A Major Demonstration
on Kuwait Land -
The Arab Summit Introduction

With titles launched by the Economic Summit that due to be held on January 19-20 in Kuwait. It directly touches the living and life style of the Arab citizen that beyond doubt will cause qualitative cap if the summit style bears no resemblance of what the Arabic citizen got used to in the previous summits. All proper mechanism has been established to follow –up, implement and supervise what this Summit will produce of decisions and recommendations through a meticulous and clear scientific and practical approach. For the first time in the history of the common Arab work, a bisection summit is arranged between the government and the civil society on one hand, and the private sector on the other.


All look at this summit as a historic turning point in the Arab joint work and the real and right offset in implementing the Arab economic project, which was born fragile half a century ago, and that is due to existence of intrinsic of intrinsic will by the Arab Leaders to translate this project into a certain reality to take right decisions that positively reflect on the life style of their peoples and improve their variable conditions.


One of the most important positive points in this summit is that the Arab league is taking the summit seriously. It is anticipating that it will be different in administration and results than the 20 political Summits Conferences the last of which was held in Damascus.


Among the most important measures the league is undertaking to guarantee as must success as possible to this economic summit is early and good preparation attempt. The secretary General of the league Mr.Amro Moosa has chosen a notable person to undertake the preparation and organization of the summit ,namely ambassador “ Mervat Altalawi “ the former Minister of the Social Security in Egypt .Previously , she has undertaken the position of the head of the United Nations Social and Economic Committee in West Asia .


Al- Talawi holds recurrent meetings with some of the Arab businesspersons and the civil society organizations, the last of which was the workshop with some of the Arab Economic and Social scholars to reiterate that the objective of the coming summit is not purely economic and technical ; rather it is a comprehensive development with its social and political dimensions as well.


The summit has several basic and important axes that were chosen in meticulous and clear scientific and practical way that are possible to translate them into real , in addition to their significance in the life of Arabs , the most important of which are issues released to business , investment and infrastructure roads and transportation will be discussed , especially the means of placing a comprehensive scheme to link the Arab countries in a railways project.


The agenda includes issues relating to unemployment, preparing and qualifying Arab labor, methods of developing education , water and food security . Seeking expansion plans of the areas cultivated with edible crops in vast areas of the Sudan, Egypt, Syria and Algeria, which can meet all the nutritional needs . In addition, discussing the issues of technology and methods of enhancing the coordination mechanism between the concerned Arab organizations to confront climate changes , natural disasters and emergencies.


The Summit shall further discuss the world wide financial crisis and the attempts to set proper and sound solutions thereof.


On the social level, the importance of the summit comes from the issues of the social integrity, which shall link Arab countries and Arab citizens together.


The Kuwait summit is expected to announce three declarations:


First: Kuwait declaration on the basic principles of the development process in the Arab area.

Second : The program of the Arab developmental work in the following period.

Third : A mechanism to follow up the implementations of resolutions of Kuwait summit .


On the margin of the Summit , eight specialized seminars will be held on 17 and 18 January in Kuwait , with participation from worldly-known figures of actual developmental experiences in their countries , particularly from Malaysia , Bangladesh , China and India

The result of these seminars shall be reported to the Summit.


Finally , we would like to reiterate that the choice of the state of Kuwait for hosting the summit was not a coincidence , but came in consideration of its being the Arab country that took the initiative , along with the Arab republic of Egypt , of calling for the Arab economic and development summit , on the margin of the Arab summit hosted by Riyadh , the capital of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia in march 2007 .


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