The Speech of His Highness the Amir of the State of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad
Al-Jaber Al-Sabah In the eleventh summit of Organization of the
Islamic Conference OIC Dakar, Senegal,
13 - 14 March 2008

In the Name of God ,the Merciful, the compassionate

Thanks and Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah and his companioun.

Your Highness president Abdullah Wade-president of the republic of Senegal.
Chairman of the 11th Summit of Organization of the Islamic Conference.
Your Majesties and Excellencies.
Your Highnesses,the presidents of Islamic States ,
Your Eminency,the General Secretary of Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Peace, mercy and blessings be upon you all.

It is my pleasure to convey to your Excellency my sincere congratulations on the occasion of heading the work of the blessing summit, confirming our full confidence that you will guide its work toward success with God help and blessing, as to what we know about your Highness experience and expertise.

Taking this opportunity to pay tribute to the appreciated efforts of my brother the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud,the King of Saudi Arabia kingdom-president of the exceptional Summit of the Organization of Islamic Conference, His Excellency Abdullah Ahmad Badawi - Malaysian Prime Minister- Chairman of the Tenth Islamic Summit, his Excellency the General Secretary of the Organization of the Islamic Conference Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu,For their sincere and remunerative efforts in developing the joint Islamic action, And achieving the noble goals and objectives of the Organization .

I would also like to thank the Republic of Senegal, leadership and people for the warm reception and hospitality, wishing a lasting progress and prosperity to its friendly people.

Your Highness,
Your Majesties

Our contemporary world faces unprecedented political, social and economic challenges,that were reflecting on the stability and security of the muslim people,and countering them required cooperating with the forces of goodness,driving from the principles and tradition of Islam to boost international security and stability,thus enabling the OIC to play a role as a force of peace enlightened moderation.

Recalling with appreciation the generous invitation of my brother King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud-the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques,for the brothers leaders of the member states hosting the extraordinary OIC summit in Mecca,which looked into the challenges faced by the muslim States in order to unify the stances and end differences.

The results of this meeting was the adoption of the Ten-Year OIC action program which introduced reforms to the organization's structure and charter.

We as a members of this organization have emphasized that the work programme of a size and quality of this plan, Requires the Members States, internal reform of the Organization , reviewing its charter, restructuring of its Secretariat, other various working organs, enhancing their relations, and support the joint Islamic action.

Out of its responsibilities in supporting the Organization of the Islamic Conference, and activating its performance,Kuwait agreed to raise its contribution to the budget of the Islamic Development Bank(IDB) to 12%, And to contribute USD500,000 increase the capital of the Islamic Solidarity fund for development.

Kuwait continued to support muslim and developing countries alike Through interacting with Islamic initiatives in this field, including the contribution of USD300 million to the IDB's Poverty fund,while Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development(KFAED)was presenting facilitated loans for development projects in many Arab and Islamic countries in order to improve the living standard of the people.

My brothers,

The establishment of the organization came as a reaction to an international terrorist act committed by zionists in 1969, which they set Al Aqsa Mosque on fire.Thus leaders of OIC strongly condemned this act and and terrorism in all forms.Terrorism is a global phenomenon that not affiliated with a religion,race or country, and pose a threat to the international security, peace and stability.

Kuwait calls for a comprehensive strategy for counter terrorism at the regional and international levels in cooperation with the United Nations and international organizations to eliminate this abhorrent phenomenon.


It is important to have a civilization dialogue based on mutual respect, understanding and equality between peoples in order to creat a world in which tolerance , cooperation, peace and confidence prevailed.

However, what hurts us all is the continuing attacks on Islam and Muslims in Europe and the United States of America,including the publication of cartoons in Danish newspaper that insulted Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). As well as some media organizations filming offensive movies on Islam and Muslims.

While we strongly condemn such disgraceful acts, which affect the feelings of hundreds of millions of Muslimsand encourage extremism, we call upon governments in these countries to put an end to these provocative acts, in order to keep a good relation among the Islamic nations and other countries.

I call on my brothers the kings and leaders of Islamic states to consider and activate the eighth article in the Ten-Year OIC Action program on countering Islamophobia,and work to issue a UN resolution to confront this phenomenon internationally, And call on all States to enact laws against it, including deterrent penalties, and to be the subject of the decisions of this summit.


While we strongly condemn all forms of Israeli aggression against the unarmed Palestinian people, Particularly unjust Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip and continuing the brutal attacks of the Israeli forces on palestinians, We emphasize that this unfair blockade and attacks, is a clear violation of Geneva Convention and international law, contrary of United Nations resolutions.

The hope of a justful and comprehensive peace in Middle East, seems to be a form of imagination, because of Israeli practices against the unarmed Palestinian people.

We call on the United Nations and the Security Council in particular and the Quartet committe to undertake their international responsibilities and to put an end to Israeli violations, to eliminate injustice against the Palestinian people.

We also appeal to the Palestinian leaders to eliminate conflict between them, to return to dialogue and negotiation, and commitment to the provisions of Mecca agreement for national reconciliation Palestinian 2007.

Looking for further positive steps to achieve peace in the Middle East within the framework of the goals of the Annapolis, to the inauguration of the peace negotiations between the parties concerned in the conflict in the region, on serious and clear basis.


It is painful to see a continuous unstable situation in Iraq, and daily terrorist acts, committed against the innocent Iraqi people.

We pay tribute to the efforts of Iraqi government for stopping the terrorism acts, strengthening national unity, And ensure the security and safety of the Iraqi people, affirming our support for all the steps taken to develop mechanisms to ensure the continuity of cooperation between neighboring countries of Iraq, to assist in the transition phase to maintain its national unity, political independence, and prevent the use of its territory as a base for terrorism.


The situation in Lebanon threatens the security and stability of the whole region. Therefore, we call on the Lebanese political forces to be conscience of continuing crisis of the risk of presidential elections, And to realize a convenient Presidental elections, under the Arab initiative which was issued by the meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo on January fifth 2007, to protect national unity of Lebanon, its independence and sovereignty.


We appreciate the efforts of the Sudanese government and its cooperation with the international community to solve the problem of Darfur, and ending the suffering of its people, and we call on the international community to continue providing humanitarian assistance to the inhabitants of this territory, to offer more efforts to support the security and stability.

We express our deep regret for the continuing of crisis and conflict situations in Somalia, calling on the Somali parties to abide by the commitments of the agreements to bring peace , security, and stability in Somalia.

As we recall for the officials in the Islamic Republic of Iran, to continue the dialogue with the international community, on the subject of Iran's nuclear dossier, With the claim to make the Middle East a free region of all weapons of mass destruction, including the Gulf region, while recognizing its right to possess expertise in the nuclear energy field for peaceful purposes, in the framework of international conventions.


Today we observe an accelerated economic developments, that encourage us to cooperate and support the economic and social developments of Islamic Countries. This cooperation lead to a major economic blocsthat we witness in our world.

In order to achieve those hopes and goals, the State of Kuwait will host at the end of next April the Forth World Islamic and Economic Forum, thus to exchange points of views and explore economic cooperation opportunities between Islamic states and other friendly states.

No doubt that Such forums help to raise the rates of economic growth among the Islamic countries, and to achieve economic integration between the OIC countries, to settle down the capital investment in these countries, and to develop and improve the performance trading and economic Islamic foundations.

Therefore, Kuwait welcomed again the friendly Islamic countries that will attend this important forum.


We always hope to have united Islamic world, with increasing cooperation and solidarity, devoted all its potential to achieve the noble goals, which is based on these principles.

Asking Allah all success for the benefit and progress of our Islamic Nation glorious.

May peace and mercy and blessings be upon your all ,,,,,



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