The Arab Economic Summit,
19-20 January 2009,
State of Kuwait

Speech of the Lebanese President Brigadier General Michel Suleiman

The Lebanese president Brigadier General Michel Suleiman today commended the role of the state of Kuwait in achieving the Arab solidarity, enhancing common work and supporting equitable issues. He also invited Arabs to work on separating development from policy and its consequences for the good of the Arab citizen.


President Suleiman said in the speech he delivered before the final session of the summit in the name of the Arab participating delegations: " We have dedicated our meeting for elevating the standard of living of the Arab citizen. The crisis of Gaza was prioritized and I would like in you name and in the name of the participating delegations, as well as in the name of Lebanon to thank you deeply for your obligation toward this issue, and for your excellent hosting and generous reception".


He also commended the level of preparation for the summit and the keenness to provide the components of integration and development "Despite the atrocities that took place against Gaza and its people as a result of the criminal terrorist aggression of Israel".


He referred to the participants' seeking of "harmony and agreement on what we should do to support the standing Gaza, stopping the aggression, releasing the blockade and providing its people with immediate support".


He confirmed: "We succeeded, thanks to your efforts, and our unified political will to agree on Kuwait's release and a full work program for upgrading the standard of living of our people to a non-surpassed position of stability, economic, social and human development .


He also thanked Kuwait saying: "you never hesitated in supporting our just cases, and to work for achieving Arab solidarity and enhancing common Arab work. He added " This conference is just a beginning and not the end of enhancing and the existing important activities. We shall remain loyal, and hoping for the best. We shall continue to make every initiative a success and to reach positive results. We shall utilize the results of this conference to deepen the belief that our top interests pass through solidarity, harmony, and unity whether on the Palestinian-Palestinian level or on the level of the Arab common work".


He said: "Soon we will meet again in Doha summit. I strongly and sincerely hope that we benefit from the time separating us from our next conference to deeply evaluate the total situation we are in, the challenges we encounter in all aspects as nations and peoples, to enhance the elements of our unity and our having an integrated strategic setout.


He concluded saying: " If we have to work on separating development from policy for the good of humans, we have in all cases to always remember that the common element that unifies policies is the national link among peoples; I mean here Arabism for the dignity of Arabs".




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