• The speech of H.H. Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, Amir of the State of Kuwait, on the occasion of the dissolution of the National Assembly on Wednesday March 18th, 2009
The speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah,
Amir of the State of Kuwait, on the occasion of the dissolution of the
National Assembly on Wednesday
18th March 2009.

In the name of Allah, Most graceful, Most Merciful

"Fulfill the Covenant of Allah When ye have entered into it, And break not your oaths After ye have confirmed them; Indeed ye have made Allah your surety, for Allah knoweth all what ye do.."


Thanks are due to Allah, who is the witness of all actions, and Prayers and Peace be Upon Muhammad, his most honorable prophet and the most sincere in fulfilling the covenant, and identified the milestones of our path , leaving it clear enough to be slipped away from only by losers..

Brothers and fellow citizens ,,,

Today… I talk to you from the depth of my heart as a father and as a the person in charge for the future of the country and its people, Who wishes to the citizens of his country nothing but power and prosperity, and to keep the covenant that unifies them, grant their security, and stability. Such covenant is their national unity, which as you know all, if lost, shall have nothing to follow but the collapse of their building and the separation among them.

Brothers and fellow citizens,,,

The surplus blessings of Allah to the people of Kuwait should have been thanked both internally and externally and its maintaining should have been the deep interest of each and every individual living in Kuwait; the generous country that has never been mean to anyone.

Unfortunately, and I have here to frank with you like a father to his children, some of us were deceived by the blessings of Allah till they got used to it, and enjoyed it for ages till their hearts grew hard.
They buried the security of the Kuwaiti “ship” which is the edifice of everyone, and competed in hectic haggles and quibbles that – regardless of their intention – threat the country’s security, stability and the unity of its citizens, endangering the whole people to a catastrophic destiny.

There is no doubt that you have, like I did, followed up with disgust the unfortunate practices witnessed by the parliamentary arena, deforming Kuwait’s freedom and democracy which are the heritage made by our fathers and grandfathers, and shall remain a source of pride for us all. It is not a secret, dear brothers that such practices curdled the anticipated cooperation between the legislative and executive power, and spread the atmosphere of tension, dispute and miss, which lead to tangling the course of national performance in the country. Such practices lasted for a long time, and the patience of citizens toward them was useless.

I say so with utmost sadness and sorrow, after such practices exceeded all limits, and became a way to arouse people’s feelings and urge them, and a reason for feeding the firebrand of sedition, May Allah curse who wakes it up.

Brothers and fellow citizens,,,

Through my several meetings with citizens across the country, I felt the feelings of worry and disgust, which left them sleepless. We all realize the consequences which resulted from the malfunction of the parliamentary performance of violation of constitution and law, exceeding the limits of other authorities, the low level of dialogue language as never before, adopting the language of extremity, skepticism, catching, and accusation of others, showing up equivocally in different gatherings and on different tribunes, and using the media to arouse and urge the people, and to apart them for achieving minor and short term benefits on the account of the country’s interest.

You might have followed the nature and circumstances of using interrogatories and threatening to file them under different reasons, and how this deviates them from the noble targets of the constitution, and from achieving the anticipations of the citizens of true achievements that satisfy their actual needs, and address their important issues.

Away from the constitutional and legal considerations of such interrogatories, and how legal they might be, is it unfamiliar that the citizen questions the nature of such interrogatories and their true targets?! Whether they are really for the interest of the country? And whether they really materialize the objectives of their legislators?!

Wasn't the occasion of celebrating the national day and the removal of the tyrant occupation, and the blessing of liberation and sovereignty enough to remind us of our need to maintain our unity and the security of our country as well as to work hard for its development and prosperity?!

Brothers and Sons,,,

There is no doubt that there are some shortages in the performance of some governmental organizations which requires serious work for upgrading the performance of the governmental body, and enhancing the achievement of developmental projects as well as responding to the anticipations of the citizens and guaranteeing the future of their upcoming generations in a country that enjoys security and prosperity. But can such required achievement be materialized in an atmosphere full of clouds of tension, abuse, and skepticism and terrifying?!

Any parliament member’s practice of his constitutional rights in using parliamentary monitoring tools is a non-questionable right. It is rather a welcomed monitoring practice, as long as it stays in its right frame, including directing interrogations. However, every right, regardless of its type, has conditions and controls that can not be overlooked or overridden. The most important of these is to be within its sound legal frame, abiding by the sense of liability, satisfying a national target, and away from machination and personal interest. Otherwise, the right shall be similar to vanity.

Allah the almighty guided us to a constitution we unanimously agreed upon, which we derived from the provisions of our religion and pliable Islamic law. Is there a more elite law than that of Allah to regulate rights and duties, and maintaining the interest of the country and the citizens? Our constitution is in fact a matrix of legal rules, concepts of which were not arbitrarily set to let the door open for mass, missing around and wasting time and effort in vain. On the contrary, they were set to guarantee the rational and sound democratic practice, which we have to realize, despite its importance, as a means and not an objective in itself. We should be keen to such democratic practice is an advanced phase of political practice in all governmental authorities, the defendable edifice of national unity, and the torch that lights the path of advancement and progress for the citizens of this good country.

Is it decorous that the dome of the parliament becomes an arena for useless arguments, disagreement and allegation of crisis, and to be brim of personal practices, phrases of suspicion and humiliation among the sons of the same society, in violation of the commonly known practices of its people and their values of respect and appreciation?! The dome of the parliament is the exemplary dome with which all the hopes of the people are bound, and from which our younger generations learn democracy, exchange of responsible dialogue and acceptance of others’ viewpoints.

The situation, dear brothers, have turned into a retraction and regression in democratic practice, and this resulted in consequences that threat the pillars and corners of the stability and security of our society. This makes me feel the danger threatening us.. yes I honestly and frankly tell you that I feel the utmost threatening danger, particularly in view of the turbulent and even explosive atmosphere dominating the regional and international reality with all its security, political and economic aspects. There is no doubt that such complicated reality imposes on me, as a loving and sincere father to all the citizens of this country, and as a responsible leader of this people to recourse to you as the supporting members of my bigger family.

I am always with you, and have never been away from sensing your obsessions and understanding your boredom, long patience, and your hope for reforming the relation between the legislative and the executive powers, and upgrading their performance to the anticipated level. I have directed clear messages to the concerned people, hoping for their response to advice and in avoidance of what I hate, as my patience has reached its limit.

I find it necessary here to direct my great admonition, as a father and guardian, to our different media and informational foundations, which we always respected and depended on their positive role for enlightenment, unity and development, as some of these means were used as demolition mattocks of our society and national values.

I am quite confident that the sense of national responsibility of sincere media people shall comprehend the danger of continuing the current practices, and have a serious reforming stance that materializes keenness to abide by this sacred mission of the straight people only, and shall work on fostering responsible freedom to avoid regretting when it is too late.

Brothers and fellow citizens,

God knows that the decision I took today was a heart-squeezing one. However, it is an inevitable decision dictated by the honor of responsibility. Resorting to this decision became importune and necessitated by national interest. I resorted to solving the National Assembly, pursuant to the provisions of article 107 of the constitution, and I call upon the Kuwaiti people to elect a new parliament that can shoulder its huge responsibilities of maintaining the security and sovereignty, and shoulder the liability for development through a sense of alert cooperation between the legislative and the executive authorities. This is the cornerstone in the development of every country and the setting point to all objectives.

In this country, we enjoy a generous flowing river of freedom, democracy and intimacy. Allah has granted us a lot of blessings that require to be thanked, and that are subject of envy by many others, but we shall never allow anyone, whoever he is, to desecrate and pollute this river. We would better work all, as citizens of Kuwait, on securely protecting such great blessings, and that to be one heart and one hand forming a defendable edifice for our country, our achievements, and our national values, as our dear country Kuwait deserves this and even more.

While we reconfirm our ultimate believing and abidance with the democratic methodology to which we all affirmed, we all have to understand and comprehend the reasons for some extreme requirements expressed lately by many people toward the negative parliamentary practices, which reflected the state of rejection and frustration felt by the citizen.

Let everyone know that, out of my national liability, I will not hesitate in taking any necessary step for maintaining the security and stability of this country, preserving its interest, and protecting its values and achievements. There is nothing more greater, more important or more dear to us than Kuwait and its sincere people.

Brothers and fellow citizens,,,

I seek your strong assistance, and I am quite sure that you are keen to practice your responsible national duty in the good selection of your representatives who can maintain the current and future interest of Kuwait, and achieve your anticipations in a stable and developed country. Kuwait is our tenderhearted mother, and you are her sons and daughters; hold firmly to her, and get rid of minor personal interests and stigmatic fanaticism.

Our dear Kuwait deserves to sacrifice our souls and blood for it, and to employ or strength and will for its interest, overlooking minor interests. Kuwait is our today, as it was our past, and shall be our future full of hope.

May Allah conserve Kuwait against all evils, perpetuate its security and tranquility, and help its sincere people materialize its great anticipations to obtain the position it deserves. We also pray to Allah to cast his mercy and forgiveness on Kuwait's martyrs and reward them the heavens.

“O’ Allah, Please grant us justice in calm and anger, and rationalization in richness and need, and set for us a light to guide us amongst people”
"Our Lord, Give us mercy from Thy presence and shape for us right conduct in our plight”

Wa Assalam Alaikom Wa Rahmatou Allah Wa Barakatuh.



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