Speech of H.H Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah in the
occasion of national conference of education
17 February 2008

In the name of Allah the Merciful, the compassionate

Thanks God that said in his holly Quran:

"God raises those who believe, and those who were given science degrees and God aware of what you do" certified God Almighty.

Prayers and peace be upon his messenger secretary, and the prophet Mohammed and his companions.

Brothers and sisters,
Sons and daughters,

May peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you.

Today as we celebrate, the glorious national days we hold with prosperity granted by Allah the national conference of education. Recalling in this occasion with all respect and appreciation to late Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, may Allah rest him in peace and recalling his great achievements and exploits for Kuwait. Also appreciating the role of H.H the father Sheikh Saad Al Abdullah Al Salem Al Sabah and his remarkable contributions in serving our country, asking God to provide him with extend life,with plentiful of health.

Our aims for this conference is to develop a modern and appropriate qualifications in teaching and learning processes .we believe that knowledge and science are the base of Kuwaiti citizen, who is the real wealth of our nation.

Brothers and sisters,

We seek a quality education system different than the traditional way that is based on memorizing and remembrance, we are looking for an active way based on creativity and interaction, and acquiring skills and experiences, thus contributions can lead Kuwait in line with scientific and technical development also as an active participant in advancement of the modern era, that is based on knowledge and science.

We are looking for a continuous development of our educational system, starting from pre-school to university. Furthermore modern science to enhance the curriculum and upgrading the performance of teachers, and improving the learning environment offered to our students.

We must also cultivate the skills of scientific researches and academic analysis in our students' spirits, since childhood.

These objectives can be achieved only through joint efforts. Thus developing education is not limited on educators and government officials, but is the result of joint work and effort for all parties in the community.

Brothers and sisters,

In this important conference, I encourage you to review Kuwait educational progress and avoid negativity in order to build a clear learning strategy based on specific executive programs.Also to avail from the developed nations experiences that harmonized with our national needs, to prepare a loving generation for our country, faithful to their work, devoted to the fundamentals and values of Islam that calls for loving spirits, harmony, and acceptance of others points of view and disregard intolerance, to value science in various forms and to consider it a mean for the progress of nations, peoples and human civilization.

Brothers and sisters,

Allah has granted our dear country with abundant resources and treasures. That we must use and guide them for the development and advancement of our nation, specially the development of education as we had said in beginning, thus to cope with our national aspirations and to link our goals with our strategy, to make Kuwait a world wide financial and trading center in the region.

We wish the conference every success and prosperity though to reach positive recommendations to achieve a continuous development to our dear country.

God bless Kuwait and its people and maintained by the blessing of safety, security and prosperity to our innocent martyrs may they rest in peace.

Wa salaam alykom wa rahmat Allah wa brakath.



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