• The Sublime Articulation of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad AL-Jaber Al-Sabah in the opening of the frist Session of the 12th Legislative Chapter of the Parliament, sunday June 1st 2008
The Sublime Articulation of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad AL-Jaber
Al-Sabah in the opening of the frist Session of the 12th Legislative
Chapter of the Parliament,
sunday June 1st 2008

In the Name of God the Merciful the Companionate

( God, give us from your mercy and prepare us for a rational route )

Praise be to Allah, and prayer and peace be upon His prophet Mohammed, and to his companions and to those who believe till the Day of Judgment.

Brother speaker,
Members of national assembly,

I would like to greet you all, and with the help of God and His reconcile, we inaugurate the first session of the national assembly's 12th Legislative term, It gives me a great pleasure in this occasion to congratulate you the confidence of the people and the win in general elections, and undertaking the parliamentary responsibilities that requires the right opinion and effort in dealing with issues and projects raised over each legislative session.

On this historic occasion, I recall with sadness, My brother and friend, His Highness the late father Amir Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah ,who dedicated his life to Kuwait and its people, and would thus be remembered by the people as symbol of sacrifice and loyalty, and an experienced leader who supported his country's causes and attained the respect of fellow brothers and friends.

Praying that Almighty Allah would have mercy on his soul and grant the Kuwaiti people solace.

Brother speaker,
Members of national assembly,

We are looking for a sincere national will towards our inherited sublimating values, And upgrading our goals and ambitions, that a future is Looked at, a future where cooperation replaces differences in the relation between the legislative and executive authorities, So that we may march on the same track that we desire, and developmental projects are not lost in the midst of political strife and crisis. Cooperation is creative dialogue, hard work toward achieving our aspirations and goals, while differences and arguments are a cause for backwardness.

In this regard, we want to draw your attention of the negativity of the relationship between the two powers, as low language of dialogue And violation of others, that lead to a non-Parliamentary purposes, Along the conflict between both powers, and exceeding Parliament members the limits by using their parliamentary rights, in addition exaggerating in proposing purely electoral laws, that exhausted the political life, which has been rejected by people.

Perhaps what is strange, is Emerging a recent phenomena that overcome law and incitement of it, As well as interfering with official institutions, including mistreat the state prestige and its status.

On this occasion we should remember the wise words of HH the late Amir Sheikh / Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, may God rest him in peace, when he said: " worst violations laws committed by legislators and implementers, that caused loss of trust and be a bad example for citizens", belief in the importance of law Commitment.

In this context it should be noted that, If the election of members of the nation's absolute right of voters to choose who they consider their representative in the o National Assembly, the appointment of the Prime Minister is my choice and decision, and everyone must be aware that the appointment of the Prime Minister and Ministers is the sole right of Amir, according to the Constitution no one has the right to violate this right or intervene.

I repeatedly warned of the danger of deviating from national principles, I also warned against seeking backing from anything other than the law, and instigation of tension and strife, which could lead to grave consequences that no sincere person could overlook.

In this regard we will not allow anyone, no one whatever under any pretext, to harm our national interests, whether they be security, political , social or economic, so that Kuwait remains fortified against any chaos, strife or damage.

Brother speaker,
Members of national assembly,

Deviation and violation have become a threat to the nation's interests and it was that compelled us to take the decision to dissolve the former parliament after all means, sacrifices and call were exhausted.

In light of the circumstances and after development was hindered this compels me to always intervene so that the interests of the country may not be a matter of whim and absurd practices and personal practices, to promote the wheel of development and to achieve more prosperity to our country and people.

In the midst of the performance of the new parliament I would like to express optimism, and hope that all would exercise wisdom and benefit from the previous experiences and to learn from them. Also making Kuwait the balance by which we weigh all that we intend to do, say or carry out.

Therefore, my dear brothers, I am confidence that the parliament and government would cooperate and conduct their duties in a balanced manner so that no authority would intervene in the prerogatives of the other and a mutual trust in joint institutional action be born.

In this context, the government had to place a comprehensive development plan based on an objective study in order to accommodate the needs of the nation, such that may be the reference for action, and having implementation and evaluation mechanisms.

In this regard, it gives me a great pleasure to pay tribute to the positive role played by Kuwaiti woman in all fields we aspire for a greater and more comprehensive role, with woman working hand in hand with their brothers, and actively bearing the responsibilities of development in all fields.

Brother speaker,
Members of national assembly,

We address , Visual, print, and radio media, Kuwait was a model of liberty and democracy , but what had been practiced by the media lately exceeded a framework of responsible media and the regulations of professionalism and the requirements of national interests instigating chaos and tension at times, placing the state's interests above all other consideration.

We all know that our homeland Kuwait safe and secure, standing firm behind national solidarity, maintaining close relations with others, and staying away from tribalism and sectarianism, also good coexistence and good relations with others.

We are facing a great national responsibility in regard to the circumstances surrounding the complex that brings us together, where no geographical boundaries for the repercussions and ramifications, Requires us to be loyal to the Covenant, swear by the oath for the security and safety of Kuwait, destiny Partners in good and bad times, guided by our Islamic sharia, that Illuminate the heritage of our parents and grandparents, and to hold on to our national unity.

I remind you that Kuwait await much from you, the history recorded our achievements and failures, and we pray to God Almighty to have a bright future for Kuwait.

Brother speaker,
Members of national assembly,

Kuwaiti people have placed their trust in you, looking forward to cooperate with Ministers, to utilize all energies and capabilities to solve the nation issues, problems of citizens, and find practical solutions, also to work together to uphold Kuwait in different areas and fields.

It is a call from a father to his children and as a brother, for there to be abidance by law instead of violating it, placing national interest above all else, and to replace tension and strife and lowly dialogue with a serious desire for constructive dialogue.

Commence your work and responsibilities with loyalty, and we pray to God Almighty to bless your work with success. God bless Kuwait and its people. We pray to god to bless our innocent martyr's. May they rest in peace.

Wa asalaam alykom wa rahmat allah wa brakath.



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