( 15 JAN. 2006-29 JAN. 2006 )

New police and security systems were introduced during his reign. The Department of Emergency Medical Services (DEMS) was equipped with new vehicles, a central operations room was established and the reach and power of wireless stations was boosted.

He issued an Amiri Decree to establish a police academy.

During his reign, the first Arab conference dealing with crime prevention and punishment was held.

His Highness was a formidable force in creating a secure, safe Kuwait one that upheld the rights of citizens especially during his time as Minister of the Interior.

His Highness Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah became the Crown Prince in 1978 and in terms of foreign affairs, contributed greatly to the establishment of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

On the domestic front, he promoted the social and economic development of the country, ensuring that Kuwaiti society was amongst the most advanced in the world.

His Highness played a major role in liberating Kuwait from Saddam Hussein's regime and is therefore a popular and much loved figure for all Kuwaitis.

Details of some of his greatest deeds from that time include:

Sheikh Saad insisted that His Highness the Amir, Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah should leave Kuwait for Saudi Arabia. Despite the Amir's opposition to such a plan, Sheikh Saad convinced him that if the Iraqi forces succeeded in capturing him, this would be a massive demoralizing blow to the Kuwaiti people, where as if he were in exile, he would be able to support the resistance movement and raise the international community's awareness of Kuwait's plight.

Sheikh Saad ensured that the people of Kuwait were  provided with decent living conditions.

Although he had to face many problems as a result of the aggressive invasion of Kuwait, he always performed his roles as Crown Prince and Prime Minister effectively and with a genuine desire for the welfare of the Kuwaiti people.

He became Amir on January 15, 2006 after the death of Sheikh Jaber.

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