His Highness the Amir of Kuwait speech on the first anniversary of his leadership
29 Jan 2007

In the name of almighty God, the most compassionate, the most merciful.

I address you today after holding the responsibility a year ago soon after the passing away of one of Kuwaiti’s dearest countrymen , the late His Highness Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Al-jaber Al-sabah "a leader who brought up our country and placed it on the path of progress, flourishment and modernization".

Recalling the role of His Highness the Father Amir His Highness Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah Al-salem Al-sabah, who played "a significant role and devoted his life, efforts and potentials in the service of this beloved homeland and its loyal people".

The advancement of nations, is a collective performance and joint effort that every sincere person exert for interest of the flourishment of the homeland, calling on all citizens to work sincerely to achieve progress for Kuwait. "This can not be accomplished unless Kuwaitis close ranks and form a strong front with the belief of one objective and mutual action".

National unity was not a slogan to be repeated or written. "It is a cut clear principle, an extremely sincere effort and a mindful positive participation which relinquish every dispute that threaten our unity, obstruct our march and destabilize our security".

"I call upon you for the sake of Kuwait and the future of its children to abandon differences and stop pointing accusations to each others without proof", "grave impacts would result from generalizing accusations and would divert the attention of people away from their country’s rise".

Brothers, The surrounding world is passing through a situation in which "views stumble and the rational is the one who takes lessons from the others experience" "be aware of the experiences taking place around, derive the lessons from the countries stricken by dissension and torn by discord that tarnished their unity, brought poverty to their peoples and threatened their future"

"To work in a spirit of a team that knows no differences, to invest in time and out pass the events, to strongly preserve Kuwait as one family with its united effort focused on implementation of development programs and projects to rise up with state public services and enhance its infrastructure constitute the means to protect the homeland" underlining significance of developing the education system to conform with challenges of the era.

The diversification of Kuwait’s resources of income looms high on the state’s agenda "to secure the future of the next generation because oil is naturally a depleted source, therefore transforming Kuwait into a distinguished regional financial centre has become an un-substituted solution to help us provide more productive job opportunities to meet the growing needs of our sons".

Interpret understanding of "good citizenship" to a daily practical conduct that reflects the true love of the religion and the homeland and commitment to state laws, preserving the environment and the state public facilities.

"Good citizenship" should be manifested in every one’s strong belief that no one is above the law and that all are equal. "With this enlighten understanding every Kuwaiti presents a bright picture for a people with a leading role in the making of its future".

The making of the civilization of nations is an endless and ongoing patriotic action at all levels, "generations resembled the waves that come one after another forming the sea".

Dear brothers,
You are the wave that must bear the national responsibility in the construction of Kuwait’s future, I fear that other peoples with no potentials and that lacked our means would outrace us.

It was not a blemish to be late in some fields, but it is an extreme imperfection to be hostage of the lost opportunities while we are capable of what we want.

I expressed gratitude for the support lended to me by both citizens and members of the ruling family which enabled me shoulder the responsibility.

I also thank members of the national assembly (parliament) for their unforgettable stance praising them for their unity during a significant historic moment in support of the constitution.

Also the role played by the responsible Kuwaiti press and its distinguished performance in the enhancement of national unity.

"History will for a long time remember the united stance of the Kuwaiti people during the difficult circumstances Kuwait had experienced and history will remember the solid national unity and mindful stance during the hardships that threaten our region today.

I wish Kuwait lasting prosperity and security.


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