• The Speech Of H.H Amir Of Kuwait On The Second Anniversary Of His Leadership Jan29, 2008
The Speech of H.H Amir of Kuwait on The Second Anniversary of His Leadership
January 29, 2008

In the name of almighty God, the most compassionate, the most merciful.

Praise to be to Allah, and prayer and peace be to our master and prophet Mohamed, and to his companions.

These days our dear country Kuwait and its honorable people are celebrating glorious festivals. We thank Allah that Kuwait is flaunting with glory, prosperity and progress of their sons loyal and unlimited efforts.

Recalling with appreciation the late H.H sheik Jaber Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah and his great achievements .He brought up a comprehensive development and a great exploits to our country that will remain eternal and we will remember them always.

Recalling the role of H.H the Father Amir Sheik Saad Al Abdallah Al Salem Al Sabah and his great contributions in serving our country. wishing to H.H a good health and wellness.

It is not strange of our people to be the guards of Kuwait like our fathers and grandfathers made before. They helped each other in good times and bad times, together they create a new age of progress and development for our country.

Brothers and sons,
Good and bad events around us make us think what we must do in order to prevent our country from evils and tribulations. Thus we should upgrade our country and put more efforts to develop new projects and modern programs, to restore Kuwait outstanding commercial place in order to be a global financial and trading center. In addition, developing educational and medical services and other vital facilities.

We are fully confident that we can achieve our aims by the cooperation between the Executive and legislative authorities and to put our nation’s interest above all else.

We are pleased of honoring our creative ,merit youths, and the sons of Kuwaiti martyrs, proud of what they had achieved in appreciated scientific fields. Looking forward for a young energy action. To benefit of what the state had provided us with data and scientific researches. To demonstrate the virtues of morality, to work with honesty and sincerity and to instilling values of dedication and loyalty to our country.

We admire and appreciate our brave soldiers of all military sectors for their dedication in defending Kuwait and maintaining security and integrity .Kuwait must be in our heart and conscience. Therefore we work hard for its prosperity. We look forward for a bright hope and optimism future.

May Allah save our beloved Kuwait and its honorable people, to celebrate our national days ever after with plenty of prosperity , may Allah help us to achieve our aims and bless our martyrs.



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