• Speech of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah In the Second Summit of Arab –South American Countries – Doha 31 March 2009
Sublime Articulation of H.H. the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Jaber Al- Sabah
in the Opening of the 1st Regular Session of the
l3th Legislative Chapter of the National Assembly,
Sunday 31st May 2009


In the name of Allah, Most graceful, Most Merciful

Dear brothers, head and members of the national assembly,,,

Asalamu alikom wa rahmatullah wa barakto,,,

With the help of Allah the Almighty, and the guidance of his holy book, we pray to him to tranquilize our hearts and guide us all to what he loves and accept, and to assist our efforts for the good of our country, being on the footstep of new promising phase, we open the first session of the thirteenth legislative chapter of the national assembly.

I am glad in this occasion to congratulate you for winning the parliamentary elections, and obtaining the trust of the citizens. I am glad to also direct a special congratulation to the Kuwaiti woman for this civil transition of obtaining a deserved position in the parliament for the first time in the history of Kuwait . I am quite happy and proud of the ardent Kuwaiti people and sincerely appreciate the practice of their national role in electing their representative in the national assembly in a democratic frame brim of freedom, neutralism and disinterest, which were exceptional and obtained the admiration and praise of everyone.

Dear brothers, Head and Members of the National Assembly,,,

I have always directed my speech to everyone with the heartedly talk of the father and the person in charge for the future of the country and the people . I have always advised and called for abiding by our national unity, and our deeply routed values, our original heritage, our democracy, our mission in building the law, and the organizations as we have sworn to shoulder this trust before Allah, the people and history .

If the trust of the people in you is a subject of proud and honor, it is also a subject of a national obligation , a great responsibility, and trust .

Maintaining our national unity is a trust . Sincerity at work is a trust, Development of our economy is a trust, and we all have to cooperate to preserve such trusts and to perform accordingly.

In this critical phase, there is no place for more talk. What we have introduced is clear and enough. We do not need to repeat and reiterate it once more. There is no time but for work, and hard work. It will not be neither beneficial nor possible to allow for more retraction, or the continuation of worry and depression felt by everyone.

What other communities consider to be ordinary practices have found some people to magnify and turn into crises for everyone to be indulged in their consequences, forgetting the interests of the nation and citizens .

This is an invitation with all the feelings of hope, optimism and deserved trust to pass this stage with all its consequences and traces, and to open a new page under the slogan of “ building our country “ in which we are all devoted to work upon developing our country, and positioning it in its deserved position. With the help and support of Allah we shall be able to achieve these goals .

From this place, and with your hands, we start the sparkle of serious work to push forward the course of building, development, achieving hopes and anticipations of Kuwaiti people in you .

Therefore, I call upon you to adopt a new approach in political work and a new vision in national work based on anticipating the future without denying the past, looking for internationalism without abandonment of locality, being keen to modernization with a grip of originality to position our nation among nations applying the reasons of civil advancement within a frame of fixed values and principles to which the Kuwaitis were brought up, a generation after the other .

We need to activate the will of change, and to adopt an actual change methodology to confront the consequences and dues of the heavy consequences left by past experiences . in this concern, we have to differentiate between the reason and the result . through my follow up of the course of national work, I came across files that are the source of imbalance and crises witnessed by the country as follows:

  • First: the file of maintaining the national unity, and protecting it against manifestation of parting, scattering and riot.
  • Second: law enforcement file, and transforming it from a mere slogan to the serious actual application that embodies justice, equality and the rule of law.
  • Third: The file of the relation between the legislative and the executive powers, and developing the relation between them in a manner that treats impediment and clustering that hinder the course of national work .
  • Fourth: the file of correcting the media path, including all its institutions and tools.

These files are prioritized as their treatment represents a necessary foundation for confronting all the challenges ahead, and they obtain my deserved concern being the most important elements of the reform developmental project which I believe shall achieve the quantitative transition required in this phase to overpass the shortcoming of the previous stage to the necessity of abiding by the new way that vanishes the citizen’s feelings of worry and frustration, fostering the spirit of hope and optimism, urging mettles and concerns to build the country and achieve the anticipated goals .

There is no doubt that the success of this project is bound to the participation of all foundations and individuals of the society being an integrated national project that manifests responsible positive work and its role in advancing the course of development toward further targeted achievements.

The necessary steps and procedures were taken to guarantee the accomplishment of the said files, and finding the appropriate actual solutions for each of them within a specific time frame as an obligation for the government, and shall be the subject to my concern and follow up .

There is no doubt that other files are typically important ; on top of which comes the economic file, the development projects, public service file, particularly in the fields of health, education and housing, as well as other vital files . the government has to stand for these files and to find the appropriate practical solutions for each of them pursuant to a clear actual work program .

Respected Brothers, Head and Members of the National Assembly,,,

The democracy we used to practice is a tool for deepening the concept of nationalism and belonging, elevates the nation’s concern, fosters national unity, gathers but not apart, unite but not disperse, builds but not demolish .

It fosters control and obligation, and rejects mass, fiddle and recklessness, calls for the forgiveness and moderation, and rejects fanaticism and extremity .

Democracy is also responsible accountability, constructive criticism that elevates above defamation, slander and personals. It is abidance with the objective debate, responsible cooperation, and respect of the limits separating different powers.

Each one of us has to ask himself what he gave to his country. We have to consider the defaults in our practice. The wise person is one who benefits from his past and the experiences of others, be up to anticipations and ambitions of the nation, and the future of its upcoming generations, placing Kuwait interest as the most important priority.

Respected Brothers , Head and Members of the National Assembly,,,

We live a phase of expectation .everyone is looking forward to the fruits of courses with the beginning of your new parliamentary term. I pray to Allah to guide you in rationalizing your practice of your responsibilities while confronting the burdens of this difficult phase with its internal and external dimensions.

Out of my responsibility, I will closely monitor the performance of both the national assembly and the government, and follow up their work, hoping that each will abide by its role in fulfillment of its oath.

I am quiet confident that you and the sincere citizens of this country are keen to preserve the security and stability of this country, holding firmly to the constitution and to our national values, able to shoulder the burdens of this liability regardless of sacrifices . This is not new to the people of Kuwait; it is a deeply rooted approach adopted and practiced by our ancestors long ago.

May Allah honor us with good deeds, and save us the course of destruction.

We pray to Allah the almighty to cast his mercy upon our venerable martyrs, unite us for the right, bless our steps, and preserve our country of any evil or adversity.


"And that the man has only that for which he make the effort, and that his effort will be seen"



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