• Speech of His Highness The Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah Addressing His Fellow Citizens On 29th December 2009
Speech of His Highness The Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber
Al-Sabah Addressing His Fellow Citizens On
29th December 2009

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious the Most Compassionate

"He granteth wisdom to whom He pleaseth; and he to whom wisdom is granted receiveth indeed a benefit overflowing; but none will grasp the Message but men of understanding.”

Praise be to Allah, with the blessing of Whom all good acts are performed. We seek His help, His pardon, and repent to Him. Peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, His honorable companions, and their followers till the day of Judgment.

The history of the State of Kuwait taught us that its security, sovereignty and position are all made by its citizens, through their efforts, their sweats and their sacrifices. They maintained Kuwait, and Kuwait nurtured them, they set Kuwait up and Kuwait sheltered them, and continued, generation after generation to abide by long lasting values that implanted love and respect, enhanced coherence and assistance among them for their homeland Kuwait, and its sublimity.

The security and stability of Kuwait is the utmost goal, and the true power of defending Kuwait lies inside us, the citizens of Kuwait. Our duty is to always translate the slogans of loyalty into true action, and to be all of the same vision in materializing a clear and practical concept of the national unity, a concept that protects it, maintains it, and prohibits its transgression.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Setting out from the responsibility I shoulder, I reiterate what I have always explained and detailed; that we are living in the core of a world that witnesses fast rhythm of actions that have their consequences on us and on the whole region. We are in a momentous stage where traditionalism and modernization mix together in deciding the legal requirements and ambitions, and in reaching the targeted objectives. This necessitates us to be up to the level of liability of confronting the various internal and external challenges.

In this regard, we pose these questions:

Has it become acceptable to see practices and hear phrases that touch our constant national values, and negatively affect our social texture and its components?
Has threatening, skepticism, grudge, excitement, mobilizing crowds, using odd manners, and adopting mass and disentanglement become the alternative for resorting to law, enforcing its dominance and maintaining its respect?
Is not it strange that achievements are induced, that opportunities are missed, and that time is wasted in useless barren issues, while we are in dire need to direct all our capabilities and abilities toward achievement of the targeted developmental projects?

Democratic practices have their rules, limits and constitutional tools through which they are practiced in the specified time and space. If such practices are out of their time, space or constitutional frame, they turn into disorder, and rebellion against the basis, rules, regulations and social traditions. Our constitution is characterized with comprehensiveness, openness, and integrity that allow for expressing different opinions and viewpoints. It is further rich with provisions that guarantee secured and correct parliamentary practices toward the achievement of public interests.

We, in this country, firmly believe in constitutional principles that should be deeply rooted to enhance the sound practices via constitutional tools under the doom of the National Assembly, and not though arousing the feelings, and using methods of manipulation, grudging, and skepticism through speeches and different media means.

In this concern, it is lamentable that some people continue to reiterate inclination toward infringement of the constitution or overpassing it, as well as other skeptical and perplexing visions seeking cheap political gains.

Our belief in democracy is firm, and so is our abidance with the constitution and its provisions, in a manner that does not allow for any malpractices in this concern. Here, we have to reassure that no one is granted custody over the constitution. We all know that the provisions of the constitution regulated the mechanisms and procedures of its modification. Perhaps those who adopt such rumors and skeptics are the most violators of the constitutions provisions, its principles and texts.

Brothers and Sisters,

It astonished and saddened me that the Kuwaiti arena witnesses such dim atmospheres, with all what they contained of manifestations and practices without consideration of consequences and results; practices that contain seeds of sedition threatening the basis and components of security and stability of our society as well as all aspects of its life, and seriously threaten our dearest national gains and principles deeply rooted by the people of this prosperous country with their sincere will, and their virtuous nonbiased tendencies along their honorable history.

In this concern, I frankly, regrettably and painfully tell you that the unfortunate practices witnessed recently on the Kuwaiti arena have overtook all the limits in deforming the face of freedom, democracy and national work in the State of Kuwait, opening the door for chaos and looseness, and allowing for the spread of tension, conflict, arousing feelings, and being busy with suspected shows that aroused the worries of the citizens about the future of their country and their sons.

It is noteworthy to refer to the procedures, which the government initiated in its serious tackling of the recent events for the containment of the causes of a detestable sedation. The government worked on imposing the law provisions to achieve justice, loud the voice of law, and reinforce the pillars of the country of law and constitutions through oral and practical practices. Therefore, everyone should stop discussing this issue and its consequences, after it has been referred to our just jurisdiction.

Brothers and Sisters,

The highest degree of honor is to belong to this immaculate homeland. Such belonging is the scale of our precedence and is our elevated mission of rooting our national unity, kindling its spirit, and consolidating its concept. National unity is the right of our country entrusted to us, and our mutual fate, which we vowed to protect from the evils of personal interests, political gains, fanaticism, tribalism and sectarianism. This calls us for further fraternization, altruism, devotion, and alertness in rooting this unity and prioritizing it above all considerations to remain the secret of glory and capability of a people believing in its binding links, its extensive will to lead an honorable life in a secure homeland brimful with the means of advancement and development. National unity makes us one family in weal and woe, hosting different bents and agreeing on one word and one target that does not deviate from prioritizing national interest above all other interests. Such unity shall with the help of Allah Almighty remain stronger and greater than being affected with a malpractice here or there. It will remain to be the invincible rock capable of blocking any opportunity for meddling or destruction on any level and in any field.

Brothers and Sisters,

While we are proud of democracy and freedom we enjoy, we should realize that it is a tool that should be utilized in conformity with national interest to achieve its honorable goals. We should work together for protecting such democracy and freedom from harmful practices, abuse and deformation, to avoid the spread of chaos and disorder, enabling some people to turn such a good blessing into a heavy burden and a curse.

The democratic course we adopted is an alive matrix of values that root the essence of good and true citizenship in all our practices. It gathers, not separates. It is the alert practice of duties before rights, and embodies in deeming our debates far above skepticism, grudges and spite.

It is not part of democracy to allow for infringement of our national values, or trespassing others and slandering their dignity. It is not also part of democracy or freedom to violate and trespass the constitution and law in the name of constitution and law.

I am afraid least democratic practice suffer a serious retrogression due to the excessive politicization of issues, and violating the controls drawn by the constitution, particularly that the political defect and the uneven relation between the legislative and executive powers has become a heavy burden that demolishes gains and achievements and even affect established national values.

Both the National Assembly and the government are responsible for securing the elements of building a true partnership and positive cooperation between the two authorities adhering to the constitutional frames, the limits separating different authorities, abiding by the result of a polite debate based on wide mindedness and patience, and keenness to public interest in discussion and respect of other opinions.

Brothers and Sisters,

Our democratic achievements will not integrate through our national course without a positive and responsible role to be played by our read, visual and audio media.

Abidance with the criteria of sound professionalism is necessary in alert, free and responsible media performance because our media is an integral part of our democratic system.

We criticize some irresponsible media practices, which should not be forgiven, because we do not want our media to be deviated from its national mission into a threat of the national unity, social security, and even disturbance of foreign relations. Media should always be a recognizable civilizational torch for knowledge, characterized with accuracy, neutralism and justice. It should also be positive means of supporting the efforts of building and development and a platform for responsible freedom, and enlightened public opinion.

Brothers and Sisters,

Fates and destines of nations are more precious to be mixed or intermingled with limited transitory interests. Countries are only built and maintained with the efforts, cooperation and integrity of their peoples. Our ancestors did their part in full, and transferred the honor of shouldering the responsibility to us.

We live in a flourishing oasis, where citizens enjoy a prosperous life, security, tranquility of brotherhood and communication, breath freedom and democracy. These blessings require us to be thankful to Allah Almighty who said in the Holly Quran: “Because Allah will never change the grace which He hath bestowed on a people until they change what is in their (own) souls; and verily Allah is He Who heareth and knoweth all things.”

We have to realize and comprehend the evils of the odious sedition which is not solvable or treatable, resulting in no winner, where the looser is always the country, and the payer is every one of its people.

This is evident in many other societies and countries who suffered similar seditions, which resulted in separations and enmity that affected even members of the same family, and destroyed all the resources of the country. May Allah Almighty protect us from its evils and dangers.

Brothers and Sisters,

We are in the same boat, and in order to reach the secure anchorage, we have no alternative but to clear our intentions, unify our hearts, consolidate together, and spread the feelings of intimacy and cooperation as one family.
I have a great trust in my people, because we share the same dreams, hopes and anticipations and our course toward achieving our goals passes through our loyalty to our country, our unity for it, and watching Allah in handling its interests.

Kuwait has given a lot, and we are in no need for the practices that divert us from honoring what it deserves from its sincere and loyal sons. We have to remove all obstacles from our way, putting the interest of Kuwait as our first priority.

Let us go ahead, blessed by Allah, as one hand, working seriously and devotedly for a better future for us and our sons to be proud of. We pray to Allah Almighty to bestow His mercy and forgiveness upon our martyrs, and to reward them with the paradises of heaven.

“Our Lord, Let not our hearts deviate now after Thou hast guided us”, bless our deeds, make our present better than our past, and our future better than our present, and bless this country with a permanent security and prosperity.

Wa Asslamu Alikom wa rahmatullah wa Barakatuh



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