• Speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah during a meeting with chairmen and chief editors of the local media on 19th September, 2007
Speech of His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah
during a meeting with chairmen and chief editors of the local media on
19th September, 2007

In the name of almighty God, the most compassionate, the most merciful.

My Brothers, Chief Editors of Kuwaiti Newspapers and magazines

First of all, I would like to congratulate you and the citizens and residents of our beloved Kuwait for the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Month of fasting, prayer and cherishment of family and human values. Before I start this meeting I would also want to welcome the new Kuwaiti newspapers, and to wish you all, the success that would contribute to the advancement of Kuwait.

As citizens of the same country we are accustomed to having brotherly and friendly meetings from time to time to discuss a number of issues and opinions that are of importance on both the local and regional levels.

Dear brothers, you may share my opinion that there has been widespread frustration among many citizens regarding some unconstructive media reports that were published and that were intended to cast doubt on the credibility of others, and start rumors against them and distort our reputation. The primary issue that was reported related to the possibility of the unconstitutional dissolution of the National Parliament, and attempting to mobilize public opinion and create a crisis at the expense of the reputation of our nation and its security and stability. By this our newspaper media contributed in triggering conflict of opinions and disagreements and frustration without taking into account the sensitive regional conditions that surrounds our country.

In fact I cannot see one reason for all these irresponsible practices, except that they are intended to drag the people of Kuwait towards conflicts and disagreements, and this we cannot and will not accept, because we consider them to be the red line that must not be transcended. Such unacceptable practices have had negative impact on the reputation of Kuwait, and have harmed our democratic system, which we all seek to preserve and develop, to the benefit of our nation and our citizens.

My dear brothers, what we hope for our brotherly nation of Iraq is the stability, security and wealth, since its stability and security will result in stability for all countries and people of the Region. We would also want to stress the need for all countries of the Region to respect the unity, sovereignty and independence of Iraq, and to preserve its Arab and Islamic identity.

In connection to the issue Iran's "nuclear dossier" crisis and while we believe in the importance of reaching a peaceful solution to this issue, we call on Iranian Officials to fully cooperate in this matter with the International Atomic Energy Agency. On the other hand, we also call for making this region and the Middle East region free of weapons of mass destruction, while affirming the right of countries in the region to possess expertise in the field of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and in accordance with relevant international conventions.

There are ambitious economic and developmental goals to be achieved, first and foremost of which is the economic reform and sustainable development, and to turn Kuwait into a financial and commercial center in the region, in addition to other relevant projects, which shall by will of Allah and the determination of sincere citizens participate to the prosperity and well being of our dear nation.

I am quite confident that cooperation between the legislative and executive powers is possible and affordable if we abandoned from abusive criticism, questioning intentions and liabilities, hunting for the mistakes of each other and escalating situations for personal interests, as well as transferring differences of opinions and visions outside the parliament to be the gum of both the people and the press.

Dear Chief Editors of local newspaper, since you are directly responsible for what is published in your newspapers, of public opinions and perceptions, which may tarnish the reputation of your homeland and its foreign relations with other friendly countries, I appeal to you that you be very careful in confirming the accuracy and honesty of everything that is written and published, and to confront all incorrect behavior in the media, while at the same time I would like to reaffirm the import role that you play in supporting our democracy and the development of our country, Kuwait.



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