Family care of Martyrs

Martyr’s Bureau pays special attention to the Martyrs’ families through providing care, financial, health, residential needs and more.  The Bureau also provides the means to solve educational, social and psychological problems.  The Bureau was keen from the beginning to set a methodology to make care a holistic work that covers all aspects of life of the families.

Social Care

Social care includes the following:

Special care to the martyrs’ parents , martyrs’ widows , martyrs’ children. In order to make this care a success, the Martyr’s Bureau commissioned social and psychological specialists to provide the necessary services for the martyrs’ families.
There are many means to realize the social care objectives. It varied from field visits, compressive interviews, local and international calls to communication through emails and sms. Several training courses have been organized for martyrs’ mothers, widows and children to help and rehabilitate them psychologically and socially to adapt to life.

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Educational & Religious Care

Educational care aims at helping the martyrs’ children in school through  specialists in educational field and provide the necessary help for students to solve  the  problems that might encounter them. The specialists mission is to pay visits to schools, provide necessary help and consultancy, offer training courses for students who have problems in studying. The result of the educational care is students with excellence. They are honored  in a special ceremony where they meet HH the Amir , and are granted special gifts and presents , This honoring ceremony had a positive effect, It worked as a catalyst to others to exert effort to achieve excellence.

The educational care also includes the participation of the Bureau in affiliating the martyrs’ children in Kuwait University, private universities in Kuwait and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training or sending them abroad to complete their studies according to the regulations at the Ministry of High Education and the rules at the Bureau.

The Bureau has given religious care a special importance as it has a psychological and social effect on the martyrs’ families. Hajj and Umra are organized for the martyrs’ families along with variable religious activities.

Studies, field and desk research are provided in the social, educational and psychological field to recondition the family status of the martyrs’ families.

Health Care

There are full cooperation and coordination between the Bureau and all branches of the Ministry of  Health to secure the required health care, either in Kuwait or abroad according to the rules at the Bureau. Some consultants have been sought for illnesses that prevail most among the martyrs’ families. Medical devices have been provided as well.

Housing Care

In cooperation with the Public Authority for Housing Welfare and the Bank of Credit and Saving, the Bureau managed to meet many requirements of the families to have a house. The priority of house allocation is given to martyrs’ families.

Legal Care

Since its establishment, the Bureau was keen to help the martyrs’ families in maintaining their right by providing legal consultancy through legal specialists.


The Bureau organizes a group of entertainment activities to create a proper and happy atmosphere to help the martyrs’ family adjust with life.

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