The anniversary of
His Highness Sheikh Sabah's
Assuming the rule

29th of January is considered a memorable day in the history of the State of Kuwait, It is the day in which His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, assumed the rule of Kuwait, after he was confirmed unanimously by members of parliament in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and clause (2) of the law (4) for the year 1964, relevant to the rules of succession.

His Highness took the oath saying:

"I swear by the almighty god to respect the constitution, and the laws of the State, and protect the freedom of the people, their interest and their wealth, and to preserve the independence of the homeland and its integrity…"

Amidst widespread popular and official countenance on all levels, His Highness delivered a speech in which he emphasized on the necessity of action to make Kuwait a new and modern state equipped with science and knowledge in which its citizens enjoy equality in rights and duties, democracy and freedom of opinion and speech.

His Highness emphasized that the leader can not succeed without real cooperation from his people, therefore all must work for the interest of their country before their own within the framework of respect for order and law.

In his historical speech, His Highness promised the people of Kuwait that he will assume the responsibility in the tradition of the great predecessors, enlightened by their wisdom.

That’s how the country overcomes a critical stage of its history thanks to his great wisdom, along with the love and support of Kuwaiti people.

His highness made impressive examples of adherence to the law and constitution during the transition of authority, a mater that was admired by the whole world for the civilized path pursed by Kuwaiti people and government during the critical period in the history of any nation.

This is not completely new but it’s the result of more than four decades since 1954, when H.H started his political career appointed as a member of the Organizational Body of the Higher Council, entrusted to organize the interests of government, and its official departments, and to follow the execution of these plans.

He was appointed chief of the Department of Work and Social Affairs, then he assumed heading the Department of Publications in 1955, then he became a member of Higher Council; as well as a member of Constitutional Council entrusted to form the constitution of Kuwait.

In 1962, the late Highness Shiekh Abdallah Al Salem issued a decree naming the ministries of the state in which the post of the Ministry of Information, a guidance was entrusted to his highness in first council of ministers.

In 1963, his highness assumed the portfolio of foreign affairs, and the chairmanship of the permanent committee of the Arabian Gulf aids as well as the membership of the parliament.

In 1978, His Highness the late Amir Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Al Sabah issued a decree by which sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad appointed deputy prime minister and then first deputy of the prime minister in 1991 after the liberation of Kuwait.

After the elections of the tenth session of parliament in 2003, his highness was competent for the task of forming the cabinet, and to be the prime minister, this is in addition of many posts assumed by his highness in which he achieved scores of achievements, which has no doubt, a great impact in the field of information, social and economical affairs, not only inside Kuwait, but even outside it.

That is His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, the Amir of Kuwait, resumes the Kuwaiti blessed march, and guiding the well of Kuwait and Kuwaiti people, proceeding god's blessing, following the verse of the Holy Quran which says:

"And say," do [ as you will ] , for Allah will see your deeds, and [so will ] His Messenger and the believers"

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