The Initiative of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait
for Supporting the Syrian People

During the meetings of the 33rd secession of the leaders of the GCC for Kuwait hosting of the First International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria, held in the end of January, the initiative of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait received a great deal of national and international welcome, due to its great importance while the Syrian people suffer very complicated living circumstances, due to the fight between the Syrian regime and the armed opposition, and because of the destruction and sabotage suffered by this Arab country, the depletion of resources and lives, which all require concerted efforts to relieve Syrian children and women.

The Higher Council of the GCC Leaders expressed its appreciation for the response of the State of Kuwait to hold the conference therein.

The UN Secretary, Pan K-moon expressed his gratitude to Kuwait for its approval of hosting the Pledging Conference for providing the humanitarian needs of the Syrian people, and its latest generous pledge to grant US$ 20 million to Syria.

The Kuwaiti initiative of hosting the International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria is but a ring in a continuous chain of humanitarian works performed by the State of Kuwait for the interest of its Arab and Muslim brothers. Since the commencement of the Syrian crises before 22 months, the Kuwaiti aids never stopped, neither on the official nor on the popular level.

The first International Humanitarian Pledging Conference, for which Kuwait has finalized all preparations, shall be the beginning for a series of following conferences for aiding the Syrian people till it restores its security and stability, and till Syrian restores its position and role in the common Arab work.

If the State of Kuwait anticipates the success of this conference, and shall be glad to have it achieve all its objectives and provide the Syrian brothers with enough support and aid to assist them against severe cold, and bitter hunger, its ultimate happiness will be fulfilled when this crises come to an end, and when the efforts of the UN and Arab Countries envoy Lakhdar Brahimi succeed in reaching a peaceful solution that avoids Syria and its people killing, destruction and ruin.

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