• The Sublime Articulation of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad AL-Jaber Al-Sabah in the opening of the Second Session of the 11th Legislative Chapter of the Parliament, Monday 30th October 2006.
The Sublime Articulation of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad
AL-Jaber Al-Sabah in the opening of the Second Session of the
11th Legislative Chapter of the Parliament, Monday
30th October 2006.

In the Name of God the Merciful the Companionate.

Praise be to God and prayer and peace be upon His prophet. By the Grace of God and His blessing we declare the second session of the legislative chapter of parliament.

The Almighty said in his holy book:

" And say, " do [ as you will ] , for Allah will see your deeds, and [so will ] His Messenger and the believers "

One of the most important bases of parliamentary procedures is the strict observance of the principles outlined by the constitution the most important of which is the principle of separation of authorities, coupled with their cooperation. This is a national and constitutional duty, because it is the bases to any successful establishment work. Therefore, members of the two authorities are strictly required to transfer wishes of cooperation to a perceived reality, and a procedure of action through consensus on specific national priorities for basic issues that we are in need to realize during the present session, be it in field of security, planning, development, or other issues of concern to the citizens.

The cooperation that we seek is the cooperation based on democratic dialogue, constructive criticism, well intentions, true utterance, and work to attain the best opinion, and the ideal objective for the good of this land now and in the future.

That does not mean the nonexistence of difference of opinions, but the difference of those who are diligent in seeking the truth in which diligences are multiple, stances are different, in a dialogue that is objective and impartial, rising above personal tendencies and individual interests, putting public interest above special ones, thereby strengthening the citizens trust in the constitutional system that we have chosen as away to be governed and a style of life, all being partners in shouldering our responsibilities as citizens.

Brother Speaker;

The real wealth of Kuwait lies in its sons, they are the true wealth unrivaled by any other wealth. They are the prop of the future and the hope of the country, on their shoulders accomplishments will be built, and aspirations realized, they have to arm themselves with modern science in the age of the information revolution, in which nations compete to secure its place in the march of progress.

Therefore, we must have a share in this development through a qualitative leap in our education system.

Time is ripe for a national conference in which those concerned and specialists participate to lay the appropriate scientific bases to develop the education, and benefit from the experience of the developed world, and its expertise that are in line with our national needs to build a generation of Kuwaiti youths that love their country, innovative in their work, capable of building his future, have faith in their work, and adhere to the fundamentals of his nation.

Brother Speaker;

The Almighty had favored us with his bounty, and bestowed upon us his grace. It is our duty to render thanks to him by words and by deeds through safeguarding the security and the unity of homeland, and to invest our financial resources in what will benefit our citizens with benefaction and weal in the present and in the future.

I call upon both the legislative and the executive authorities to make the first fruit of their cooperation to identifying the most important priorities, and to set down the appropriate procedures and check on how to utilize these financial resources in the improvement and development to the services in security, education, health, development and public work in order to realize all that is relevant to the interest of this country.

Development and planning have the first national priority, that must be agreed upon, and work to achieve, for planning and development are life necessity and the bases for building and securing the future of our sons and our future generations. What we aspire to in planning and developments must revolve around the Kuwaiti citizen, their objectives are his welfare and happiness, and the ways to implement that is through his work, diligence, activity, knowledge, initiative coupled with his openness and tolerance.


Kuwait is our eternal homeland. The task of preserving its security, stability and prosperity is a historical mission our ancestors have fulfilled, and today, we are bearing this responsibility. It is our perpetual existence, we put its interest above all where we embody our national unity that gathered the people of Kuwait in the darkest circumstances in one line as a sound fort. Kuwait is not restricted to one group or a faction on another, it is for all, our pride is its pride, our survival is its survival, feeling pride to belong to it as faithful sons through a work that builds, an effort that rewards and blood to sacrifice. We are all aware of the greatness of the responsibility and the importance of protecting it through believing in the democratic system, discarding practices that lead to discrimination and disunity, disdaining partiality and fanaticism, abiding by wisdom and prevailing the public interest. These are all a well-fortified fence to the security and stability of this homeland.

In this regard, I would like to express our pride in our local press, our permanent aspiration to continue its sublime media message in full devotion and responsibility and the importance of adopting a style of constructive criticism, rational presentation of issues of interest to the country and citizens without agitation, inflaming or defamation, observing the supreme interest of the country and putting it above all considerations.

Laws were not enacted in vane, it was enacted to be respected. Punishments on violating the laws were made to be applied. Each one of us is held responsible for that in his house, workplace and country. Laws were legislated to define rights and duties and achieving the public welfare.

The prevalence of law means equality between people and applying its rules on all. Therefore, we have to deeply establish this principle, ingrain commitment to the law and its respect in our souls. Law legislators and executors should be good example in committing to its provisions. We, in this way, can fight corruption, deviation and overstepping the destinies of the country and the fundamentals of the society.


The international situations in general and situations in our Arab world and the Gulf region in particular are going through extremely complicated developments. It requires us to be strong so that we won't be drifted by it, and flexible so that it won't surpass us. Actions of violence, killing and terrorism claim the lives of many innocent people and terrify the secured ones. Wars that are waged on peaceful peoples is a matter that carries destruction and mayhem. We need to strengthen the effective cooperation with brotherly and friendly countries for the welfare of our nations and achieving security and peace in the world.


You agree with me that Kuwait's security, stability and prosperity is our responsibility all. Preserving the national unity is the utmost target of the sons of this homeland. And that developing the human and financial resources is a quest that we all seek to achieve for the well-being of our people. We all have the honest desire to actualize all of that. We own the required tools and we only need to have good opinion in each others and work together in one hand to achieve these sublime purposes. So, proceed with the blessings of God, loving brothers and working for the welfare of your country and people.


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