Bayan Palace is justifiably regarded as one of Kuwait's finest architectural masterpieces and covers 1,399,500 square meters. It was officially opened in 1986 for the Fifth Conference of the Arab League and is the main location for international conferences in Kuwait.

It's unique architectural style fuses modern design with more traditional art forms – Islamic arabesque adorns the building and the fountains that are at all the palace entrances conjure up images of the Al Hambra in Grenada, Spain.

Bayan Palace comprises a conference building, the Amiri tent, six complexes - each consisting of three buildings - the security command building, and extensive car parking facilities.

In addition, there is a services building which provides Bayan Palace with its own electricity, water, security and communication. A 2.6 km long tunnel connects the services building with the palace.

The Conference building consists of three meeting rooms and a multi-purpose, state-of-the-art theatre which can be transformed into a 1000-seater conference hall. There is also a ceremony room, a reception room, press room, a library, His Highness the Amir's suite and a number of offices.

The Amiri tent is of central importance to the Palace. It was established by the late Amir, Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah, in 1991 following Kuwait's liberation. The tent covers 3,500 square meters and contains a 500 person ceremony room, a 250 seater conference room and three large reception rooms. The Amiri tent is fully equipped with a/c, central heating, hot and cold running water, fire sprinklers and an emergency generator.

Within the grounds of Bayan Palace, there is a helicopter landing pad and a gold-domed mosque for 1200 worshippers.

Recently, the " Liberation" building was constructed for large ceremonies and international conferences.


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