The Arab Economic Summit,
19-20 January 2009,
State of Kuwait

Kingdom of Morocco

Head of state His Majesty King Mohammed VI .King of Morocco.


Morocco is located at the northwest of Africa. It is bordered in the north by the strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean sea; to the south by Mauritania; to the east by Algeria and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean. With an Area of 710, 850 square kilometers.


The dominating weather in Morocco is Mediterranean, temperate in the west and the north by the Atlantic Ocean. Inside the country, the weather is more continental with significant differences of temperature. The Atlas area is very humid, it snows frequently. The south has a desert weather.

Currency The dirham is the currency of Morocco. It is subdivided into 100 santim.


Morocco produces small volumes of oil and natural gas, so it is the largest energy importer in northern Africa. On the other hand it contains 3/4 of the world's phosphates reserves. It is the world's first exporter and third producer; also it contains lead, zinc, and baritone in several areas of the kingdom.

Tourism is a major contributor to the economic output of Morocco.

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