Media Corner

Haweya Magazine (a periodical)

Haweya Magazine (the identity) focuses on enhancing the concept of martyrdom, commemorating Kuwait martyrs through presenting a martyr’s bibliography in each publication to show the patriotic spirit, deepening loyalty and devotion to the land.
Al Haweya is an ambitious project related to the future more than the past. Our identity is what distinguish us and preserves us at a time of resemblance and dissolution.

Martyrs stories

In order to document the heroism of Kuwait martyrs, a number of writers were assigned to write stories about the martyr and his resistance to the occupied forces till he gained martyrdom.

Martyrs information

 It includes a brief of the martyr’s identity, heroic actions, and the story of his /her martyrdom, its condition and site.

Albassma Magazine (a periodical)

This magazine is a visual message that focuses on the activities of the Martyr’s Bureau and highlighting its national role.

Festivals and Exhibitions

The Martyr’s Bureau participates in international festivals and exhibitions to promote its role as a unique civilized organization that takes care of the martyrs’ families under the patronage of HH Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah, Amir of Kuwait. Publications related to the Bureau are distributed in these occasions.
The Bureau also participates in local occasions of the variable governmental organizations.

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