignity without our unity and our Kuwait remains high, strong and precious.

Dear brothers, sisters and sons,
My devotion to the precious trust that I bear and my duty towards you all, whom I highly appreciate their trust and love, oblige me to address you today, sharing with you my preoccupations and feelings against the events on the local arena.

The people of Kuwait have lived under the values of love, mercy and common destiny. They loved their homeland, sacrificed their souls, embodying the spirit of one family, adhering to their genuine constants and values and their national unity. They have maintained that trust decent and treasured, overcoming obstacles, challenges and dangers so that we enjoy the well being and abundant blessings.

Since our duty is to be loyal to our ancestors in preserving this precious national trust, we commemorate with pride the significant resistance of our people against the most brutal aggression in our modern history where martyrs blood was shed, our innocent sons were held hostages and our beloved country was devastated. Kuwait had united as one, Kuwaitis stood solidly and courageously, men & women, old and young sacrificing themselves. No wonder they have received the appreciation and the respect of the whole world as this is the constant habitude of the people of Kuwait.

Dear citizens,
I share with you the concerns and confusion against the extremely bad and harmful practices taking place on the local arena. You might as well have followed malpractices that defied the constitution framework and exceeded the requirements of the national interest which is characterized by misconduct, registering stances and settle personal scores under the Parliament Dome.

The practices of some have exceeded the limits and regulations set by the constitution to secure democracy. Some others have tried to impose a strange culture on our society based on breaching the noble Kuwaiti values, degrading dialogue and speech, violating constitution and law and breaking the limits of freedom which seized the freedom and dignity of others and assaulting friendly countries.

Where are we going? and where are taking our beloved Kuwait ?
A question haunting the mind of every Kuwaiti loyal to his country when things went beyond limits and all became concerned and frustrated.
Yes, we have to admit that we, as all other societies, suffer from negatives and failures in many fields which oblige us to confront it, deal with it and find the best solutions. However, since when problems are solved with challenge, chaos, and rage?   

Brothers & Sons ,,,
There is no space for further chaos that threatens the security of our homeland and its acquisitions and gains. We are blessed with a real democratic approach that we all have chosen, a comprehensive constitution we are proud of, an elected parliament and free media, in addition to a society filled with cohesion and coherence.

These are precious blessings that we should thank God for, we pray to Almighty to perpetuate these blessings and protect it from extinction which all spare us of unexplained deviation. which might lead to repercussions that no one knows its danger except Allah.

We are all responsible of maintaining the security of our country and be aware of the repercussion of the chaos law violation. While expressing my appreciation for the positive attitude of the security men manifested in wisdom, patience and restraint in dealing with the recent rallies, I confirm it is the responsibility of all to maintain the security, integrity and stability of our country and discard irresponsible practices.

I have asked the Minister of Interior Affairs to take all the necessary measures to protect the security and stability of Kuwait and disallow whoever tries to compromise the security and its national constants, laws and regulations. The security and stability of the country plus the safety of its citizens and properties require us all to respect and adhere to the laws. It is the responsibility of every citizen and a double responsibility of security men and their leaderships whom we trust their responsible attitude and  well conduct with citizens.

Dear citizens,
We believe that Kuwait is for all, and the measure of differentiation among them is giving and loyalty to homeland. They are shaded by its sky, live on its land, learn from its authentic values and belong to its identity.

I reiterate as I have stressed several times that I who protects the constitution and will not allow any violation. It is the real guarantee of our political system stability and the backbone of our country’s security. Our faith in our democratic approach is sustainable and we will not accept any alternative as our approach is deep-rooted in the heart of the people of Kuwait which they have inherited and clung to it generation after generation.

Our duty is to work together to maintain democracy clear and pure, where the practice of freedom is the constructive path that supports the state not weakens it, gathers not differentiate and Kuwait is a priority and we are all at it service.

Dear citizens,
We are aware that we could never be divided, We know that the risks and challenges are many in the light of the development in the region and the whole world that has a direct impact on our national security and the capabilities of our people. We should be cautious to protect our unity and nation.

We have to turn our loyalty from a motto to a serious practice of citizenship liabilities that adds to the nation and raises it, bearing in mind our national unity and embody the advice of our Prophet (pbuh) which urges us not to hate or envy each other and to be brothers.

As for the future, our youth are the axes of security. They are the renewable tide and the catalyst energy of the now and tomorrow. Empty minds if not filled with positive ideas, shall be filled with twisted and destructive thoughts.

This is a great trust that involves the family, school, mosque, club and all institutions in the society that we must give it our full attention and care.

Dear citizens,
The burdens of the present and the repercussions of the future are greater in terms of importance and volume comparable to the effort we have exerted. We are encountering huge responsibilities that require us to be wise and pursue constructive dialogue based on the cooperation discourse. We should believe that our national unity is the solid base where bight heroic epics of Kuwaiti citizens were launched to its finest immortal pages.

I am sure that we are able of facing the challenges with unwavering determination. We should place emphasis on justice, respect the law, cherish freedom, rise above partisanship and intolerance, reject discord, antagonism and division and live up to the size of the great trust that we bear, inspired by the lessons as the wise man is he who learns from the experiences of others. Let us work together hand in hand and one heart  putting the interest of Kuwait above all.

It is an invitation to the citizens and particularly the youth to maintain the long-established the spirit to build the wall of national unity that preserves its security and protects its constants. I call upon you all to get busy in building the future of Kuwait, inspire the spirit of hope and optimism, direct efforts towards the country’s interest. We have no way but to succeed, it is our common responsibility and we are with God’s will at that level.

On Allah we rely and pray for help and support and subjugate to Him to guide us to the right path and save Kuwait from harm.


Wassalamu Alikom wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh...


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