• Sublime Articulation of H.H. the Amir Of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Jaber Al- Sabah in the Opening of the 2nd Regular Session of the l2th Legislative Chapter of the National Assembly, Tuesday 21st October 2008
Sublime Articulation of H.H. the Amir Of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Jaber Al- Sabah
in the Opening of the 2nd Regular Session of the l2th Legislative Chapter
of the National Assembly, Tuesday
21st October 2008

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most compassionate

Thanks to Allah, who blessed us with uncountable blessings. He granted us security, stability, tranquility, and prosperity. Let us thank him for this, and follow the same course of our fathers and grandfathers of love, cooperation, sacrificing, and unanimous agreement on public interest to remain always victorious.

Prayers and peace be upon our prophet Mohammed, his family and his companions.

Dear brothers, the speaker,
Dear brothers, members of national assembly,

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you,

With the blessings of Allah, we inaugurate the second regular session of the twelfth legislative chapter of the National Assembly.

Brother Members,
We recently had a meeting on the opening of the first session of the twelfth legislative chapter, during which I talked to you frankly like a brother to his fellow brothers, and a father to his sons. We might recall the main issues of our talks about the importance of unity, main principles, national interest, applying lows, the determination on positive cooperation between the legislative and executive authorities, the need for a responsible media, maintaining a wise relation with our neighbors, the necessity for education, planning and evaluation of previous experiences for anticipation of the right path to reach our objectives.

I reiterated those concepts during my speech to the fellow citizens of my beloved country, along with my good wishes during the last ten days of the Holly Month Ramadan, to be a reminder and guidance for holily bewaring of Allah the almighty in our country.

While a parliament member is free to express his opinion under the dome of the parliament, this remains conditioned with the public interest and the constitutional rules that set the limits and competition of each authority in order not to interfere with other authorities.

I explained more than once that the appointment of the prime minister and the ministers is a sole right of the Amir only,pursuant to the provisions of the constitution, and no one should infringe or interfere with such right.

Under no circumstances shall I accept that anyone, whosoever, infringes any of the security, political, economic or social aspects of the national unity, or that the judicial authority be affected in anyway, or that the national unity be negatively affected by arousing sectarianism and fanatical tribalism.

Kuwait’s security, stability, prosperity and judicial independence is entrusted to us, and preservation of such trust is a collective responsibility.

Brother Members,
We are experiencing very sensitive regional and international circumstances that require us to be alert and vigilant, to protect our internal front and confront turbulences that apart the citizens of our country and affect our national unity.

Let us stick to the words of our Almighty Allah :

"Do not fall in dispute so that thee might not fail and faint"

The responsibility of keeping the security, stability and prosperity of our country is a collective one. Kuwait is for those who love it, who work sincerely for it and prove their loyalty thereto.

Beware Allah is dealing with your country, keep the trust as you should, and abandon feelings of hatred and enmity in order not to lose the achievements of our beloved country. May they blessed those who judge themselves before they are judged, and who stick to courteous speech and sincere performance.

My word to our media, and those in charge therein to prioritize the top national interest and maintain the security and stability of the country above anything else, to preserve the trust of the word, and to adopt sincere quoting and criticism in order to highlight defects without exaggeration, and provide solution without misguiding.

The role of the media is effective in creating an enlightened public opinion that supports development efforts, enhances loyalty to our country, fosters good values of our society, spreads love among people, participates in gaining friends, extending bridges of brotherhood and friendship between the State Of Kuwait and other brotherly and friendly countries, avoiding anything that might negatively affect the relations of Kuwait with these countries. We shall not accept that our media be but constructive as we always wish it to be.

Brother Members,
The difficult circumstances witnessed by the world economy in general and the financial sector in particular, require us to unite our efforts to avoid the negative effects of this crisis. The Kuwaiti economy is not away from such dangers, despite our trust in its strength, its ability to handle the consequences of such crisis, and to overcome it with the most minimal losses due to our previous experiences with similar crisis. however, this does not hinder us from considering adopting effective legislations and regulations that protect and immunize our economy against any future similar calamities.

I am confident that you are following the procedures adopted by the concerned government entities in coordination and follow up with concerned parties to handle the consequences of this crisis on the level of our national economy, and for enhancing trust in our financial institutions and economic system.

Brother Members,
We have to diversify the sources of our income, and to grant the private sector a greater role in participating in the development of our country, and not to place obstacles and arouse spectacles without proof against the execution of our grand development projects so as not to double their execution cost or increase it over its financial allocations, which in turn will harm our economy.

I stressed in several occasions on the importance of benefiting from the increase in oil prices to build a strong and diversified economy and to initiate new productive economic activities that depends on the efficiency and productivity of the Kuwaiti citizen, and enhances his competitive abilities within the frame of sustainable development pursuant to a timely and precise governmental program. We are far behind the track of development, and there is no acceptable justification for further waste of time and capabilities.

It might be a good occasion to remind of what we have worn against earlier; that the financial surpluses our economy enjoys might be temporary and deceptive, and that the future of the nation and its generations is conditioned by the good use of such surpluses, the realization in spending them, and directing them in a manner that secures a strong and deeply founded economy.

Let us make the development of the Kuwaiti citizen and economic openness.. the objective of the next phase, and let us all cooperate for the sake of Kuwait, and set out blessed by Allah.

Many challenges are ahead, and we are all concerned to confront them, each from his position. There will be no victory but through abiding by the great oath we swore in a manner that helps us fulfill all the requirements of our national liabilities. We pray to Allah to facilitate our mission and to bless our efforts.

We also pray to Him to bestow mercy upon our martyrs, to cast them His forgiveness and to appease them in his heavens.

"Work thee, for Allah shall see your work, and so will his Apostle and other believers"

Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you,,,



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