The opening speech of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait,
Sheik Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah during Official talks with the Indian delegation.

In the Name Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful.

My delegation and I are delighted to meet you all at this official gathering of our two countries. We aim to review and evaluate the state of our bilateral relations, and to discuss ways of enhancing it by exploring new opportunities for joint cooperation especially with regards to the huge economic changes India – as well as Kuwait – has witnessed, and which will be of benefit to both our countries.

This session brings us together to discuss the nature and future of our bilateral relations, but before we start, let me just highlight some common ground we both share.

Historically, there are strong links between the people and governments of Kuwait and India.

Our political positions on a number of regional and international issues are very similar. We are both members of a number of regional and international organizations which enable us to work towards realizing our objectives of an environment where security, stability and economic development prevail.

Our two countries face a series of common challenges that are both political and economic in nature such as the Middle East problem, Iraq, Iran’s nuclear program, terrorism, narcotics, investment and technological transfer. Both India and Kuwait will benefit greatly from the possibilities of joint economic ventures.

We are both going through a period of rapid economic growth, and are both enjoying a strong increase in investment from diverse sources all of which are essential components for long-term, sustainable economic development. We are particularly open to the opportunities your technological expertise would bring to our country. We are ready to invest in the private sector and in other fields such as heavy and light industries.We therefore need to facilitate a range of procedures that remove obstacles to the flow of foreign capital thereby enabling us to participate in your economic activity cycle, and to encourage Kuwaiti investors to enter India’s vast markets. We also look forward to establishing a free trade zone between our countries.

Our visit comes a year and a half after the signing of the historic agreement between members of the GCC and India to form a multilateral economic partnership that is a prelude to establishing an area of free trade between the two sides.

We strongly believe in the importance of the private sector in developing our two countries’ potential. I am accompanied by a variety of representatives from Kuwait’s private sector. They are very enthusiastic about meeting their Indian counterparts from both the private and public sectors in order to discuss projects and ideas that identify available investment opportunities. We hope that by implementing such measures we will strengthen and benefit our two countries.

May I reiterate my sincere thanks and appreciation to you.


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