The 5th Anniversary of the
Ascendance of H.H the amir to the
leadership of the state of Kuwait


These days, the State of Kuwait is celebrating the fifth anniversary for the assumption of the rule by His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, may God protect him, amidst an astounding joy in view of the achievements accomplished by His Highness for Kuwait during these short days, the last of which was holding the Arab Economic, Development and Social Summit and the results of this summit which reflected overall in favor of the benefit of the Arab citizens and their aspirations. His Highness assumed the tasks of his role as the Amir of Kuwait on 29 January 2006, after administering the constitutional oath in a special session of the National Assembly.

His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad is considered as the 15th ruler from Al Sabah family and the 5th Amir in the constitutional process of the State.

In the first words of His Highness after pledging allegiance as an Amir and administering the oath, he promised the Kuwaiti people to undertake this entrusted task and assume the responsibility. His Highness confirmed that he will work for Kuwait and its people. His Highness called upon everyone to work for turning Kuwait into a modern country, armed with science and knowledge, prevailed by cooperation, fraternity and love, where its residents are equal in rights and obligations. His Highness stressed in his word on the necessity of maintaining democracy, freedom of opinion and expression.

The past years witnessed prominent activities by His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, especially on the level of fostering external relations. In March 2006, His Highness carried a Gulf tour which included Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, State of Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, during which he conducted talks with leaders of these countries which addressed the outstanding brotherly relations and means of promoting and developing them, in addition to several cases of concern to GCC states. During this tour, His Highness was honored with the highest medals of honors.

His Highness addresses attention constantly to participate in all the consultancy, periodical and emergency Gulf summit on the level of the Higher Council of GCC States leaders, under the umbrella of the joint Gulf work.

By the end of March 2006, His Highness the Amir chaired the State of Kuwait’s delegation to the Arab 18th Summit Conference, held in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, where he confirmed that the State of Kuwait observes the significance of completing the process of developing joint Arab efforts and the steps initiated to activate the Arab League and develop its institutional building.

His Highness called for the necessity of having a serious international stand to lay down legislations and decisions through which the separating line between the freedom of expression and opinion and between provocation by attacking religions and beliefs, on the background of the drawings published by a number of Western newspapers against our Prophet Peace Be Upon Him.

Furthermore, His Highness the Amir of Kuwait has carried in June 2006 an Asian round which included Bangladesh, Thailand, India and Pakistan, which led to Kuwait’s signing of several bilateral agreements covering all fields, especially the economic fields that fostered the relationship between the State of Kuwait and these countries.

His Highness the Amir of Kuwait arrived in Paris in November 2006 in an official visit to the French Republic. The French president has honored His Highness with the highest medal of honor, in appreciation of the prominent role of His Highness in expanding cooperation and fostering the relationships between both countries on all scales. On the margin of the visit of His Highness to Paris, he visited the permanent headquarters of the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO). His Highness attended the ceremony of the distribution of the prize of His Highness the late Sheikh Jaber Al Ahamd Al Sabah for researches and training in the education field in favor of the handicapped.

The activities of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad, in 2007 included several aspects. On the occasion of the passing of one year since His Highness assumed the rule in the country, he summarized his vision of Kuwait’s progress in the presence and the future. He affirmed in a speech he delivered on 29th of January that transforming the country into a financial hub has become a necessary solution and called for eliminating disagreements as national unity observed His Highness is not a slogan uttered and written, but a very clear principle, faithfulness and positive contribution.

His Highness the Amir of Kuwait chaired in November the State of Kuwait’s delegation to the third summit conference of the OPEC, held in Riyadh.  His Highness confirmed in his word delivered during the summit on the necessity of cooperation of the producers and consumers in order to attain stability for the oil markets and encourage economic growth in the world. His Highness declared the State of Kuwait’s donation of 150 million dollars to support the program for funding scientific research related to the energy, environment and climatic change.

In March 2008, His Highness chaired the State of Kuwait’s delegation to the 20th summit conference of the Arab League, held in Damascus, at which he stressed in his word he delivered at the conference on the idea of holding an Arab summit to be allocated for economic, social and development affairs, adopted by the State of Kuwait, in participation with Saudi Arabia and Egypt, in Riyadh summit.

Furthermore, by the end of April, His Highness inaugurated the activities of the 4th Islamic Economic International Forum, hosted by the State of Kuwait under the title “Islamic Countries… in international development.”

In his word delivered at the conference, His Highness addressed the challenges faced by the world, especially a number of friendly Islamic countries such as the crisis of the scarcity of food resources, escalation of their prices and their effects and that in order to confront this, Kuwait is submitting an initiative to set up a fund for honorable life in the Islamic countries, by donating one hundred million dollars for launching this fund, and invites countries, development regional and international funds and organizations to support this initiative.


In November, His Highness participated in a high level meeting of the UN general assembly to discuss the topic of dialogue between civilizations. His Highness confirmed in his word delivered at the meeting on the significance of serious and sincere dialogue between the peoples and various religious to face the difficult conditions in our world today.

His Highness ended his activity in 2008 by his patronage of the 6th conference of heads of Kuwaiti diplomatic missions under the slogan “safe and prosperous nation”, during which His Highness opened Kuwait Diplomatic Institute.

In January 2009, His Highness opened Kuwait’s Arab Economic, Development and Social Solidarity Summit with the Palestinian People in Gaza”, in the presence of the leaders, kings and presidents of Arab states, during which he announced Kuwait’s donation of 500 million dollars as a contribution in the initiative launched by His Highness to provide the required financial resources to cover the needs of the Palestinian Refuges Rescue and Employment Agency, due to its belief in the humanitarian role of the agency and in order to meet the urgent needs of the Palestinian brothers.

His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, has resumed and is leading Kuwait’s movement of goodness, and addresses care according to the promise of His Highness to his people, and renewed his output to Kuwait, in light of the blessing of God and guided by the Holy Koran and the words of the Almighty God:

“ Work and God, His Prophet and the believers will see your work. ”

 The words of the Almighty God are true.                    

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