• Speech of His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, on the occassion of last 10 days of Ramadan, on 3rd October 2007
Speech of His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah,
on the occassion of last 10 days of Ramadan, on
3rd October 2007

In the name of almighty God, the most compassionate, the most merciful.

"Who ever did good, whether male or female, and is a believer, we shall grant him/her a well being life and reward him/her the best of his/her deeds"

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Universes, up to his Majesty and Greatness, and peace and glory be to the prophet sent as a mercy to the worlds, our master and prophet Mohamed, and to his companions.

We thank Allah the Almighty for all his blessings he invoked to us and pray to him sincerely in these blessed days and nights to accept our fasting and prayer, and to keep our homeland Kuwait safe and secure, and grant our Muslim Nation all its anticipations of aspiring esteem.

I would like to talk to you as a brother talking to his family, community and beloved ones, in a meeting that is always renewed with good, love and cooperation, based on the saying of the Almighty "cooperate for good and piety". We are in a dare need to be inspired by the great meanings of this verse, and to comprehend what it calls for of collaboration and synergy.

The first steps of this cooperation established in us and our hearts are the embodiment of selfless love to our beloved country Kuwait as a homeland to build, and a presence to maintain and protect.

We owe our nation a lot of rights, a trust we have to preserve, and great responsibilities that we have to perform with all our esteems and powers, targeting to maintains our beloved country Kuwait, its sovereignty and independence, and to support the pillars of its national unity, to work hard for its development and to place Kuwait supreme interests above any other consideration, and to finally shoulder together the liabilities of building the presence and future of Kuwait away from controversy and disagreement.

My sons and nationals,
The executive and legislative powers have taken enough time   in dialogue and debate and even disagreement on many of the laws and legislation, which we hope to put approval of the road map Kuwait growth and sustainable development that others live , to contribute to  posting our dear nation toward a distinguished position between nations and peoples.

For these reasons, we have always stressed the importance of enhancing cooperation between the legislative and executive branches and the conversion of this cooperation between them to advance the practice of parliamentary work and the political process and democracy in our country in order to coordinate efforts to fulfill constitutional responsibilities which we undertook before Allah and the people to perform in service of the interests of Kuwait and its good people, and to direct our efforts and powers toward building and development instead of draining time and effort in useless dialogues and discussions.

There are ambitious economic and developmental goals to be achieved, first and foremost of which is the economic reform and sustainable development, and to turn Kuwait into a financial and commercial center in the region, in addition to other relevant projects, which shall by will of Allah and the determination of sincere citizens participate to the prosperity and well being of our dear nation.

I am quite confident that cooperation between the legislative and executive powers is possible and affordable if we abandoned from abusive criticism, questioning intentions and liabilities, hunting for the mistakes of each other and escalating situations for personal interests, as well as transferring differences of opinions and visions outside the parliament to be the gum of both the people and the press.

Our local press is a source of bride to us, and we hope that they always seek meticulousness in its published articles and that their treatment of nation issue be distinguished with objectivity instead of arouse feelings and disrupt our local daily life in the name of press and freedom of opinion.

Dear Brothers and Nationals,
While talking to you today, I am revealing you the thoughts rankling in my heart and mind on what we wish for our dear country, I call upon the legislative and executive powers to work together hand in hand for Kuwait, to make our future more prosperous than our present, and to be more powerful and capable, as the power of a nation is measured by the ability of its individuals to work in cooperation with each other, in ease as well as in difficult times, for preservation of their nation and making Kuwait always a safe oasis for its nationals and expatriates.

May Allah preserve our national unity, so that we are not torn apart by differences, and maintain the blessing of love and communication, so that we are not destroyed by conflicts, and to preserve us the grant of agreeing upon the development and prosperity of our country, so that we are not deterred by  caprices and trends.

I pray to Allah the Almighty, in these blessed days and nights to guide our steps toward the well-being and services of our country and its citizens, to bless our steps,  fill our hearts with goodness, love and harmony with everyone, and to positively think of each other as we are all, regardless of our different positions and responsibilities, are sons of the same and one nation; Kuwait, which we all love and work for.

"Oh Lord, upon Thee we depend, to Thee we repent, and to Thee is the final return"

"Thanks and praise be to Allah"

Peace, Mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you all.



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