• The Sublime Articulations of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah In the Inauguration of the Third Regular Session of the thirteenth Legislative Chapter of the National AssemblyTuesday 26th October 2010
The Sublime Articulations of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait
Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah In the Inauguration
of the Third Regular Session of the thirteenth Legislative
Chapter of the National Assembly
26th October 2010



In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Merciful

"And remember the blessings of Allah unto you, and the Holy Book and wisdom He descended to you to advice you with"

Praise be to Allah and prayers and peace be upon the most noble prophet and messenger, our master Mohammed and his companions.

Dear brothers, Speaker and Members of the National Assembly,

Asalamu Alikom Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakato,

With the bless, guidance and help of Allah the Almighty, we open the third regular session of the thirteenth legislative chapter of the National Assembly, praying to Allah the Almighty to guide us all to the right way, to maintain our country and guide us for achieving its interest, and keeping its unity and sublimity.

The interest of Kuwait and its protection is our ultimate goal. The sign of love is to protect its unity, and maintain its gains. Its due rights are to be truly sincere to it, to have clear intentions, elevated thinking, and to excellently perform for its advancement, and elevation.

We believed, like did our ancestors in Shura, and are therefore bound to practice it in application of the Holy verse "Their decision is based in Shura among them".

It is our course toward the true democracy stemming out of our personal experience.

It places us in front of our historical responsibilities of keeping Kuwait's interest as our first priority.

It is a true democracy that we adopted as a cultural inheritance, and a contemporary system of which we have been always proud.

Its our fate to be keen to maintain our democratic system, to defend it, stick to it, and protect it against any violation of its values, transcendence of its limits, breaking of its frames, or arbitrariness in its practice so that it might not be turned into a tool for wasting the resources of this country.

Each system is evaluated with the achievements it materializes for its country, as reflected in its current and future prosperity.

Our constitution came to assure such democracy, and its provisions state the competence and limits of each power. Any violation of such provision is a violation of the constitution itself, and an infringement that does not serve the public interest or achieve the anticipated national objectives.


Speaker and Members of the National Assembly,

The unfamiliar and irresponsible transcends and practices in the political arena are rejected by every one.

No sound mind would overlook the dangers such practices can cause, which can hardly be disconnected from evil plots targeting the profound basis of our security, stability, and the coherence of our society based on its values of tolerance, meditation and acceptance of other opinion.

Some people misused the atmospheres of freedom to abuse our national constants till arousing, skepticism, lawlessness and irresponsible behavior replaced referring to law.

Many people fall in the trap of such practices, knowingly or unknowingly till the street and not the parliament has become the place to discuss issues and problems, making it hard to reach a sound decision within such tense atmospheres, leading to very adverse effects on the interest of this country and its people.

Persistence on violation of the law, and involvement of the country into the furnace of political and religious conflicts necessitates us all; the assembly, the government, organizations and individuals to be wise and alert and to stand as one line for fulfillment of our national responsibilities of rejecting causes of discord and its disastrous results, and persistently fighting any behavior that may lead to it, or participate in its arising, aiming at the protection of our country and people from the scourges of factionalism, fanaticism, and sectarianism which always distort societies, weaken and destroy societies.


Speaker and Members of the National Assembly,

Abidance with the provisions of the constitution and law necessitates that every authority abides by the limits of its competence pursuant to the provisions clearly stated in the constitution, as well as cooperation among them for the good and interest of this country and its people.

One of the fruits of such cooperation was that your esteemed council approved in the last session a development plan we all anticipate to achieve through a specific schedule, positive cooperation and monitoring.

The execution of the plan should integrate the competencies of both authorities and be dominated by understanding in order to transform the plan into reality that integrates the roles of both the public and the private sectors reflecting it in the form of results to be enjoyed by the people of this country.

It is worthy mentioning that the objective of the development we seek should not be downgraded to only erecting buildings, setting up projects, and spending monies; the human element remains the strategic objective of sustainable development and building up our country.

Our greatest hope is to prepare young people capable of performing their responsibilities, respond to the requirements of the era, supported with belonging to home land while carrying the trust of the future from one generation to another.

There is no question that our true fortune lies in our youth. They have the proofed right for advanced education, the full right to be protected with the teachings of our religion and our inherited virtues, expanding horizons of work for them, and providing them with all the possibilities and powers to enable them face such cultural challenge, and boost the course of country development.

Speaker and Members of the National Assembly,

We thank Allah Almighty for his blesses and generosity. He granted us several blesses, including incomparable freedom of opinion, belief and expression as granted by the constitution, organized by law, and honorably practiced by the citizens who sincerely believe in it, apply it as a way of life, in word and in action for acceptance of other opinions and prioritizing public interest.

We have to realize that we are a society that is small in number, and lives in a limited area country that is not isolated from the surrounding conflicts and effects, both regionally and internationally.

This doubles the national liability on our media, whether read, visual or audio, through its wide capabilities of affecting the public opinion.

What is serious in this regard is that some people handle big and sensitive issues, saying whatever they want to whoever at any time without a verified proof, purposefully judging and justifying things under the attraction of media booming which sometimes indulge them into exaggeration in excitement and incitement, fallacy, being away from credibility, trespassing the limits of responsible freedom, the controls of professional trust and public interest.

Kuwait needs not all this, with its adverse effects on both the local society and the international relations.

 Our media means are supposed to be an edifice for enlightened opinion, a beacon for spreading creative knowledge, a tool for promoting cohesion and communication internally, as well as a support for gaining friends on the international level.

The challenges we face force us to pause for thinking over and self criticism of our stances and practices.

Brothers and sons,

In this instance, I am deeply promoted to direct a whole heartedly word to beloved ones living in this country.

You have fulfilled the trust of electing your representatives and granting your trust to those you believe qualified to shoulder the liability in the National Assembly.

However, it is not only your absolute right, but rather a duty on you, to continue to follow up and have your word said loudly to correct any deviation, or trespassing of the limits of trust.

You are also required to talk, guide and advise them, and even praise them for good performance.

This all serves the public interest, and keeps Kuwait always ahead.

Be sure we are the only ones concerned with maintaining our country against misfortunes, and that there are limits for every one to stick to, out of responsibility and trust.

Abidance by the rule of law should be full and integrative, with no exceptions or relativity in its application as we are all equal before the law.

Brothers and Sons,

There is a dire need to set the necessary frames for practicing rights, to guarantee full abidance with their correct concept, and not to trespass them to a mass of undesirable consequences.

A revision of the recent events reveals apparently that there is a clear shortage in understanding the nature and limits of such rights, an overlook of the duties and consequences, and wrong practice has become a matter of urgency that requires facing it with deterrence and correction.

If some people have misunderstood kindness, wisdom and tolerance in some issues as indulgence and weakness, I assure that the cons found recently in the political arena have become a source of tension for everyone being a threat to our national security and national unity, that we can not overlook.

While we refuse the practices used by some people insult, defame and abuse of others dignity and feelings, which affected almost everyone, it is unfortunate that breaking the frames of law is committed by those who are supposed to be responsible, wise, and set the example for others.

As we respect the law, we leave the settlement of such issues to the legal authorities to handle, for the protection of the society and its organizations through investigations of attributes and charging committers with their faults pursuant to the provisions of law.

However, the responsibility we shoulder requires us to take the initiative of adopting some serious procedures with no exceptions, including reconsideration of some legislations, aiming at setting limits to manifestations of lawlessness and chaos, and absurd practices that threat national security, and to guarantee restoring things to their right track, set clear the milestones of the right course and return to the straight path that maintains our country and our sons, their presence and their future; sticking in all this to the promise made by our ancestors and passed to us of watching Allah Almighty in handling the issues of our country, preserving its sovereignty, maintaining its unity, and upgrading its position, drawing on the steps of our ancestors as a continuous source of guidance and pride to us.

We all firmly believe in the State of constitution, law and profound foundations. Kuwait that passed a lot of crises and misfortunes in the past, is capable with the help of Allah, and with the sincere efforts of its people to confront any threat to its national security, and to prevent any violation of national constants and the rule of law.

Blessed by Allah, we start the works of this parliamentary session, May Allah preserve our safety and security, and defend us against evils of discord and division, and maintain among us the spirit of brotherhood and cordiality.

Allah Almighty said in his Holy Book: "Allah shall not change his blessings granted to people till they themselves change their stance, and Allah is all hearing and all knowing"


Wa Assalamu Alaikom wa rahamat Allah wa Barakatuh



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