The Arab Economic Summit,
19-20 January 2009,
State of Kuwait

Kuwait Declaration of the Arab Economic Summit

The Declaration stated – Kuwait Declaration –, which was recited by the Secretary General of the Arab League Amro Mousa in the closing session before the leaders of the Arab countries convened in the conference of the Arab Economic & Social Summit in the State of Kuwait.


"Based on a new Arab economic development ideology, committing to what has been stated in the Arab League Charter, the agreements & charters signed within the framework of the League, & the adopted strategies"


The Declaration commended the Kuwaiti-Egyptian initiative, which underlined the relation between security & Arab social peace of the economic & social development which was activated through issuing the two resolutions in Riyadh Summit 2007 & Damascus Summit 2008 after a specialized summit to push the development cycle in the Arab world.


The Declaration explained that the necessary resolutions were adopted; guarantee uplifting the living level of the Arab citizen, giving priority to joint Arab investments, & giving way to private sector & civil society to participate in the advancing process of the economic & social development.


The Declaration affirmed the importance of; supporting the infrastructure projects, developing sectors of production, business, services & social projects, preserving environment in addition to projects of electricity link, Arab land link scheme & water & food security programmes in order to realize Arab economic integration.


The Declaration emphasized on considering the social development with all its facets & on top of it education & human development as two main elements in achieving the comprehensive development objectives.


He added:

"While we are monitoring the advancement achieved by many Arab countries in the human development rate, particularly in education field, improving health services & combating poverty & illiteracy; & while we are following up the advancement in the economic development, especially the establishment of the great Arab free trade zone, the achievements actualized through the Arab economic & regional gatherings & the advancement in international cooperation efforts & international gatherings.


Due to the repercussions & branching of the global financial crisis, many countries, economic blocks & international financial organizations hurried to find proper solutions & limit the buildup of its damages that oblige us to find monetary & financial policies to enhance the Arab countries' capabilities to deal with the global financial crisis repercussions, participate effectively in the international efforts to secure world financial stability, activate the role of the Arab financial organizations to increase intra-Arab investment & support the real economy of the Arab countries".


The leaders commended the pioneer development initiative declared by His Highness the Amir in the Economic Developmental & Social Summit, which aims at providing the necessary financial resources to support small & medium business with a capital estimated by two billion Dollars.


The leaders commended as well Kuwait contribution of 500 million Dollars in the capital of this initiative.


In addition, it was decided to hold the Economic Summit meetings regularly every two years.


The Declaration mentioned that despite the accomplished achievements, yet the Arab Nation faces local & international challenges, which afflict its countries' security, peace & independence as well as its social peace. Amongst which, on the local level, are poverty, unemployment, humbleness of the living level, decline of intra-trade & investment rates, Arab capital & qualifications fly, weakness of infrastructure & education level plus the incompatibility of education outputs verses development & competition requirements.


The Declaration stated that amongst the challenges as well are complications of food & water security, climate change, energy & non-optimal use of resources.


On the international level, the Declaration aforementioned that due to; the great volume of the global financial crisis, & its branching, the disturbance of the world financial market, the danger of recession & economic deflation & its negative repercussion on the development process, many countries, economic blocks & international financial organizations hurried to find proper solutions & limit the buildup of its damages including efforts exerted by the Arab countries.


Leaders agreed to amplify their efforts to attain Arab economic & social integrity as it is a main objective that all Arab countries are seeking to achieve & a main pillar to push the joint Arab economic & social action to realize economic & social development for the Arab countries which meet the Arab nations' aspirations & enable them to integrate further in the global economy & deal with the international political & economic assemblies.


Regarding the global financial crisis, the Declaration pointed out the leaders agreement on following monetary & financial polices that enhance Arab countries' potentials to face the backlash of the global financial crisis, effective participation of the international efforts to secure world financial stability, activate the Arab financial organizations to increase intra-Arab investments & support the real economy of the Arab country.


The Declaration asserted the importance of encouraging intra-Arab investment, providing suitable atmosphere, necessary protection, facilitating Arab capital movement among Arab Nation, widening the scope & mechanism of implementing the unified agreement of investing Arab capitals in the Arab countries.


The Declaration reiterated as well the importance of enhancing the role of funds & joint & national Arab financial organizations, developing its resources, facilitating the conditions of its loans, developing its mechanisms & accesses to finance basic infrastructure projects to allow participation in financing Arab economic integration projects in cooperation with the private sector & providing credit facilities to projects.


In regard to statistics, the Declaration underlined the importance of providing data & intricate statistical indexes to scheme processes & policies making, taking the proper resolutions in fields of economic & social development & developing & enhancing the potentials of its statistical bodies.


Concerning the private sector, the Declaration emphasized on; providing the economic fundamentals & proper legislation environment for private sector, lifting obstacles that limit performing its effective role in economic & social development in Arab countries, enhance its role in building the Arab economic & social integration, facilitating the movement of individuals particularly businessmen, & uplifting any impediment that hinders Arab capital movement among Arab countries.


The Declaration stressed on the action to elevate human potentials of the Arab citizen within the framework of realizing the millennium development goals in 2015 & the objectives agreed on internationally to eliminate poverty, widening the scope of women & youth empowerment, increasing job opportunity before them, advancing health & education & increasing real incomes.


Regarding education & scientific research, the Declaration pointed out; developing education & learning to catch up with the fast developments in science & technology, promoting educational organizations to guarantee performing its mission effectively, supporting the implementation of the step towards developing education & scientific research adopted in both Khartoum Summit 2006 & Damascus Summit 2008.


The Declaration added the importance of paying attention to; scientific research, enhancing its budget, facilitating the access to knowledge, strengthening relations between Arab research centers, nationalizing modern technology & encouraging researchers & scientists & exploiting them.


The Declaration sees in health services, the importance of increasing basic health care projects in Arab countries, activating the role of joint Arab health organization to promote the health service level & providing it in a proper way to the Arab citizen, paying attention to non-contagious diseases particularly diabetes, consider pharmaceutical production & active materials & facilitate its registration procedures to achieve Arab pharmaceutical security.


The Declaration affirmed; the importance of advancing human element as it is the main wealth, promoting education level & link it with development requirements, supporting rehabilitation, training & operation programs for manpower to limit unemployment in Arab economies, raising the qualification & production of Arab manpower to meet the requirements of Arab science markets, & providing further job opportunities in the different economic sectors.


As for woman issues, The Declaration highlighted; the importance of woman empowerment, promoting her economic, social & legal conditions, enhancing her role in public life to achieve equality principle & assure justice & equity principles in the society.


The Declaration added the importance of the approach towards providing the necessary possibilities to promote Arab youth empowerment & educate them to be qualified to continue the development procession & activate their participation in development projects.


The Declaration asserted; securing immigrants' rights, paying attention to qualifications immigrant Arab outside the Arab Nation, strengthening their connection with their motherland, working on providing proper environment to nationalize & produce knowledge that enhance utilizing these qualifications in economic & social development in the Arab countries.


The Declaration affirmed; the importance of considering housing in economic & social planning of Arab countries, enhancing the support of partnership among governments, private sector & financial institutions within the framework of a comprehensive real-estate investment program in the Arab region amongst which is providing low-cost social housing for limited-incomes.


In the field of agriculture & food security, the Declaration called for; taking action to increase agricultural product, improving its rates, encouraging investment in agricultural development, taking the necessary procedures to provide proper investment environment, accelerating the implementation of agricultural development strategy adopted in Riyadh Summit 2007 to participate in achieving food security & self sufficiency as they are considered amongst the priorities of Arab national security.


Regarding industrial development, the Declaration underlined; the importance of achieving integration, coordinating & diversifying industrial production, enhancing its production base, accelerating the implementation of industrial development adopted in Algeria Summit 2005.


The Declaration called for prompt approach towards clearing obstacles which is still hindering the full implementation of the great Arab free trade zone before 2010 as well as accelerating freeing service trade among Arab countries due to the important role this sector plays in economic development.


The Declaration asserted the freeing of communication & information technology sector to enhance the competitive potentials of the Arab communication & information technology enterprises, developing legislative frameworks related to this sector, & encouraging the private sector to attract investment.


He added: "drafting national strategies to protect the intellectual property, developing its legislations in accordance with the international commitments, enhancing intellectual property protection systems to guarantee economic, social & cultural advancement for the society".


The Declaration focused on Arab tourism development policies, the optimal use of investment as the Arab Nation has touristic elements amongst which are natural, cultural & historical resources through providing the necessary infrastructure that encourages tourism & investment, observing sustainable tourism development standards, developing touristic projects as they are one of the means of achieving economic & social development in Arab countries.


It emphasized on Arab cooperation in energy field; particularly improving its effectiveness & rationalizing its usage as a mean of realizing sustainable development, strengthening the existing Arab electrical link networks, establishing Arab market for electrical energy, enhancing & widening natural gas networks, increasing the participation of the private sector in its investment & administration & broaden the usage of renewable energy technology & nuclear energy for peaceful purposes in production processes.


Regarding transportation, Kuwait Declaration stressed on seeking to achieve linking land, marine & air transportation networks among Arab countries as they are the main veins of trade, tourism, investment & labor movement inside the Arab region as well as linking it with its regional surroundings. In addition, seeking to uplift the competitive level of Arab transportation facilities through approaching free transportation services policies among Arab countries, particularly, in implementing open spaces program between them as well as creating regulatory frameworks to attract bigger stake of international transportation movement taking advantage of the distinguished geographical position of the Arab region.


The Declaration called for taking the necessary procedures to preserve environment & natural resources, & the optimal use of it to achieve sustainable development. Also, to consider that as a corner stone in all economic & social development fields to improve the quality of the citizen life & take action to limit the impact of climate change & its repercussions on Arab societies.


The Declaration demanded drafting an Arab strategy to realize Arab water security, taking action on national & Arab levels to face water shortage as water scarcity is considered one of the biggest challenges.


The Declaration highlighted the importance of the civil society role in economic & social development, providing facilities to encourage the civil society to play this role & enhance cooperation between governments & civil society organizations.


The Declaration called for; Arab-international cooperation, promoting the role of Arab countries in regional & international institutions & organizations, enhancing & supporting the Arab League & its organizations to undertake the tasks vested in to realize Arab economic & social integrity & empower it to continue implementing the resolutions issued by Arab summits & ministerial councils of the League.


Leaders extended their thanks to the State of Kuwait, its government & people & to His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, the Amir for hosting the conference & wisely administrating its session.


The expressed their gratitude for the continuous efforts & extensive deliberations by the Arab League & its bodies in preparing & providing success factors to this summit.



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