HH Amir visits Kuwait Army, Police, and
National Guard clubs

HH the Amir then visited the Police Officers Club, where he was received by First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Ahmad Al-Humoud Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry General Ghazi Al-Omar and assistant undersecretaries.

Addressing the policemen, HH the Amir congratulated them on the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, wishing Kuwait and all other Arab and Muslim countries welfare and prosperity.

He thanked all policemen for their great efforts to maintain security and stability in the country and to protect the lives of citizens and residents and their interests as well as to safeguard public and private properties.

He also appreciated their praiseworthy efforts to stand against any attempt by anybody to disrupt the nation's security and stability or to undermine its social fabric.
HH the Amir even urged them to strictly apply law to everybody in the country. "The nation's security and the protection of its safety and international front as well as national unity are above all considerations," he said.

However, he voiced concerns over seriously growing phenomena that threaten security and stability, but necessitate decisive action to wipe out relevant reflections.

Taking drug-taking as one of such serious phenomena, HH the Amir urged anti-drug squads to exert more efforts to stop the spreading of drugs on Kuwait's soil.

He also pointed out increasing car accidents, which urgently need to be reduced through effective plans, together with traffic congestion in most streets by day and at night, which causes high environmental pollution.

He finally reminded policemen of their holy duty to protect Kuwait and its internal front.

For his part, Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry General Ghazi Al-Omar vowed that the Ministry of Interior is vigilantly resolved to square up to any bid to harm the country's security and stability or citizens' safety.But, he reiterated his country's commitment to applying law in full coordination with the Kuwait Army and National Guard.He promised that Kuwaiti policemen would remain vigilant for the protection of national security and public safety.

Afterwards, HH the Amir visited the National Guard Officers Club, where he was welcomed by Chief of the National Guard Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah, and his deputy Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah and Undersecretary of the National Guard General Nasser Al-De'ai and other commanders.

Addressing National Guard officers, HH the Amir congratulated them on the holy month of Ramadan, urging them to stick to religious and traditional constants and to safeguard national unity.Stressing national unity, he said: "Our dear nation, through its honorable history, has never witnessed such sectarian, tribal and factional tensions. We are all living as a single Kuwaiti family which embodies the spirit of national unity and loyalty." He urged the National Guard to be always ready for protecting national security and safety and for applying law to everybody strictly and decisively.

He also voiced confidence that they are standby for surrounding developments and circumstances in the Arab world.

For his part, Undersecretary of the National Guard General Nasser Al-De'ai said all the officers of the National Guard are totally ready for sacrificing themselves for the sake of the dear nation.He boasted the National Guard personnel are always keen on developing themselves in order to be able to do their duty properly and efficiently.

He also reassured HH the Amir that the National Guard is carrying out the replacement and retirement policy in line with objective criteria and systems with a view to ensuring maximum professionalism levels.In order to develop itself to play its due national role, the National Guard has clinched several cooperative protocols with ministries and authorities so as to avoid possible disruption at such strategic bodies.


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