Speeches from Thirtieth Session of the
Cooperation Council for the Arab State
of the Gulf's Summit: Kuwait - 14- 15 December 2009

Kuwait Declaration
Issued by the Thirtieth Session of the Supreme Council
Of the Gulf Cooperation Countries

The State of Kuwait, in realization of the importance of the brotherly relations, historical connections and mutual ties connecting the states and peoples of the Arabian Gulf Countries, and setting out from the principles of the Articles of Association of the Gulf Cooperation Council aiming at the enhancement of the cooperation among its member countries in different fields reaching the anticipated goal of integration and unity,

And in confirmation of the role played by the GCC council in cooperating and coordinating for confrontation of the current regional and international challenges in view of the hasting changes taking place world wide in different aspects,

And out of keenness to complete the mutual steps and efforts of the mutual Gulf work course, the State of Kuwait assures the following:

  1. Supporting the educational sector in the GCC countries, maintaining it, and unifying efforts toward the reinforcement of the educational course in our countries through the development and upgrading of educational institutes to be able to cope with the challenges of the era, through the approval of establishing a regional organization for academic accreditation in the GCC countries that will perform its assigned role of evaluating universities and university programs, and assist them in obtaining academic accreditation and international recognition.

  2. Within the frame of upgrading the level of the human factor in the academic institutions and introducing it to the role and achievements of the GCC council, the State of Kuwait reiterates the importance of including high level academic programs in the universities of the GCC countries to be allocated for the study of the integration experience of the GCC council in all aspects, and for the researches of the faculty, to encourage them for studying the Gulf integration experience.

  3. Intensifying efforts aiming at the achievement of food and water security as the most core problems confronting all our countries due to the lack of agricultural areas, their low productivity, the scarcity of water and the vast areas of desert land. In this concern, the State of Kuwait highlights the importance of establishing a food security studies centre with the goal of evaluating this problem in the GCC countries and setting suitable policies for confronting it, either on the course of increasing agricultural production or investment in other countries to satisfy the needs of GCC countries of food staff in suitable prices.

  4. Appraising the efforts exerted by the members of the executive office for the Council of the Ministries of Health in the GCC countries concerning the study of the project of establishing a Gulf regional center for monitoring the spread of epidemics similar to the Center of Disease Control (CDC) in the Unites States, underlining the importance of establishing such centre for serving the interests of the GCC countries in the field of fighting epidemics and limitation of their spread, in coordination with the specialized international organizations.



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