The Arab Economic Summit,
19-20 January 2009,
State of Kuwait

Speech of
His Excellency Ali Abdullah Saleh
President of the Republic of Yemen
before The Arab Economic, Developmental and Social Summit

Kuwait: 19-20 January 2009

In the Name of Allah the Gracious the Merciful

Praise be to Allah prayers & peace be upon the most honorable Messengers.

Dear brother His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah , Amir of the State of Kuwait ,,,

Bother leaders,,,,

Dear Guests,,,

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allah wa Barakatuh,,,

Allow me at the beginning to extend my sincere thanks to the State of Kuwait, its Amir, government and people for the good preparation of this summit, which we hope it will be a crucial, historical and successful in its decisive resolutions regarding the political and economic issues enlisted in its agenda, especially that it is held in an extremely perplexed and important circumstances where the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip are suffering a barbaric and atrocious aggression and brutal massacres by the Zionist entity.


Souls are perished, bodies of children, women and senescent are ripped in stumps within an international silence, a deteriorated Arab situation and a critical division in the Arab line which made the Zionist entity manage to invest and use it either to continue its aggression or to hit every initiative that aims at reviving the desired Arab solidarity.


While we are blessing the efforts exerted by the summits held in Sharm Elsheikh, Doha and Riyadh to suspend the aggression, end the siege, open the crosses and the withdrawal of the Zionist occupation troops, we consider the Arab initiative adopted unanimously by Arab countries an Arabian choice for peace and a mean to expose Israel's intentions before the world about its refusal to all efforts aiming at achieving a just and comprehensive peace, establishing a Palestinian state on its national soil and its capital is sacred Jerusalem, and ending the occupation of the occupied Arab lands.


Brother leaders,,,

The Zionist entity managed to frustrate the Arab solidarity and tear the Palestinian unity with the help of some powers, which continued to support it.


Our national responsibility imposes on us to pursue all ways and means to rescue the Arab situation of its status quo.. To take courageous attitudes that oblige the Zionist entity to stop its atrocious aggression, break its tyranny and yield to the will of right and justice and the divine and international legislations. Also that our current summit adopts effective resolutions that put limits to the injustice war waged by Israel against our Palestinian people, the weaponless in Gaza and against the whole Arab Nation.


And that we come out with the least of what we can do for the welfare of our Arab Nation, which looks forward with hope to our summit to be distinguished in its resolutions and results in terms of courage, frankness and objectivity, and to adopt the following resolutions:


  • Immediate and full withdrawal of the Israeli forces from Gaza.

  • Open all crosses.

  • Oblige the Zionist entity to compensate the Palestinian people for the holocaust it has committed in Gaza against innocent children, women and senescent, and the demolition of houses, public & private facilities and the infrastructure.

  • Bring the Zionist leaders responsible of the new Zionist and Nazi killings and massacres against our Palestinian people to trial.

  • Requesting the international community to impose economic & military embargo on Israel in order to comply with the international legitimate resolutions.

  • Strengthening ties of the Arab countries especially with the countries of permanent membership in the International Security Council.

If the Zionist entity did not respond to these demands, then we have to take a decisive attitude to confront the obstinacy of the Zionist entity and should not call upon the Palestinian people for steadfastness until the last child, women and senescent while we are in our countries watching.


Brothers leaders of the Arab nation,,,

The haughtiness of the Zionist enemy obliges us to activate the common Arab defense agreement as a last choice against the Zionist stubbornness to safeguard the dignity, potencies, present and future of the Arab nation.


In this occasion, we call upon the brothers in Fat'h movement, Hamas movement & other Palestinian factions to comply with the signed agreements between them to guarantee the unity of the Palestinian line, enhance the Palestinian national unity and form a national unity government from all Palestinian powers to work to arrange for concurrent presidential & parliamentary elections.


Rebuilding the security bodies on national basis that abides by constitutional legitimacy away from partisanship & factionalism.


In a kind patronage of Egypt, Syria & Turkey as these countries have an impact on all Palestinian parties.


Brother leaders,,,

The variables & challenges compel us in the Arab region to work towards changing the joint Arab work system in light of the latest international & regional developments.


Yemen has proposed a draft (distributed on you) to establish Arab Countries' Union to achieve a political, economic, social, cultural, security & defense integrity that serves the security & interests of the Arab nation.


We have economic, human & defense potentials that enable us to defend our belief, homelands & Arab & Islamic identity & maintain our rights & dignity.


There is no doubt that the current conditions & development oblige us to discard differences and look forwards towards a better Arab future & there are economic challenges due to the world financial crisis, the deterioration of poverty rates and the humbleness of the trade exchange volume and investments among our Arab countries.


Along with the immigration of Arab capitals & qualifications & the non-transfer of Arab labor among Arab markets.


We, in this summit, have to work fully to realize the aspirations of the people of Arab nation in integrity, unity, prosperity & advancement.


In conclusion..

I reiterate my thanks & appreciation to the brothers in Kuwait hoping success for our summit & it will result in resolutions that translate the hopes & aspirations of our Arab nation.. Enhance the Arab unity & solidarity and to be up to the levels of challenges that face the nation.


Wa Assalamu Alaikom wa Rahmatuh Allah wa Barakatuh,,,



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