Resolution of The Arab Summit

Resolution of Arab Summit (19)
No. (365) Riyadh 29 March 2007
For holding The Arab Economic, Social and Development Summit

Holding a special Arab summit for discussing economic, social and development issues
The council of the League at summit level,
After receiving the memorandum forwarded by State of Kuwait and Arab Republic of Egypt,
And in continuation of the decisions taken by Arab summits with regard to the development and activation of the charter of joint Arab action and requirements of reform and modernization in Arab states, apart from appreciating all the efforts taken by the League with its various machineries and organizations specialized in drafting vital strategies for progress, development and reform.

And taking into consideration the importance of economic, social and development aspects with regard to the notion of comprehensive Arab security.



  • To hold an Arab summit dedicated only to economic, social and development issues with the aim of finalizing the programs and courses of action for strengthening and activating comprehensive and agreed upon strategies of development.

  • To entrust Economic and Social Council and Secretariat General of Arab League with the task of preparation for this summit in coordination with specialized Arab organizations and ministerial councils, Federation of Arab Chambers of Commerce and institutes of businessmen taking the following elements into consideration:

    Manner in which the private sector can be encouraged considering it as one of the basic fundamentals for joint economic and development work.

    • Taking care of the time period which will be taken by the programs and projects before they start bearing fruits

    • Being meticulous in the selection of required economic and development projects wherein they have appreciable and direct benefits for the Arab citizen and wherein they are form the projects which consolidate economic integration and inclusiveness of the Arab world.

    • Taking care of activating bilateral and regional agreements so that it goes, at the end of it, in the interest of joint Arab action.

    • Giving priority to the projects of infrastructure like networks of roads and aviation, electricity connection and communication.

    • Arrangement of special programs for some Arab states according to their economic conditions and their institutional capabilities.

  • The Economic and Social Council will present a report in the upcoming ordinary session of the League’s Council at ministerial level which will take account of the stages that have been completed in the preparation for this summit including the project of its agenda, documents and other preparatory activities.



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